Is Multi-Culturalism on the way out?

Multi-Culturalism Outdated?

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The reality is that nothing positive comes from pursuing diversity for the sake of pursuing diversity.

It seems the idea that diversity makes us strong has become a blindly accepted truism. However, we’ve seen that America’s traditional melting pot is no longer a reality, because of the extreme cultures and religious beliefs of some Islamic groups. So one has to question just how diversity strengthens our society.


  • Tolerating Islam is the demise of a tolerant society…

Would the British agree that their expanding Muslim population has strengthened their society? To what extent should a modern, civilized society such as ours bow to radical Islamic culture?

Our good friends, the Saudis (who consistently vote against us in the United Nations), last year passed a religious-based law that effectively banned walking pets in public. The purpose behind this idiocy is to keep men from using cute pets to attract women. How can a society like this be taken seriously?

I contend that it has not been diversity that has made America strong. On the contrary, America is strong because early immigrants were not so different from each other. They were able to put aside slight differences in religious and cultural beliefs, and “melt” into the strongest nation in history.

So the next time some speaker wants to establish personal political correctness by glorifying diversity, remind him or her that the concept is outdated.

Bob Russell

Rotonda West

9 thoughts on “Is Multi-Culturalism on the way out?”

  1. “Think of all the unemployed diversity officers and sensitivity trainers..”

    Good training for McDonalds.

    1. A very good point, kaw.

      You have no idea how many ‘created’ jobs depend on it. The Socialist fools who govern us don’t even realize that they’re killing the golden goose…

  2. Is multiculturalism on the way out ?

    I hope so ! Here’s the latest news from Burnley , England

    ‘ Mohammed Islam, 48, struck Shadiya Islam repeatedly, threatened to pour acid in her face and told her he would kill her after the police arrived.
    The defendant admitted assault by beating on 26 June. He was given an 18-month community order with supervision and 80 hours’ unpaid work. He must pay £100 compensation and £50 costs.
    Jawad Babar, defending, said Islam was quite liberal and had not imposed any major sanctions on his children.
    They had gone to school, he allowed them to work and they were free to chose their partners. ‘

    Sounds like a standup guy – he let his daughter go to school !
    That 18 month community order will really teach him –
    and I think if he does pour acid on her face , he should be hit with
    a whopping 2 year community order .

  3. It’s not too bad where I live and breath in Canada, at least not in this area of the country.
    It is very bad in Mississauga, Ontario, where the Muslims have vitually taken over. Calgary, Alberta and Regina Saskatchewan have an influx of Somali refugees. But I don’t believe it is nearly as bad as it is in the US.
    And it looks as though the US is going to become even worse.

    Assimilation is a “not to be” for Islamists. As long as the country they are occupying is non-Islamic, non-shari’ah, they are living in “dar al-Harb” and they will continue to fight and breed and breed some more until it is eventually overcome.

  4. It DOESN’T benefit a society. If a group of people have no bond, they won’t survive. This is nature — unchangeable, not ideology. Immigration of White Christians was fine because we had a similarities. It doesn’t work otherwise. And this Multicultural Fantasy will not work with only Whites playing the game that we’re “colorblind”. There are no people in the USA more racist than Black Americans, and the other nonWhites follow them in order.

    And if our leaders in the Western World destroy the White Christian homelands and there are no countries where White Christians are the majority, these leaders will have done the single most horrific thing of any leaders in history. This is why the Jews wanted Israel. They were always the minority in all the countries around the world. They had no political power and no military to protect them. Despite being attacked constantly, Israel is still there today.

    Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims/Arabs, Jews, Asians — they ALL have their homelands, yet cheer when a Hispanic is the first on the Supreme court. Fuck you all. If you Hispanics will move to South America, you’ll find that EVERYONE that holds high positions are Hispanic. You can be deliriously happy all the time. Because you’re OBSESSED WITH YOUR RACE/GROUP.

    It’s about demographics. It’s about making sure the majority stays the overwhelming majority. And then you can protect your minorities, but don’t let them take over. They’ve got homelands and they’re crap. The White Western World has had war declared on it and our leaders haven’t figured it out yet.

  5. And for living in the “dar al-harb” it is not really necessary
    for the muslims to live by the rules of the host countries,
    as these are not under sharia law, so what would be crime
    under sharia is not a crime under what is not sharia.
    “Double standard “; sin is sin and crime is crime; destroying
    churches, rob, torture and killing people because of the
    muhammed cartoons is CRIME, condoning muslim violence
    against non-muslims, not prosecuting the criminals. is a
    violation of human rights in muslim countries.
    Stop playing games; of the 195 countries there are only 10
    countries not violating human rights.
    muslim governments must stop to blame Israel, US and the
    west for their domestic problems; clean up your own mess!
    stop pretending that the religion of peace (actually of “Pieces”)
    is the solution and future for this world because it will only
    lead to ethnic, cultural, political and religious destruction
    with further prospect of endless conflicts about the ultimate
    islamic system. Better be prepared to offer your “religion”
    as sacrifice on the altar of the coming GREAT LIAR.
    He will not recognize your allah nor muhammed, elohim nor
    moshe, god nor jesus.
    Only the Qahal YHWH will prevail!

  6. It may also give the military authority the power to act in place of civilian authorities, if a decree specifies it explicitly. ,

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