'Everyone Hates Jews'…

Jew hatred is more common than couscous in the ME:

Aaron Klein/World News Daily

JERUSALEM – Trees, animals and non-Jewish athletes despise Jews, declared an Egyptian cleric on his country’s television network.

“People hate (Jews). They don’t like them. We are not talking only about people. [The same goes] even for trees and animals,” stated Egyptian cleric Amin Al-Ansari on a program two weeks ago that aired on Egypt’s Al-Rahma satellite network.

Back to reality: Yemen’s Jews. The End

A visit to Chabad House; Mumbai: And then they came for the Jews

Is the Turkish-Israeli Alliance Over? Yes It Is

By Barry Rubin

The Turkey-Israel alliance is over. After two decades plus of close cooperation, the Turkish government is no longer interested in maintaining close cooperation with Israel nor is it—for all practical purposes—willing to do anything much to maintain its good relations with Israel.   More>>Is the Turkish-Israeli Alliance Over? Yes It Is

Daniel Pipes: Turkey: An Ally No More

Calls to Settle Palestinians Living in Arab Countries

Arab state treatment of the Palestinians, with the partial exception of Jordan, has been the silent disgrace of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The bulk of the refugees fled in 1948-49 and the great majority of them are now dead; what are called “Palestinian refugees” are nothing of the sort, but the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of refugees. Year after year, they are born into “refugee camps” or are otherwise kept apart from the mainstream society (I document some of the disabilities they suffer in one country at “Restrictions on Palestinians in Lebanon“) – all for the purported reason of keeping them ready for “return” to a hoped-for Palestine and to keep them handy as a dagger poised against Israel’s very existence.

This maltreatment has gone virtually unremarked for decades. Must yet more generations be born before Arabs conclude these people need to allowed to live normal lives in the places they were born?

In reverse chronological order, this weblog entry follows calls made for settlement of Palestinians.

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8 thoughts on “'Everyone Hates Jews'…”

  1. re. “Back to reality: Yemen’s Jews. The End”

    I guess, for the next UN presentation it’s “Tit-for-tat”.
    As the Jews get kicked out of Arab lands the state of Israel must expand its territories to make way for the Jews emmigrating to Israel from those lands.

  2. I think the evidence is that everyone is starting to hate muslims!!! Jewish folks are fine – Shalom!!

  3. ‘Everyone Hates Jews’…

    No news here. Everone knows that. It is in the Koran, therefore it must be true.

  4. KAW wrote: I think the evidence is that everyone is starting to hate muslims!!!

    Let us not forget the bears.

  5. This guy’s wasting his time. I mean, those Germans he’s hoping will notice him, via his subtitles, are not going to give up their Beirkellers for Sharia! If they had wanted to, they would have done so by now.

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