Police Blamed for Blunders in Muslim Murder case of Girl ‘turned into kebab meat’

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In England, 14 year old Charlene Downes was murdered by two Muslim Jordanains and turned into Kebab meat and sold. And British police, surprise surprise, blew the whole process, the two were released. Now the process is being rolled up again..

Police rapped for blunders in murder case of girl ‘turned into kebab meat’

Police investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl allegedly ‘chopped up’ for kebab meat have been criticised for a catalogue of failures which led to the collapse of a murder retrial.

An independent review found that police surveillance techniques were ‘handled poorly and unprofessionally’ and as a result nobody is now likely to be convicted of killing Charlene Downes, 14, who was last seen in 2003.

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0120a5f3234d970b-300wiDid you take a bite out of her?

Atlas has the whole thing, here

5 thoughts on “Kebab”

  1. Would that be Halal?
    I really hope they blessed the meat as they were draining her blood and cutting her up.
    Isn’t that typical of the sociopathic mentality of the Muslim?
    These people ar psychopaths and we might as well say we are legalizing serial killing if we ever accept shari’ah law.
    Legalized serial killing…un-freaking-believable!
    Don’t ya’ just love this ideology Obama?

  2. In more Britain related news:

    Schools are being ordered to close on Muslim, Hindu and Sikh holy days despite objections from teachers.
    The directive by two London councils means the schools must shut for the annual celebrations of Eid-Ul-Fitr, Diwali and Guru Nanak’s birthday in addition to the traditional Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter.
    The policy even affects schools with only a small number of Muslim, Hindu or Sikh pupils.

    I would place a bet on Britain becoming the first to fall to islam, in a bid to raise enough cash to get the hell out of here, but isn’t gambling illegal in islam? Lol, the bookies would be shut down before I had a chance to collect.

    Oh well only logical choice is to stay and fight then, I guess!!!

  3. Regarding the case of Charlene Downes.
    Before commenting we need to see the full court documents. If the police have made a mess of the investigation then the case should be reopened and relevant police removed from their jobs, with proper prosecution of the two murderers then following. The case need to be reopened, and this can only be achieved through public pressure: Charlene’s family almost certainly do not have the financial resources to seek justice for their daughter alone.

  4. And more suicidal women, simply unaware of the danger when going out with people who are clearly psychotic. Look at the picture of the perp.

    As Laurence Auster states, “What is there to say? Women have basic weaknesses built into their nature. Traditional society provides girls and women with an upbringing, a formation, that gives them the ability not to give into those weaknesses, for example, to fend off alluring but dangerous men. But in liberal society, they have no formation, no guidance, no upbringing, except for the liberal message to be open, to pursue your desires, and not to judge people. So liberal society exacerbates young women’s weakest and most vulnerable side and turns them into victims. Liberal society is a factory for the production of dead (or in this case disfigured) young white women”.

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