Good old Sunni Shiite Hatred

Egyptian Cleric Mazen Al-Sarsawi Calls Shiites “Filthy,” “Infidels,” and “Dogs,” and Shiite Women “Whores”

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Following are excerpts from a TV address delivered by Egyptian preacher Mazen Al-Sarsawi, which aired on Al-Nas TV on July 2, 2009. MEMRI Here’s the link to the video

Mazen Al-Sarsawi: The Prophet Muhammad is the master of the believers. To this day, those ignorant vile [Shiites]… Some people may not have heard about this, because they are not involved in this, but the Rafidites and the Shiites pose an imminent danger to the [Muslim] nation everywhere. Look what they are doing to one another in Iran. They are slaughtering one another – so what can we expect them to do to us Muslims? They will do the same thing they did in Iraq. Iraq is the best proof of what I am saying. The people who were deluded by the Shiites must awaken. If they do not awaken now, they never will. To this day, these Rafidites write articles and books, and talk on TV and over the Internet… I am not talking about the extremists among them, but about their leaders, and about the people who they consider to be religious scholars.

More gems from MEMRI:

To this moment, they continue to malign the honor of ‘Aisha. One of these dogs wrote an article, in which he called ‘Aisha “the mother of loiterers.” That’s his own mother he was talking about in this article. May God curse him. ‘Aisha is the mother of the believers and the crown on his mother’s head, whether he likes it or not. This infidel dares to talk about the honor of the Prophet Muhammad’s wife!

Because of what these filthy [Shiites] say, some religious scholars have ruled that they are infidels – and infidels they are! God has exacted a terrible revenge from them: There is not a single one of them whose honor is intact, because they permit pleasure marriage, which is… It’s prostitution, to use simple terms. What the Shiites call pleasure marriage is what Muslims call prostitution. It means that any man who meets a woman on the street can say to her: Two hours, and I will pay you this and that. There is no marriage contract or anything, and an hour later, he divorces her, and someone else has sex with her. No problem. They have no such thing as a waiting period [for widows and divorcées].

Their Khomeini ruled that having sex with a married woman is permitted. Even if a woman is married, a man can have sex with her, just like that. But they say that the most important thing is not to ask her if she is married. These dogs say that if you see that a woman is married, it is okay to have sex with her, as long as you don’t ask her. Take her like that, and that’s it. This is a farce, yet they say that this is part of Islam. They excel in this.

This is their way to come closer to God. These filthy [Shiites] recite a false hadith, according to which whoever has had pleasure marriage once reaches the status of Hussein Ibn Ali. Whoever has had pleasure marriage twice reaches the status of Ali Ibn Abu Talib. And whoever has had it three times reaches the status of the Prophet. You’ve heard enough. That is the religion of these dogs, who continue to curse the Prophet’s wife to this moment. Whoever fornicates three times reaches the status of the Prophet. When they permitted these pleasure marriages, this fornication… They even have pleasure marriage in turns. They stand in line, and each awaits his turn: first, second, third, fourth, fifth. Their women are proud of this. Their Zaynabs – the whores of the Shiite seminaries – say that this is great.

Even on the website of one of their top scholars, Sistani… This is no secret, it was on his official website. It was written there – before they removed it, when the whole world criticized and rebuked them for this… They wrote on the website of this man, their top religious source of authority, about a certain Ali Ibn Muhammad Bakr “lottery.” He became his father’s son through a lottery. How come? His mother was having pleasure [marriages] for the sake of Allah. Just like that. With anyone – no problem. Three men fornicated with her in the same menstruation cycle. She got pregnant. Who would they pin the baby on? So they held a lottery, and one of them was declared the father.


Sheikh Kalbani: All Shiite clerics are heretics

Imam of Grand Mosque slams Shiite clerics, says they are not entitled to join Supreme Council of Ulema.

By Habib Trabelsi – PARIS/ME Online

Sheikh Adil Al-Kalbani, the first black imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca lashed out at Shiite clerics, saying they are not entitled to join the Supreme Council of Ulema, the highest religious body in Saudi Arabia.

