Mumbai Killer Would Do it All Over Again

I have no regrets, more Jihad to come: Kasab

Now watch for Islamo- blog trolls pop up telling us there was no jihad since the 11th century and Kasab is a bad misunderstander of Islam:


Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist caught in the Mumbai terror attacks of September 26 has confessed to the court of his offence.

He showed no remorse in his confession statement. The Pakistan based terrorist said that future Jihadis will get inspired from his actions.

M_Id_111676_ajmal_amir_kasab‘Kasab showed no remorse for his crime and said that he wanted to confess so that others may derive inspiration from his action.’ .
Obviously, they don’t teach remorse in the madrassas, they teach jihad…

Magistrate told that his confession was voluntary and not done under any kind of stress.

Other Jihad News from the RoP:


UK: “we are here and we are here to stay. With the arrival of wives and children I have no doubt that the Muslim community will triple over the next two years…”

Kasab had bared the role of Lashkar-e-Taiba in his confession saying that LeT chief Hafeez Saeed, the outfit’s chief of operations Zaki-Ur-Rehman Lakhvi and its member Abu Hamza had trained the accused persons in various parts of Pakistan in military exercises and intelligence training.

Kasab had said that the LeT chief had told them that time had come for Jihad and their ultimate goal of capturing Jammu and Kashmir could be achieved by attacking India. They were told to go to Mumbai and indiscriminately fire at people, killing as many as they could. Mumbai was the target because it is a financial hub and attracts foreign tourists.

The attack, in which over 160 people including some foreigners were killed, was a proxy war on India and aimed at destabilising the country.

Kasab is involved in seven cases – murder of crew of marine vessel `Kuber’ including its navigator, CST firing, Cama Hospital firing, gunning down three police officers, a taxi bomb explosion in Vile Parle, theft of a Skoda car and a policeman’s murder at Chowpatty.

The other militants along with Kasab, killed by security armed forces, were involved in firing at Taj Mahal Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Leopold Cafe, Nariman House and taxi bomb blast at Mazgaon.

One of Kasab’s co-religionists was more lucky and is now with the virgins:

dead mumbai terrorist

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  1. There is no end to this nonsense as long as copies of theQur’an exist on planet Earth.
    The sooner we rid ourselves of this evil ideology, sent by Shaytan, the messenger Muhammad(Piss be upon him), the better.
    Execution for these jihadists is way too good for them. Deny them the virgins, lock them up for life in Supermax prisons, give them bibles to read, no TV or radio, no phone calls, no association with fellow inmates, and throw away the keys.
    Let them stew in their own juices and give them hell for the rest of their lousy lives.

  2. Inspire !!

    Isn’t that usually associated with … , poetry ,
    kindness , hospitality , self-sacrifice etc. ?

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