Afghanistan: "Rogue Policeman" Kills 5 Briitish Soldiers

Hamid Karzai reaches out to ‘Taliban brothers’ in Afghanistan–  a UK burqa-mama of six is arrested carrying USB drive with 7,000 files for the “Brothers of the Mujahadeen” at Liverpool airport, an Arizona Woman Dies of Injuries from Honor Killing Attempt…, Holocaust Condoner, Gay Stoning Advocate sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi is ‘Theological Consul-tant’ for New Muhammad Movie…, UK: Muslims enraged at being questioned at airport, call for investigation…, so much jihad and so little time. But of course, none of this has anything to do with Islam….

Five British soldiers Killed by Taliban Infil-traitor

Spencer: the problem here is a fact that we have pointed out many, many times  there is no reliable way to distinguish jihadists from peaceful Muslims. There is no Islamic authority (with the arguable exception of the Spanish ulama) that has declared that Muslims who hold to the theology and ideology of Osama bin Laden are not true Muslims and are not welcome in their mosques. Making this even more difficult is the doctrine of religious deception founded on Koran 3:28. Thus the Afghan police authorities couldn’t have kept Taliban loyalists out, even if it tried — and it is unlikely that it is trying. This is something for the learned analysts to ponder not only as it concerns our policies in Afghanistan, but numerous other policies as well, including immigration, the language used in defending ourselves from this threat, and more.

“Five British soldiers killed by rogue Afghan policeman,” from The Times, November 4, thanks to JW:

Five British soldiers have been shot dead after a rogue Afghan policeman opened fire inside a check point, [sic]

The soldiers, three from the Grenadier Guards and two from the Royal Military Police, died in the Nad-e’Ali district of Helmand Province yesterday afternoon.

It is thought a further three Afghan police officers were also killed and up to six men injured.

The soldiers had been stationed at the post for two weeks, alongside a detachment of Afghan police whom they had been mentoring.

The troops were inside a police checkpoint in Nad-e Ali when the policeman, named locally as Gulbaddin, launched his attack.

“Without warning one of the ANP (Afghan National Policemen), potentially in concert with another, picked up his weapon and started firing,” a military official told The Times.

Officials said the gunmen fled the scene, possibly with his accomplice. It has been suggested the killer may have had links to the Taleban….

No kidding, really?

Hugh Fitzgerald explains:

The war, the world-wide war, is primarily one of ideologies. The hold of Islam on the minds of its adherents is extaordinary. Usually that hold is obvious, is visible. But Islam also teaches, and Muslims are well-versed in, the craft and art of deception. “War is deception” Muhammad famouslly said. They can smile, and indeed the Qur’an and Hadith teach them to smile, when necessary, even when there is murder in their hearts. And the hold of Islam, at times intermittently seemingly relaxed, can suddenly or gradually take hold again of the minds of those who might, temporarily, appear to have become relaxed or unobservant or lapsed Muslims. It has happened so many times, to so many people mentioned at JihadWatch, that one wonders how any non-Muslim security services, or armies, or police forces, dare any longer to believe that they can trust, in any real sense, any of those who are Muslims. From the imam who supposedly was a useful police informant, but who tipped off Najibullah Zazi, to the many Muslims who took part in rally-round-the-American-flag or Interfaith-Healing rallies after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, and then were discovered to have said before, and also after, bloodcurdling things about America and about non-Muslims, leading not a few to suddenly flee abroad (for example, one of the prime movers of the Boston Mosque), all of this should be carefully written up, with example after example, and distributed to the military, to the police, to the security services. A good knowledge not only of the texts and tenets of Islam, but perhaps even more importantly, of the attitudes, and the atmospherics, of Islam — that affect even the most worldlly, even those who seem so much, outwardly, like us — see Ambassador haqqani, for example, now attacked by others in Pakistan for being too “pro-American” by cleverly having extracted another 7.5 billion in American aid, will now be thought by some in Washington (perhaps by Senator Kerry, who no doubt has entertained, or been entertained, by Husain Haqqani and his winsome Ispahani wife, such a useful helpmeet in times like this). Haqqani is a deep defender of Islam, and a clever mis-representer, in his own charming and smooth self, of Islam to the naive. Being naive is one thing. Being naive because one is almost wilfully ignorant of Islam, and the varieties of deception that Muslims are capable of, and even the varieties of self-deceptiion (how many of those “liberals” — from Ayman Nour in Egypt, to Pinky Bhutto in Pakistan — exhibit surprising attitudes explicable only by reference to the deep unshakeable effect of Islam?) that Muslims practice. When even a self-declared non-believer as Kanan Makiya bristles when the matter of Islam is raised, or writes about the Arab massacre of Kurds and puzzles over the silence of Arab “intellectuals” on these massacres, failing to recognize the nature of Islam, and the Arab supremacism of which Islam has always been, and always will be the vehicle, one realizes just how remarkable is the hold of Islam, the residual hold, even on many of those who, outwardly, now seem to be our sort, people wh think and act like Westerners. Don’t be fooled, even when they fool themselves.

The Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only Muslim may still relapse, or may still, in choosing to call himself a Muslim, be open to such relapse. And in any case, the existence of such people, especially the practiced cheats and charmers among them, such as Husain Haqqani, helps to deceive unwary Infidels about the nature of Islam. Why, attacks on such people, by other Muslims still more extreme, sets up the mental equivalent of those optical illusions, where a box that is smaller than another can actually appear to be larger, depending on the surrounding visual context.

