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(UK) Councillor Stops Meeting to Pray…

A Muslim Labour councillor faced a backlash when a Town Hall meeting was adjourning while she went to pray.  The development committee at Tower Hamlets stopped after five minutes to allow Muslim councillors a prayer break during its last meeting.Cllr Rania Khan faced shouts of “disgusting” from the public gallery as she left to pray and on her return said she had been disturbed by the “abuse hurled at her”. Blah blah…

WEELED021955102009.P02A councillor who needs counseling. But actually, the question is why should Britain have councillors like this?

Back your general and send more troops, David Miliband urges Barack Obama Times / even a broken clock is right twice a day…

UK: Mohammedans manage to shut down church over “noise complaints”

Good dhimmies, these councillors: Dhimmis must hide any evidence of their religion:
*They are forbidden to openly display wine or pork (A: to ring church bells or display crosses) recite the torah or evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals and feastdays; (Reliance of the Traveller;  Shafi law 11.5 (6) p 608)

Baha Uddin, who lives near the church, had complained he was unable to use his garden at weekends and his one-year-old daughter was regularly disturbed by the noise from services.

He said: ‘It’s been a nightmare. I’ve not been able to use my garden or living room on a Sunday because of the church services. The amplified music, drums and the loud sermons made having a conversation impossible. The noise made me depressed.’

Uddin  told us ‘this is a Muslim borough, you have to tread carefully’.”

But other neighbours say the noise is not a problem. The church lodged an appeal, and appeared at Waltham Forest magistrates’ court on Tuesday.

In court Mrs Odetoyinbo, 55, claimed a council officer had asked her ‘to keep the noise down so as not to offend the Muslim community’.

But magistrates rejected the appeal, and ordered the church to pay £2,250 costs.

Humiliating the Dhimmi is a practice regarded as a good deed or religious duty.

Uddin would stand at church’s main entrance door and shout his complaints and demand our Pastor come out to speak to him during his sermon.”

Degradation of Dhimmis is written into many laws (Ye’or , lecture 2002)

Read more: Daily Mail or here

Islam, Europe and Philosophical ‘Continental Drift’

Edward Cline

The Mohammedan invasion is being belittled, denied and those who point out the obvious are quickly accused of “racism, xenophobia or bigotry”-   in Brussels, the top seven baby boys’ names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.

Europe is stymied by two disabling phenomena: the deluge of Muslims whose creed forbids all but token assimilation and whose growing numbers will ultimately present non-Muslim Europeans with the paradox of having to choose to assimilate into Islamic society, or else; and the inability or unwillingness of Europe’s policymakers to deal with a problem of their own and their predecessors’ making.

Two Wall Street Journal book reviews, both called “Continental Drift” but spaced over two years apart, echo the pessimism about the future of Europe in the books they discuss: one with absolute pessimism, the other with qualified pessimism. The problem the books discuss is the looming conquest by immigration and non-assimilation by Muslims.

A Daily Telegraph (London) article of August 8th, “Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent,” substantiates the trends and the perils facing Europe.  Family Security Matters has more…

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  1. I’ve been busy today & haven’t eaten. Do you mind adjourning while
    I eat my cold pork pie?

  2. Remember all that hoo-haah over the muslims wanting their call to prayer sounding out over Oxford? Didn’t see the powers that be listening to the many complaints then did we?

  3. I think people should deliberately now make a lot of noise in the vicinity of Baa Udder. Baa Udder should be made quite unwelcome to the community. The magistrates and councillors behind this should loose their jobs. It is precisely the mindless act of giving way to thugs like Baa Udder that makes inter-community relationships difficult.

  4. More information about what happened can be found here:

    Quote from part of it – “Mr Uddin, who actually lives in what was the former Manse (vicarage) to the church, would stand at church’s main entrance door and shout his complaints and demand our Pastor come out to speak to him during his sermon.”

  5. East London went to the dogs decades ago, i’m surprised it has taken so long for muslims to be able to shut down churches in the area.

    My family were originally from East London, near Brick Lane (now known as “Banglatown”), but left just before I was born in order to have a happier life in West London! While the Jewish communities were present, East London was a happy place, there were a few gangs (most notably the Kray Twins), but it was a peaceful place if a little rough. Nothing at all like the no-go warzone the mohammedans have changed it into since driving out the whites and Jewish people!

    It’s a shame, as it sounded like such a wonderful place with a really solidarity amongst the working class community, if my grandmothers stories are anything to go by.

    It is truely sickening that British families throughout London are losing their historical family homes through fear of whatever marauding hordes nu-labour deem to fit to settle amongst us!!!

  6. Well folks – lynch Brown and NullLabor at the elections – and then get rid of scum like Baa Udder.

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