Collective Insanity

Shooting Raises Fears For Sanity Of Entire Western World

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The Headline of the Day, from the BBC:

Shooting Raises Fears For Muslims In US Army

Really? Right now the body count stands at:

Non-Muslims 13
Muslims 0

I was reading from some of this kind of coverage on the Rush Limbaugh show today. Even if you are concerned that it would be terribly unfair if all Muslims were to be tarred by Major Hasan’s brush, it is, to put it at its mildest, the grossest bad taste to default every single time within minutes to the position that what’s of most interest about an actual atrocity with real victims is that it may provoke an entirely hypothetical atrocity with entirely hypothetical victims. I refer you yet again to this note-perfect parody:

“British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Train Bombing”

This kind of media coverage is really a form of mental illness far more advanced than whatever Major Hasan’s lawyers eventually enter in mitigation, and apparently pandemic, at least among the western media.

On a related note, from David Horowitz: “Is everybody out of their mind?

Bonus: “We’re the ones who love death - our own.”

David Warren. Ottawa Citizen:

Do not deny what happened at Fort Hood

Falsehood has more consequences than the revelation of personal insincerity. What happened at Fort Hood was no kind of “tragedy.” It was a criminal act, of the terrorist sort, performed by a man acting upon known Islamist motives. To present the perpetrator himself as a kind of “victim” — a man emotionally distressed by his impending assignment to Afghanistan or Iraq — is to misrepresent the reality >> more

Sword at the ready:

Mosques Up Security in Wake of Ft. Hood

Anti-Muslim Backlash Immediate over Suspect Accused of Killing 13 at Army Base

(AP) U.S. mosques fearful of a backlash after the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas are stepping up security. (You can’t make this shit up. You can’t/ed)

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  1. The female cop is really a hero..she kept firing at him after he had hit her twice. Hopefully, he is going to live long enough to be executed.

  2. Only a sadistic backwards 6th century ideology would try to portray itself as the victim ,Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 leaving behind infrastructure such as roads but more importantly ,hothouses and other agriculture that employed tens of thousands of starving desperate Gazans,thousands of Qassams and other cude but equally deadly projectiles followed ,aimed at civilians in Sderot and Ashkelon ,Hamas turned Gaza into a free for all gangsterland with tunnel building and weapons smuggling the order of the day ,earning huge profits for the criminal gangs,Egypt the sovereign power of the territory was to busy pocketing American/European taxpayers dollars to care ,a war crimes Islamist terror group holds the population hostage ,yet these same Islamofascists are now the victims,how obscenely insane and hypocritical this has become.

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