Is Obama trying to collapse the US economy?


Fox News should use this as an advertising slogan: “Not a news network the way CNN is.”

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Rush: Obama “Un-American” Trying To Shut Down Talk-radio

Glenn Beck: how did these traitors get into the white house?

Ship built with WTC steel comes to namesake city

The USS New York passes the Statue of Liberty while fireboats ...

NEW YORK – The new Navy assault ship USS New York, built withWorld Trade Center steel, arrived in its namesake city Monday with a21-gun salute near the site of the 2001 terrorist attack. The bow of the $1 billion ship, built in Louisiana, contains about 7.5 tons of steel from the fallen towers. (The report doesn’t say anything about how many Muslims are amongst the crew, whether there are any muslim foot-baths or prayer rooms and other Islamic accomodation. I guess that would be “racist”….)   AP has more>>>

Welcome back, Mohammed!

Obama administration has rediscovered the great and terrible enemy of the Clinton Administration– other Americans


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After 8 years of watching bridges, looking to the harbors and the skies, of scanning packages and throwing out nail clippers—a new administration has enthusiastically targeted a new enemy, other Americans. While the ceremonial obeisances are made on the 9/11 anniversary, and the troops stay on in Afghanistan and Iraq as political counters for the 2012 election, the Obama administration has rediscovered the great and terrible enemy of the Clinton Administration—other Americans.

Reassuring the public that no more will innocent Taliban and frightened Muslim detainees whose only crime was being Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard, or going to Pakistan to train and kill infidel women and children, be detained off Cuba and forced to eat three square meals a day and wear orange jumpsuits. This is a New America concerned not with foreign enemies, but with domestic critics of Barry Hussein… all of whom have now been revealed to be Unpatriotic and Unamerican extremists by the latest report in Pravda’s Newsweek bureau.

Dissent was of course the highest form of patriotism up until 2009, when it meant impeding America’s attempts to defend itself from Muslim terrorism. Now of course dissent is itself the worst form of terrorism since it inhibits Obama’s ability to get us trillions of dollars into debt to Communist China… which like all socialist deficit spending is naturally the highest form of patriotism. And if you’re confused by any of that, you obviously haven’t been reading enough Newsweek or watching MSNBC’s Pravda bureau.

Welcome Back Ahmed is the new model of the day

The new officially approved White House rendering of a wanted terrorist looks a lot less like Ahmed the Dead Terrorist and a lot more like Glenn Beck. Because people who say things that Obama doesn’t like are the new terrorists. But what of the old terrorists? The United States is already negotiating with Iran and trying to convince the Taliban to take our money in exchange for trying to kill us less. Hamas will be part of a unity government that will allow Fatah to accept Israeli territorial concessions, that Hamas itself will disavow when it destroys Fatah at the conclusion of the negotiations. In other words, Welcome Back Ahmed is the new model of the day.

Welcome Back Ahmed has dominated Europe literally for some time now, where country after country is being swamped by charming jolly fellows from Pakistan, Jordan and all parts of the Dar Al Islam, who only want to earn a living, raise their families and chop off the heads of anyone resistant to the idea of imposing Sharia law on one and all.

The Welcome Back Ahmed problem hasn’t bypassed the Western Hemisphere or Australia either. America seems bent on importing Somali pirates as cab drivers, who naturally develop objections to transporting people who drink liquor or the blind and their seeing eye dogs. Canada is seeing a growing spike in honor killings. Meanwhile the Lebanese are bringing their unique culture, foods and willingness to rape non-Muslim women to Australia. And only a bigot could even think to object, even when the Grand Mufti of Australia proclaims that non-Muslim women are uncovered meat.

Israel has had a Welcome Back Ahmed problem for over 50 years, ever since a Labor government decided to send troops to bring back Arab refugees who were fleeing the country in preparation for their brethren driving the Jews into the sea. Labor in Israel has depended on the Arab vote, just as Labor in England depends on the Muslim vote. And while Israel’s Arab parties still rattling the old Communist chains might be a minor sidenote, the number of Arab voters paid off to vote for mainstream left wing parties such as Labor and Kadima are another matter altogether.

Like Europe’s socialist leaders, Israel’s socialist leaders assumed that the Arabs would be happy enough collecting government benefits, voting to the left and not actually interfering in domestic politics. Naturally they were quite wrong, and even more naturally, the left has lost any ability to arrest the process. And so as parts of England become uninhabitable by anyone without beard or Burka, Israeli Arabs are running their own terrorist groups, staging riots and just stealing anything not nailed down. And as it turned out, attempting to resolve the Arab problem on the other side of the Green Line through concessions and appeasement, actually destabilized everything inside the Green Line as well.

Of course no showing of Welcome Back Ahmed would be complete without a parallel showing of Get Out John or Steve or Reuven or Pierre. Because if you’re going to keep shoving Ahmed down the throat of a domestic populace that does not particularly enjoy being terrorized by psychopaths in black, you’ve got to create a bigger threat than foreign extremists. The bigger threat of course is domestic extremists. Domestic extremists being anyone not on board with your policy of destroying the country.

Shifting the problem from one of foreign terrorists, to domestic nutters who refuse to be tolerant of foreign terrorists is a convenient public relations coup that turns the terrorists into poor persecuted lambs and sics the police on anyone who objects. But throwing open the doors to Ahmed carries a growing cost that given enough time eventually topples the host nation itself. While the left may view the Ahmeds as the enemies of their domestic conservative enemies… that denial can only run for so long until the bombs and the throat slittings obliterate it away.

Brought in for short term political gain and to bear the burden of a socialist state, Ahmed will not long sit idly by in the ghettos he creates himself, chew his narcotic leaves, smoke bitter cigarettes and ignore what is going on outside. And even if he does, his children who will grow half in and half out of the system, educated just enough to pass without belonging, looking from the outside in, listening to hip hop and the brayings of radical Imams, covering their hair and wearing low rider jeans, going to clubs and going to mosque—make for a culturally explosive combination.

Given a few centuries, the Overlords of Brussels might manage to secularize Ahmed half as well as they secularized John, Pierre and Hans—but they don’t have a few centuries. They don’t even have half a century left. The combination of greed, arrogance and racism has brought them to a place that has them slitting their own throats and applauding the act, a difficult trick but one they manage to improve on every day. And it is not only their throats that they slit, but that of their countrymen.

Across what remains of the civilized world, that shining urban decay of universities, think tanks, mass transit systems, courts, newspapers and research labs… the clock ticks down, an iron hand sweeping down to pass away the daylight and bring down the night. Welcome Home Ahmed, his hour come at last.