Wilders speaks at Temple, shouted down by indoctrinated tools…

The poison of political correctness is working very well. For our enemies….

Obviously they are no longer taught to value the freedom of speech. “Protesters, but no incidents, greet anti-Islamist at Temple,” by Christine Olley for the Philadelphia Daily News, October 21 (thanks to JW):


Amid a firestorm of contention, several hundred people heard Geert Wilders, a controversial Dutch parliamentarian, speak last night at Temple University.

During his approximately 30-minute speech, Wilders called the Quran “an evil book” and said that the United States was facing Islamization.

A question-and-answer session was cut short, and Wilders was escorted out of the lecture hall after some students began shouting insults at him.

Before the speech, held in Anderson Hall, more than 50 protesters had denounced the appearance of Wilders at the school.

Members of All Sides, an organization that seeks to promote peace between Israel and Palestinians, held pink pom-poms and shouted, “Hey Hey, HO, HO, this racist bull—-‘s got to go.”

What race is Islam again? What race is the global jihad and Islamic supremacism?

Islam Speech ControversyHere’s a pic of Wilders audience at Temple. No wonder  the message is shouted down…


How the panic over right-wing violence is being used to marginalize peaceful dissent

Standing next to them with signs decrying Wilders’ views were members of the Student Senate, Democratic Socialists and the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance.

“Wilders speaks out about free speech while at the same time banning the Quran,” said Megan Chialastri, vice president of All Sides.

“Banned books are not free speech and there is no way around that,” Chialastri said.

In the Netherlands, they do ban books. In calling for the banning of the Qur’an,Wilders is simply calling for consistency in the application of Dutch laws that restrict speech that incites to violence, but which have never been applied to the Qur’an or to the hate-filled imams who preach jihad and Islamic supremacism in obedience to Qur’anic dictates. I myself don’t support “hate speech” laws or the banning of any book, but as long as such laws are on the books in the Netherlands (and I believe they should be removed), it is not wrong to ask for them to be applied consistently.

“This is hate speech at its core,” said Monira Gamal-Eldin, president of the Muslim Students Association.

The Muslim Students Association was named as an allied group of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Brotherhood internal document that explained the Brothers’ mission in the United States as a “grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Inside the auditorium, after going through rigorous security checks, students assembled to hear the Dutch politician speak.

Brittany Walsh, president of the student group Purpose, which had invited Wilders, introduced his 17-minute short film, Fitna – Arabic for disagreement and division among people – in which passages from the Quran are juxtaposed with newspaper clippings and video showing or describing violent acts by Muslims.

…who in many cases explicitly refer to those Koran verses.

Wilders, 46, emerged after the film, flanked by a security detail which he said made him feel as if he was not free but which has been necessary because of numerous threats on his life.

Before he was escorted out, the last student allowed to address Wilders said: “Clearly fascism wasn’t defeated, because if it was, a genocide-loving racist clown like you still wouldn’t have anything to say.”

Spoken in support of an ideology that would destroy the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, the equality of rights of women with men, and the equality of rights of non-Muslims with Muslims. How proud the addled Leftist administration of Temple University must be.

As the audience filed out of the auditorium, two Temple students offered their reactions to Wilders’ visit.

“I’m proud,” said Jonas Skovdal. “I think it’s a big win for humanity that people stood up to him in there.”…

Blind tool.

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  1. Well, after reading the Islamic Brotherhood document I have one thing to say.
    We’re basically f**ked! Islam is here ot stay. It will grow and expand, as it has in Europe and the UK. We are going to have one hell of a fight on our hands in the next few generations. And, with Obama in power, it will happen in the US much faster than in Canada or Mexico. That is unless Obama takes Mexico and Canada. That wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. IT’s our Children and their Children and the future generations who will have all this to face. And our sick Politicians sit back and allow this to happen.

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