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Islamization Watch:

Anti-Sharia demonstrations in Leeds and London


Pictured on the newspaper being held up – is Anjem Choudary of Islam4UK – who would have also held a protest today – March4Sharia – which was called off. That’s the same Choudary – when he was better known as ‘Andy’ laughing it up over 6 pints of beer and a girly mag. More>>

Brisbane: “Man of Middle Eastern or Indian appearance”  indecently assaults 5 shop assistants in 3 hours:

A man who allegedly indecently assaulted several female clothing shop assistants during a three hour spree is being hunted by police. WA Today has more


Blogger Offered Prison Release if He Will Convert to Islam…

Egypt: A Coptic Christian blogger in Egypt entering his second year of prison without charge is being pressured to convert to Islam in exchange for his freedom, his attorneys said. Compass

The Plight of Jews in Yemen(Cutting Edge News)
An American travels to Yemen to see what conditions are really like for a dwindling religious minority.

Jihad Watch:

Things that fall out of burqas:

“It had been tied to the inner sleeve of her burka, but fell out as she reached down to scratch her leg … It was described by police as “a mini encyclopaedia of weapons-making.”

Truly Multicultural” Britain Update. “Woman admits owning terror files,” from BBCNews, November 2:

A woman who was caught with a computer memory stick containing documents about how to make explosives has pleaded guilty to terror charges. U.K.: Muslim woman admits to carrying USB drive with 7,000 files for the “Brothers of the Mujahadeen” at Liverpool airport/she is a mother of 6

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Pakistan: Jihadists blow up high school for girls

It is fairly common to see the tribal regions of Pakistan described as “lawless,” as this story does. But while the central government may not have meaningful authority in the area, it is not lawlessness, per se, that is the issue. Instead, it is the imposition by force of Sharia law.

“Militants blow up Pakistan girls school: officials,” from Agence France-Presse, November 1:

Islam in Europe:

UK: “If we don’t do something in the next year or two we have in effect lost”

Interview available on YouTube. The MCB describes this as “a sick rant”…

Netherlands: How many Bouyeris live in the Netherlands?

Five Years Ago Today Theo Van Gogh Was Brutally Murdered in Broad Daylight by Muslim Fanatic For “Insulting Islam”…..


On November 2nd the Netherlands will mark five years to the murder of Theo van Gogh.  The following is a translation of an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, published in Dutch newspaper Het Parool on October 31, 2009, as part of a series of interviews marking the occasion:   interview here

Gates of Vienna

Wilders furious for being labeled ‘extreme right’

Geert Wilders is furious with three scientists who would characterize the PVV as an extreme-right party that undermines democracy. “I’m really furious. They have become totally bonkers. What idiocy. We are democrats to the backbone,” he said Saturday. Read further…

Weasel Zippers:


Moral Equivalence Run Amok

Your daily dose of ‘Pali’ child abuse

Yes, that’s a ‘Palestinian’ child with a fake machine gun (at least I hope it’s fake) stepping on Israeli flags and a picture of Prime Minister Netanyahu. It happened at an Islamic Jihad rally in Gaza on Friday. That rally and others like it are the obstacles to peace and are far more important than the obstacles to a ‘peace process’ about which the ‘Palestinians’ complained over the weekend. More (and more pictures too) here.

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  1. Regarding the video:

    The following areas in London are pretty much the same, from personal experience:

    Harrow, Lewisham, Hounslow, Southall, North Kensington, Battersea, Clapham, Tooting, Hammersmith, Bromley, Feltham, Tower Hamlets, Staines, Paddington, Maida Vale, Highbury, Islington, Ealing, the list is endless, those are just the ones that i’ve personally visited, mostly with my job, as I wouldn’t choose to visit voluntarily!!! London is on the brink and needs some serious damage control in order to avoid a similar situation to Kosovo!!!

  2. * UK: “If we don’t do something in the next year or two we have in effect lost”

    I think the following is satire, or a futile attempt to dig a shallower grave for Nu Labour …


    Tuesday November 3,2009
    By Macer Hall

    HOME Secretary Alan Johnson provoked fury last night by admitting at last that Labour has made massive mistakes over immigration policy.

    In his first major speech on the controversial issue, the Home Secretary confessed that the Government’s management of Britain’s border controls had been “maladroit”.

    “We struggled to contain the huge surge in migration,” he said.

    He also accepted some parts of Britain were disproportionately affected by mass immigration, with the huge influx of new arrivals putting a strain on jobs and services.

    And he accepted that the Labour Party had lost touch with the “moderate majority” over immigration.

    But he risked igniting more anger by insisting: “This Government has never pursued an open-door immigration policy.”

    [… …]

  3. I am quite heartened by the rise of the EDL. A fellow poster over at Spencer’s Jihadwatch – one ‘KaffirKanuck’, a Canadian military man – has been sussing them out, and has I think been in contact with them, and likes the look of them; and ‘Esmerelda Weatherwax’ at the New English Review, a Londoner born-and-bred, has gone and had a look at one of their earlier rallies in London, herself, and pronounced judgement in their favour. Me, I hope they go from strength to strength. Their rally in London actually succeeded in causing Mr Anjem Choudary’s pro-sharia march to reroute; he chose not to strut and sneer past Parliament House or in Trafalgar Square, as he’d originally claimed he would do.

    It seems to me that the EDL have grasped the essential point, one that others much more erudite than they (e.g. former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali) have also publicly made – that Sharia is an inhuman and antihuman system of slavery – and they do. not. want. sharia. in. Britain. The great alarm bell has begun to swing and ring in the hidden cave in the western hills where Arthur sleeps; the Island of the Mighty (old Welsh term for Britain) seems to be awakening.

    May the spirits of Arthur and Alfred and Drake and Wellington and Nelson and Gladstone (he who stood up in the Parliament in Britain, long ago, and displayed a Koran and said, ‘so long as this book is in existence, there will be no peace in the world’…imagine if Lord Pearson or Patrick Mercer could find the courage to do that today!!!) and Churchill be with the EDL and all sane and decent Resisters of the Jihad in the UK, and inspire them.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a lot of EDL blokes turn up to support the SIOE rally against the proposed expansion of the Harrow mosque. I hope so.

    I hope her Majesty is paying attention, from the windows of Buckingham Palace. Because in all of modern England it is these blokes who are actually her most faithful and loyal subjects. *They* don’t want her deposed and muffled up in a burqa. *They* aren’t ashamed to sing ‘God Save the Queen’.

    I shall pray that some aspiring or sitting politicians – both Hereditary and Life Peers and MPs – may find the courage to join them and be seen at their rallies in future.

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