I have a haunting suspicion that these creeps will go down in a hail of gunfire, sooner or later. Naturally, the Black Panthers are all good Muslims.

WatchNew NBPP Vid: King Samir Says Whites Use Black Babies as ‘Alligator Bait,‘ Laments ’Fox Jews’ US

A video recently released by Election Journal shows New Black Panther Party member King Samir Shabazz railing against the media and defending his remarks calling for the death of white babies.

The video, which includes a date stamp of August 9, 2010 and says it takes place in Harlem, features the hate-spewing King Samir attacking Fox: “This is what King Samir and the Philadelphia chapter, along with the guidance and leadership of attorney Malik Shabazz, has been doing that you don’t hear about from Fox Jews; I’m sorry, Fox News.”

“Let’s talk about the little black babies that you use as alligator bait,” he adds:

H/T: Washington Examiner

In the past, King Samir has called on blacks to kill “crackers” and their babies:

There’s more, at the Blaze

Look who’s a real sucker for the Panthers:

Hillary and the Black Panthers: The Real Story

Richard Poe
Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2003

I can’t take it anymore. If one more person sends me that e-mail about Hillary and the Black Panthers, I’ll have to be dragged away screaming in a straitjacket.

You know the e-mail I’m talking about. It accuses Hillary of helping the Black Panthers get away with torture and murder during the early 1970s. With the 2004 presidential race drawing near, the spam mills are creaking to life, flooding the Internet once more with this agitprop classic.

Unfortunately, the e-mail mingles good information with bad, sowing more confusion than enlightenment. Some versions, for instance, carry the byline of radio talk jock Paul Harvey, who says he did not write it. Such misrepresentations help Hillary defenders dismiss the e-mail as a hoax.

The story is no hoax, though. Its basic elements can be found in respected Hillary biographies and exposes such as Barbara Olson’s “Hell to Pay,” David Brock’s “The Seduction of Hillary Rodham,” Joyce Milton’s “The First Partner” and Carl Limbacher’s “Hillary’s Scheme.”

Here are the facts.

In May 1969, fishermen discovered the body of Black Panther Alex Rackley floating in Connecticut’s Coginchaug River. Rackley’s captors had clubbed him, burned him with cigarettes, scalded him with boiling water and stabbed him with an ice pick before finally shooting him in the head.

New Haven detectives learned that the Panthers suspected Rackley of being a police informer. Panther enforcers had tied him to a chair and tortured him for hours. Police arrested eight Panthers and later extradited Panther leader Bobby Seale from California, after a witness accused Seale of ordering Rackley’s death. (1)

Campus radicals supported the Panthers. They organized mass protests in support of the so-called “New Haven Nine.” Hillary was right in the thick of it.

By the time she entered Yale Law School in 1969, Hillary was already a radical celebrity on campus. Life magazine had featured Hillary in a piece titled, “The Class of ’69,” which showcased three student activists whom Life’s editors deemed the best and brightest of the year. A line Hillary used in her Wellesley College commencement speech appeared under her photo: “Protest is an attempt to forge an identity.” (2)

At Yale, Hillary helped edit the Yale Review of Law and Social Action – a left-wing journal which promoted cop-killing and featured cartoons of pig-faced police. (3)

A series of hard-Left mentors introduced Hillary to the brass-knuckle realities of revolutionary activism. As a Wellesley undergraduate, she met and interviewed radical o’rganizer Saul Alinsky, whose Machiavellian tactics she admired. Hillary’s senior thesis supported Alinsky’s call for class warfare. (4)

At Yale, Hillary found a new Svengali in the form of left-wing law professor Thomas Emerson, known around campus as “Tommy the Commie.” Emerson recruited Hillary and other students to help monitor the trial of the New Haven Nine for civil rights violations. Hillary took charge of the operation, scheduling the students in shifts, so that student monitors would always be present in the courtroom. She befriended and worked closely with Panther lawyer Charles Garry. (5)

Some believe that the enormous pressure exerted by the Left helped ensure light sentences for the New Haven Nine. Whether or not this is true, the punishments were mild.

“Only one of the killers was still in prison in 1977,” reports John McCaslin in the Washington Times. “The gunman, Warren Kimbro, got a Harvard scholarship and became an assistant dean at Eastern Connecticut State College. Ericka Huggins, who boiled the water for Mr. Rackley’s torture, got elected to a California school board.” (6)

Hillary’s defenders argue that she played no “significant” role in the New Haven Nine’s defense. This is semantic hairsplitting. Obviously, Hillary was less “significant” than Charles Garry or “Tommy the Commie” Emerson. But Hillary served as a trusted lieutenant to these movers and shakers. Moreover, she had a national profile as a campus activist. Hillary was no rank-and-file student protester, as her apologists claim.