The unwillingness of a Muslim to declare himself, even to himself, an apostate, one who comes to recognize that “reform” is not possible (as the truth-telling Magdi Allam finally realized) in Islam, and to recognize its effects on minds (taught not to question, but to acquire the habit of mental submission), and hearts (taught to hate all non-Muslims, and to see the world as divided between Muslims and non-Muslims, and a state of permanent war — though not necessarily of open warfare — to exist between the two camps)means that he must always be considered as, potentially, someone who will turn. Given the fashion, in policy-making circles, to have at least one Muslim on the staff to advise — Vali Nasr for Holbrooke, Daria Mogahed for Obama, and who knows who is on staff for Hillary Clinton — or the dangerous reliance on venal and sinister apologists for Islam. Think of John Esposito, think of Raymond Close, think of Eugene Bird and Mrs. Bird, think of James Akins, think of all those outwardly-respectable former diplomats to Arab countries, who now, well-ensconced in sinecures at those foreign policy groups that ostentatiously wrap themselves in the mantle of “American national interest” (as opposed, you see, to those “pro-Israel groups” that cannot possibly be promoting the “American national interest”) and who are supported, directly or indirectly, by Arab money who for years have misrepresented Arab and Muslim attitudes and intentions, and have essentially been, and remain, shills for the Arabs not only in the obvious case, that of sweetly promoting the “Palestinians” — that is, the shock troops of the still-unreocgnized Jihad against Israel, but also in such matters as energy policy, where without a recognition of the use, by the Saudis and others, of the Money Weapon, in funding the world-wide Jihad, there is unlikely to be the kind of support for taxes on oil and gasoline that, for other reasons, are needed).

Deception may be obvious in the case of this policeman in Afghanistan, or in the many other such examples of Afghan or Iraqi police and army who turned on their Infidel trainers and supposed comrades-in-arms, or for that matter, the examples of Muslims in the American military who killed fellow, but non-Muslim, soldiers, or deserted to the other side, or offered to provide intelligence so that attacks could be made on their units or their ships.

But Deception, Muslim deception, about the nature of Islam, and therefore about the permanent and immutable threat of Muslim populations to the non-Muslims among whom they have been allowed, so naively and so dangerously, to settle — that is not yet recognized, that is not yet obvious to more than a few. But it will be.

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  1. A few years ago in the UK there was a spate of horrific attacks by savage dogs on people,usually children. The main culprits were pit bull terriers. the labour government pushed through the Dangerous Dogs Act,which effectively banned the breed. The act was not universally accepted. Many people claimed their pit bull was terrified of cats,cowers in the presence of Yorkshire Terriers and would more likely lick you to death than bite you.
    As a result of this act,it appears that these attacks have lessened considerably. Perhaps western governments should bring in a dangerous peoples act and apply it to muslims.

  2. “one who comes to recognize that “reform” is not possible” —

    Forced reforms are not possible, but consensus ‘reform’ are ijma and permitted in Islam.

  3. Ghulam,
    Do you think that “consensual” reform is possible or likely in Islam – and if so what do you think is required to drive it?


  4. I’m wearing my Remembrance Day/11th. November poppy. These poppies are sold to make money for UK veterans/old soldiers, repesenting Flander’s Feilds/poppy country which was a key win location in the second world war in Northern France.

    So to hear that the UK lost yet another soldier made me think that more young men will die and leave more young widows.

    Hey, I’m just wondering – are you ok with that?

  5. In the past hour I am getting news that someone has had a shootout at Ft Hood in Texas. 7 dead and many wounded. They JUST got a suspect – no more information.

    hhhmmm, how many times have we had terrorists caught before they successfully had their shootouts? Now we have a shootout. And they said they were thinking about relaxing the rules of entry onto the base to before 9/11 standards. this shows our military doesn’t have a clue as to who are enemy is even though they have stated it time and again, nabbed people as soon as a month ago with ill intent to military bases.

    I think the Pentagon, our politicians and others don’t have 1 IQ point between them all.

  6. “Five British soldiers have been shot dead after a rogue Afghan policeman opened fire inside a check point”

    Of Course, no surprise there, subversive tactics are the only way that they can/will fight. The days of Saladin facing his enemies across a battlefield are over. Men who like to beat there fists and roar like lions are actually (pussy) cats. Who will use the elderly, women and children as human shields and only target those who are soft and vulnerable.

    They will never ever face anyone head on.


  7. The jihad goes on, this time in the USA:
    12 killed in military base shooting
    By Kim Landers and wires

    The US Army has confirmed that at least 12 people have been shot dead and 31 wounded in a shooting incident at the Fort Hood military base in Texas.

    The Army says one of the shooters – a US soldier – has been killed while two other soldiers who are suspects have been arrested. The shooter has been named as Major Hassan Malik.

  8. Sorry R_not, I didn’t see your comment, but yes it was an inside job.

    More crescent-moon-greenwashing from those who should know better to follow – nothing to do with islam, muslims are marginalized & fearing a backlash, he was a good boy, we are shocked, but we never saw him much at our mosque (etc, like an old vinyl record).

  9. Mullah, you got to get the book Muslim Mafia. This guy came from an area that has mosques that are very radicalized. (not hard to do considering their basic teachings!)

    But the things you will learn about who are involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. One thing that I have had my suspicions about was the ACLU. AND VIOLA! THEY are indeed in cahoots with CAIR and the MB.

    There is more – more that will make you just sick. And our news, Universities and politicians should just be ashamed of themselves. The way I see it is if I can figure it out – why can’t people with higher IQs, more initials after their names (eg: PhD), and higher positions of power who have access to secret documents or are on the Intelligence Committees and such things. The FBI, Pentagon and others should just be ashamed. But I know they are not.

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