All Shiite clerics are heretics!

“I think Shiite clerics are heretics,” Sheikh Kalbani said Monday on the BBC Arabic satellite new channel.

“As for expiating Shiites, we could possibly discuss it,” said Sheikh Kalbani, who was appointed by King Abdullah last September as the imam of the Mosque of the first shrine of Islam, to which flock over two million Muslim pilgrims of all faiths every year.

“Indeed, I can not consider a Muslim anyone who knows the value (for Sunnis) of Abu Bakr (the faithful companion of the Prophet Muhammad), and still insults and curses him and warns Muslims against him,” argued Sheikh Kalbani.

“He who knows the place of Abu Bakr (in Islam) and does not recognize that he is one of the Companions of the Prophet, is undoubtedly a heretic, even if he is Sunni,” said Kalbani Sheikh said, adding that “the ordinary Shiite, could have the excuse of ignorance or error.”

Forbidden to sit in the “Supreme Council”

Sheikh Kalbani claimed that the Shiites are not entitled to be represented in the Supreme Council of Ulema, arguing that the Saudi regime adheres to Wahhabism, a strict doctrine of Sunni Islam.

“There are Shiites in the kingdom, but it is a minority and they should not be included in the Supreme Council of Ulema,” stressed the cleric.

“Shiites themselves do not recognize the Supreme Council of Ulema and they have their own Marja’iyya (reference, the highest Shiite religious authority).”

The Supreme Council was extended last February to three other doctrines of Sunni Islam (Maliki, Hanafi, Chafii), whereas it was previously formed entirely of members of the Hanbali school known for its rigor. However, the Shiite community is not represented in the Council.

In recent months, some Shiites, speaking on Shiite websites, called for “the establishment of religious pluralism” and requested the entry of Shiite clerics to the Supreme Council.

Too many rights!

Saudi Shiites make up between 5% to 10%, according to unofficial estimates, while Shiites writers claim they represent between 15% to 20% of the Saudi population which is estimated at 18 million. They are concentrated mainly in the oil-rich Eastern Province adjoining Kuwait and southern Iraq.

Shiites claim they suffer discrimination, particularly being banned from holding key positions in military, diplomacy and security and from exercising their religious rites and cultural activities.

But the Saudi government, dominated by Wahhabism-inspired Sunnis, insists Shiites have all their rights.

“They have more than their rights,” said Sheikh Kalbani.

A tower in Saudi Arabia against a minaret at the Vatican!

Asked about his position on freedom of worship in the kingdom, Sheikh Kalbani said that “religious freedom has its limits,” before returning the ball to his BBC interviewer.

“Will the Vatican allow the construction of mosques on its territory?

“In any case, the Kingdom is the Qibla of Muslims (to whom they turn for prayer). So, not a single church bell will ring in the Saudi territory!

“We only apply this commandment of the Prophet: ‘Expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula,” he stressed.

“But their expulsion is up to the rulers and their stay (in the Saudi territory) is dependent on the extreme need of the country for their services,” he noted.

Saudi Arabia prohibits any place of worship other than Muslim and bans the practice of a religion other than Islam.

A vow dear to bin Laden

The words of Sheikh Kalbani are the same logic of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

The slogan “the liberation of the Arabian peninsula from the Crusaders” was launched by the leader of the terrorist network after the deployment in Saudi Arabia of the coalition forces led by the United States, on the eve of the Gulf War (1991). This war cry has become the mantra of Bin Laden’s supporters in the jihadist movement.

However, Sheikh Kalbani disavowed Bin Laden he knew in the 1980s.

Since his appointment, the venerable Imam has been repeatedly interviewed by the Saudi and Western media. He was the guest of Al-Arabiya, the Saudi-financed satellite channel news.

In his interview with Al Arabiya, Sheikh Kalbani said he had prevented many young Saudis from going to Afghanistan to lead the “jihad” (holy war), after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York in which 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis.

Translated and edited by Dr. Saad Guerraoui, a senior editor at Middle East Online

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