Indeed, Hillary’s work for the Panthers won her a summer internship at the Berkeley office of attorney Robert Treuhaft in 1972. A hardline Stalinist, Treuhaft had quit the Communist Party in 1958 only because it was losing members and no longer provided a good platform for his activism. (7) “Treuhaft is a man who dedicated his entire legal career to advancing the agenda of the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB,” notes historian Stephen Schwartz. (8)

The defense of the New Haven Nine marked Hillary’s initiation into the sinister underworld of the hard-core, revolutionary Left. To my knowledge, Hillary has never publicly renounced nor apologized for her role in that movement.


See NewsMax’s special offer for Richard Poe’s latest book, “The Seven Myths of Gun Control.”

For more columns by Richard Poe, Click here.

Richard Poe is a New York Times best-selling author and cyberjournalist. For more information on Poe and his writings, visit his Web site, He may be reached at

Between Gushers and a Hard Place

Stupidity and cupidity:

Christiane Amanpour Gushes to Hillary: Was Daughter’s Wedding as Tough as Peace in the Middle East?

Peacemaker Shrillary?

Amanwhore’s reporting comes with a distinct Walter Duranty twist……

Black Woman’s Burden

Michelle Obama:  “being America’s First Lady is ‘hell'”

Hmm. Could it be that its a few notches above her pay-grade?

Michelle Obama:  Enduring a hell that peasants could never understand.

Bitter Half Grouses About Her Tough Job/ Moonbattery

It’s tough being the wife of the most powerful man in the world, just ask Michelle Obama. Carla Bruni, who seemed to reveal her distaste for the First Lady in previous pictures, reveals Michelle’s whiny comments in her recent book [Aside: why is a sitting world leader’s spouse writing a tell-all? What tawdriness.]

Anyway, here’s what was allegedly said:

Michelle Obama thinks being America’s First Lady is ‘hell’, Carla Bruni reveals today in a wildly indiscreet book.

Miss Bruni divulges that Mrs Obama replied when asked about her position as the U.S. president’s wife: ‘Don’t ask! It’s hell. I can’t stand it!’

Michelle Obama’s Burden and the Obamas’ Hard Hearts

Willie Clitman Watch: Shrillary seen leaving hospital with lesbian lover Huma by her side…

Thanks to the watchful Dhumme Dhimmi:

Remember this? Hillary’s lesbian affair with Muslim aide?

Willie Clitman in hospital, Willary emerges with lesbian lover Huma Abedin:

Hillary Clinton leaves the New York hospital where her husband Bill underwent heart surgery today.

BILL Clinton’s doctor says the former president’s heart operation today went ‘very smoothly’ and that he had not suffered a heart attack.

Zimbio: Hugh Fitzgerald sums up the puzzlement quite nicely… if the reports are to be believed, Huma Abedin remains, despite living in the West, a “deeply conservative” Muslim. We are entitled to assume, therefore, that she still regards the Qur’an as the uncreated and immutable Word of God. And we are entitled to consult that “Word of God” to find out what she believes. And that includes 9.5, and 9.29, and another hundred deeply disturbing and hate-filled verses. We are entitled to assume that she is familiar with the most “authentic” Hadith in the most authoritative collections. We are entitled to assume that she regards … Read Full Story

Fox link here>>

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

Weasel Zippers:   Clown Prince Charles Tried To Stop Iraq War…

BNP: “Security for airhead Tony BLiar costs British taxpayers  £6 Million Every Year”

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair costs British taxpayers £6 million a year to protect while he travels the world earning millions for himself, it has been revealed.

Honest reporting in the US media:

Claire McCaskill 2009: “It’s Unfair to Take Potshots at President.”
Claire McCaskill 2006: “Bush Killed Black People on Rooftops.”

“George Bush let people die on rooftops in New Orleans because they were poor and because they were black.”-

Today Claire McCaskill lectured Republicans about taking unfair potshots at the president.

Gateway Pundit has more>>

Irony of ironies: Libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs whines about being libeled

Spencer:  Libelblogger and CAIR tool Charles Johnson is whining at his hard-Left hate site Little Green Footballs about, of all the things that this utterly contemptible human being could be whining about, being libeled.

This is rich coming from a man who claimed that Pamela Geller and I support “fascism, violence, and genocide.”

One thing you can say about Charles Johnson: he knows libel. He’s an experienced practitioner.

