3 thoughts on “Muslim Day Parade in New York”

  1. Recently Muslims have taken to pray everywhere, particularly in public places (like the Pharisees), and that leads me to ask what Muslims pray about. All I can see is that they do ritual bowing down at command, but the imams say no prayers except the refrain “Allah Akhbar” or some such. It is like a military parade ground ritual but adapted to a supposedly religious context. It also needs bearing in mind that “Allah Akhbar” is a war rallying cry. It is heard when Muslim confront riot police, saw of the heads of journalists, little Christian girls on their way to school, and various other examples.

    Do Muslims really pray about anything, or is it simply a physical imitation of Jewish and Christian prayer, but with no spiritual content? If so, it means that Muslims are merely pretending at religiosity to convey the impression of spirituality. It cannot be spirituality, for examination of the Koran leads to the conclusion, that any prayers are likely wishes for “pearly young boys”, “white houris”, or wishing the early deaths most Kuffars infidel nations, leaving just a few to be the servants of the true believers etc.

    There is no example in the Koran akin to the Lord’s Prayer or the Psalms, to give Muslims what the form of a prayer should be. So these prayers in New York or at Capitol Hill, DC, are really a portent for the eventual occupation and the subjugation of the public square.

    Unfortunately, like in so many other examples of Islam in action, I conclude, that Islamic so-called prayers, are really a claim to the public square, followed its occupation by Islam.

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