Hilarity Bombs (again)

More imaginary sniper fire: Clinton bombs hotel


Andrew Bolt:

If her life was truly as danger-filled as she remembers, Hillary Clinton is lucky to be alive. As it is, she’s merely lucky to be Secretary of State:

Hillary Clinton suffers ‘mis-speaking’ again:

(D)uring a speech she made to (Northern Ireland’s) Stormont parliament she said that Belfast’s landmark Europa Hotel was devastated by an explosion when she first stayed there in 1995


The Europa, where most journalists covering the decades-long conflict stayed, was famed as Europe’s most bombed hotel, earning the moniker “the Hardboard Hotel”.

However, the last Provisional IRA bomb to damage the Europa was detonated in 1993, two years before President Clinton and his wife checked in for the night.

The last time the Europa underwent renovations because of bomb blast damage was in January 1994, 22 months before the presidential entourage booked 110 rooms at the hotel. More

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  1. Hilton-Hilary is as good if not better at lying than her lyin’ husband, “I did not have sex with that woman”, Bill.
    That is, perhaps, why they earnestly want Islam to take over the world. That way the leaders in power will have it on Mohammad’s authority to lie like hell and get away with it.

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