Denmark concerned over growing radical Islam

Authorities in Denmark say they are concerned about the number of young Somalis in the country apparently turning to radical Islam. (Hmm, sounds like the old wild goose chase for the mythical “moderate muslim”- let me know when  you found one!/ed) Radio Australia News

Shrillary Clitman Watch:


Muslim who tried to kill Motoonist involved in earlier jihad plot to murder Hillary Clinton

Monica sez: Yeah, Hillary was dodging bullets like I was dodging cum shots from Bill…

Pamela (Atlas Shrugs) asks: “There was an Islamic plot to kill the US Secretary of State five months ago? I didn’t hear about it. Did you? Why not? Who are they protecting? Why were we not told that there was an Islamic plot to assassinate the Secretary of State?”

I wouldn’t worry too much. Shrillary has a long history of  suffering from FADS: (Failed Assassination Delusion Syndrome)

Check our cartoon:

A moment of sanity: Hillary Clinton denounces "defamation of religion" laws

Hillary Clinton breaks with her boss, denounces “defamation of religion” laws

Obama just had the U.S. at the UN consponsor with Egypt a resolution against inciting religious hatred. But apparently his Secretary of State is not on board, or not completely on board. “Clinton Denounces Proposed ‘Defamation of Religions’ Policies,” by Michelle A. Vu for the Christian Post, October 27 (thanks to Islam In Action via JW):


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voiced strong opposition Monday to proposed U.N. resolutions on “defamation of religions,” saying that such policies would restrict free speech.

Continue reading A moment of sanity: Hillary Clinton denounces "defamation of religion" laws

Hilarity Bombs (again)

More imaginary sniper fire: Clinton bombs hotel


Andrew Bolt:

If her life was truly as danger-filled as she remembers, Hillary Clinton is lucky to be alive. As it is, she’s merely lucky to be Secretary of State:

Hillary Clinton suffers ‘mis-speaking’ again:

(D)uring a speech she made to (Northern Ireland’s) Stormont parliament she said that Belfast’s landmark Europa Hotel was devastated by an explosion when she first stayed there in 1995


The Europa, where most journalists covering the decades-long conflict stayed, was famed as Europe’s most bombed hotel, earning the moniker “the Hardboard Hotel”.

However, the last Provisional IRA bomb to damage the Europa was detonated in 1993, two years before President Clinton and his wife checked in for the night.

The last time the Europa underwent renovations because of bomb blast damage was in January 1994, 22 months before the presidential entourage booked 110 rooms at the hotel. More

Al Saud tells Hillary Clitman to get stuffed



You don’t go bowing to the Arabs and you don’t go begging either. Does David Miliband, Britain’s dumbest Jew, pay any attention to these insignificant little details?


Saudi Fists Firmly Clenched

Appeasement Sux:

WASHINGTON – Saudi Arabia on Friday sharply rejected American calls for gestures toward Israel, a central component of US efforts to pave the way for peace talks.

“Incrementalism and a step-by-step approach has not and – we believe – will not achieve peace. Temporary security, confidence-building measures will also not bring peace,” Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said at a State Department press conference.

“What is required is a comprehensive approach that defines the final outcome at the outset and launches into negotiations over final status issues: borders, Jerusalem, water, refugees and security.”


Continue reading Al Saud tells Hillary Clitman to get stuffed

Willie Clitman's wife: US never will `sell out' Lebanon

* After the horse has bolted,  you dismount…



BEIRUT (AP) — Ahead of an election that could oust the U.S.-backed Beirut government, America’s top diplomat said Sunday that Washington supports “voices of moderation” and never will make a deal Syria that “sells out” Lebanon’s interests.

The June 7 vote could boost the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and its allies, possibly paving the way for renewed Syrian influence over Lebanon.

* Stay tuned. Watch this space…


  • Christian woman and her daughter-in-law’s throats slit in their home late Sunday
  • In nearby neighborhood in Kirkuk, gunmen shoot father and three sons; one dies
  • Targeted by extremists, many of Iraq’s 1 million Christians have fled country



* Clinton in Baghdad: Attacks won’t derail stability

Looks pretty derailed to me…

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Piracy is funny: Willie Clitman's wife thinks its hilarious!

* Beyond scandalous. Hitlery Clinton and the Obamessiah don’t belong in government, they should be tarred and feathered and run out of town:

Video thanks to Jawa Report

Somali water-jihadis demand 2 million for U.S. captain

Latest American victim of the Somali jihad

Add that to the 2.5 million dollars Somalis are demanding for the Canadian woman they raped – and impregnated — and you can see that Somalia’s jihad-al-mal, or “money-jihad,” is going rather well. An update on this story. “Pirates Demand Ransom After U.S. Ship Captain Tries to Escape,” from Fox News, April 10: thanks to JW:

A Somali negotiator said Friday pirates holding American ship captain Richard Phillips hostage want a $2 million ransom and are ready to kill Phillips if attacked. Continue reading Piracy is funny: Willie Clitman's wife thinks its hilarious!