Obama Worshipers Discover the Constitution… and don't like it one bit!

Limbaugh: Obama Is A “Threat To Liberty”

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Tim Blair:

Forget blaming George W. Bush for Barack Obama’s lame presidency; leading Obamaworshipper Anne Davies blames the framers of the constitution:

The first year of the Obama Administration has tested the strength of the true believers who gathered in Grant Park on that November night last year. During the campaign they had suspended their beliefs in how the American system works and embraced Obama’s heady promises of a changed America, even as storm clouds gathered over the US economy …

Yet a year after the November 4 election, the checks and balances the founding fathers built into the US political system to moderate the revolutionary zeal of its early settlers have worked, all too well, to blunt Obama’s agenda.

Strange that nobody noticed these barriers before Obama was elected. They’ve been around for a while.

UPDATE. Mark Steyn: Bush holds the “new constitutional position of Blame Czar.”

Shrillary Clitman tells Pak’s:

Hillary Clinton Admits: “We Tax Everything That Moves”

No, you really can’t make this s#*t  up….

Taliban leader rejects U.S. attempts to lure away fighters with money

Been there, done that: Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — A top Taliban political leader delivered a message Friday to President Obama, calling his attempt to lure away Taliban fighters with money “an old weapon that has failed already.”

Obama-bastard restores  Honduran commie-dictator back to power

Honduras’ ousted President Manuel Zelaya surrounded by his supporters, smiles at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, Friday. The New York Times has more>>

3 thoughts on “Obama Worshipers Discover the Constitution… and don't like it one bit!”

  1. If you get the chance make sure you watch the mini-series
    “John Adams” .
    Great background info and definitely shows we have gone backwards since then.

  2. From Seamystic on Washington Ave..

    Warriors of the Kristos/Christ Light Unite, with ArchAngel Michael and extend the War that was in the Heavens to Earth, in defense of the Woman Clothed in the Sun and the Divine Children of Light.

    War against the Hydra the many headed Beast, the Astral Entity of Isms, that Enslaves Mankinds Consciousness.

  3. Rush Limbaugh recently called Obama a “Man-child”. I would go further. I believe that he “thinks like a girl”, meaning, he is like a little girl, more concerned with his image and makeup then on real susbstance and leadership in very difficult times. I am hoping that many military officers resign their commissions before serving another single day under America’s first woman president. Hate the US Constitution? Apparently so. Hate US history? Also, affirmative. Honor our war dead and battlefield bravery from Bunker Hill to Bataan to Fallujah? Think not. What we have is a girlified, sissy-man who is also a scumbag and hates America, Norsemen and Caucasians, and true liberty and self-reliance.

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