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From Infidel to Nomad

(Buffalo News)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is still on the run from radical Islam.

ayaan-hirsi-aliAyaan Hirsi Ali, a former member of the Dutch parliament, now lives in Washington, D.C., where she is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. She is working on a follow-up to best-selling memoir, “Infidel.” More>>

Interview with Kurt Westergaard/(Vlad Tepes)
Interviews in Toronto, with Kurt Westergard (creator of the Muhammad cartoons), as well as Lars Hedegaard, the creator and president of the Danish Free Press Society.

Airline Passengers Facing Full X-Rays Scans for Body Bombs…/can’t profile, can’t profile, can’t…

(UK) Councillor Stops Meeting to Pray…

Khadr: Explosives Training at Age 13 Part of ‘Muslim Culture’…


Can you detect ‘racism’ here?

Look at the picture and tell me what’s “racist” about it. The burqa obscures all evidence of its wearer’s race — how do we know that the figure does not represent Helena Benaouda? The assumption that all Muslims are “brown” seems to me to be an insult to all Caucasian converts to the Religion of Peace, and is itself an example of racism.

Yes, the burqa and the minarets are black. Is that what makes it racist?

Switzerland Rules Anti-Minaret Poster ‘Racist’…

Basel city authorities have banned as racist a poster which the rightwing People’s Party planned to use in its anti-minaret campaign.

The poster shows a woman in a burka and a Swiss flag pierced by minarets springing up out of the ground.

An initiative to forbid the construction of minarets in Switzerland comes to a nationwide vote on November 29.

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  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Irshan Manji are the bravest Muslims so far. No men within the religion of peace have the same courage as these honest ladies.

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