Arab Muslims Hot & Bothered Over Same Sex Tourism to Israel

Mohammedan Priorities:

When Mohammed worshipers don’t exhort their coreligionists to drink the blood of Jews or to rape Israeli women and children in their jihad to drive the Jews from their ancestral homeland, they whine and bitch about sex tourism to Israel.


Following are excerpts from a news report by Egyptian TV presenter Randa Samir, which aired on Al-Faraeen TV on October 16, 2009.

Randa Samir: A convention has been launched in Tel Aviv in order to discuss the ways to invigorate homosexual tourists – or rather, homosexual tourism – to Israel. 25 travel agencies from abroad are participating in the convention. These agencies specialize in organizing tours for homosexuals. The initiative for the convention came from the tourism organization of the Tel Aviv Municipality, and the homosexual movement in Israel.

You see, people?! My God…My God…They do the loathsome thing that angers God in order to invigorate tourism. We will return….

Here’s the video/  crossposted in Moe’s Jihad News

Disclaimer: this blog does not condone or promote homosexuality in Israel or anywhere else. This blogpost merely exposes Arab Muslim hypocrisy….

2 thoughts on “Arab Muslims Hot & Bothered Over Same Sex Tourism to Israel”

  1. Well fancy that, Moslem rectal bombers may be of some use after all in curing fag syndrome…..

  2. I don’t know what they are moaning about, there was a very well known gay club called the Sombrero, off of Kensington High Street, London. That was frequented by many, many middle eastern men, who were not their for the music.

    Also, I find their morals very questionable at best, it is very odd that this group would have a problem with gay sex, but have no problem having sex with animals. ugh.

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