Rep. Myrick Connects the Dots of the Recent US Terror Plots

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“There is no current evidence that materially connects any of the terror plots recently revealed.  However, I have taken sentences directly from FBI press releases, and FBI investigative documents, and highlighted the clear connection below .  These plots are all tied together by one thing: a global ideology that is self-identified by its believers as jihadist, or “jihadiyya”. It is hard to ignore this fact  when in these cases below several of these men very clearly, and very directly, state that they followed this ideology (jihad), and wanted to kill.

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I find this connection disturbing seeing as these plots come on the heels of the Administration’s efforts to rename ‘jihadists’ – which is what they call themselves – ‘violent extremists’.”

– US Rep. Sue Myrick

FBI Arrests Jordanian Citizen for Attempting to Bomb Skyscraper in Downtown Dallas:“Smadi made clear his intention to serve as a soldier for Usama Bin Laden and al Qaeda, and to conduct violent jihad.”

Illinois Man Arrested in Plot to Bomb Courthouse and Murder Federal Employees:“…Finton expressed his desire to receive military training and to travel to Gaza or other overseas locations to become a jihadist fighter.”

NC Boyd Case—New Charges…Possible Target was Marine Corps Base Quantico: “According to the indictment, during the period from 1989 through 1992, Daniel Boyd traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan where he received military-style training in terrorist training camps for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad.”

NY Transit Terror Case- indictment handed down- conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction—explosive bombs—in the United States: Zazi has told FBI investigators that he “attended courses at an al Qaeda training facility” while in Pakistan.

Brooklyn Resident Indicted for the Conspiracy to Commit Murder Overseas and Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Terrorists:“According to the indictment and other documents filed by the government, in early January 2009, Kaziu devised a plan to travel abroad for the purpose of joining a radical foreign fighter group and to take up arms against perceived enemies of Islam.”

One thought on “Rep. Myrick Connects the Dots of the Recent US Terror Plots”

  1. We must always realize that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful. We also have to remember it takes many people a long time and hard work to construct a building using lots of technical knowledge. It takes very few frustrated, angry young men to destroy that building and all persons inside using just a smattering of technical knowledge.

    The motivation of Islamic fundamentalists is described in my book, “The Muslim Economic Trap” in Chapter 10, “Finding the Wellsprings of both Military Slavery and Modern Terrorism.” Beginning a century or so after the death of Muhammad, Muslims much preferred the leaders of their mosques to their rulers. Hence, they did not give full support to their governments, and that seems to continue today. Many wish for governments that try to implement the anti-economic Islamic law, the shari’a.

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