Willie Clitman ends up as a Statue in Kosovo


Kosovo Sees Continued Infiltration by Islamists

Islamization Watch:

Who made the decision to grant Kosovo independence? It is a similar situation to the US’s position on Turkey’s EU accession.

On the ground now Wahabbist are filtering in – to the world’s newest Islamic state/ nation – the big glossy mosques with the Saudi money – while of 100’s of churches have been destroyed and lie in ruins. Kosovo the state was not created by Europe –  an autonomous region would have been better than an independent one.

Not  surprisingly the EU is not that excited about it – the article goes on to complain of EU disdain for Kosovo because it offered citizens of Serbia [minus Milosevich], Montenegro, and Macedonia visa-free travel into the EU and as a result many Kosovars are applying for Serbian passports as a way to gain access to Europe – and likely a livelihood – which of course may eventually lead to the undermining of the Kosovo state. Oh well!

Kosovo’s Muslim Albanian majority sees Bill Clinton as the  man behind the 1999 NATO bombing campaign that ended a brutal crackdown against Islamic Jihad by the forces of then Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. More>>

Frank Zappa Quote:

Washington, D.C.: a city infested with statues – and Congressional Blow-Boys who WISH they were statues.

Former US president Bill Clinton was in the Kosovar capital of Pristina on Sunday to attend the unveiling of a 3-metre statue hailing his role in ending a bitter breakaway war with Serbia a decade ago.

By News Wires/France 24

The West will live to regret its betrayal of the Serbs

The Serbs have been in Kosovo since the seventh century. It is is the geographical cradle of their civilisation, attested to by the plethora of Christian monasteries and churches which dot its landscape. And what about the Serbs who lived here? They have fought for centuries to defend European and Christian civilisation. It was at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 that they fought (70,000 of them to the death) to keep the Islamic Ottoman Empire from rolling over the rest of Europe. The Serbian people have been a bulwark against Islamic expansion into Europe for many centuries. It was the Serbian people who opposed the aggression of Germany in the First World War and the rise of Nazism in World War II.

They made British victories possible but what thanks do they now get for their efforts? Betrayal by the Western elites who care little for their struggle, and revenge from Germany which now takes its opportunity to put the boot into the Serbs.

Ministry of Kosovo has more>>

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  1. This has always stuck with me and highly perturbed me what Clintoon did to the Serbs. His helping muslims kill more Christians is what it boils down to. There is a book that tells more about it too, ‘The Revenge of the Prophet’.

    And we have another demonrat in office and it isn’t going to be any better. And now the Democrats that I know are sorry over Ovomit’s pathetic behind. DUH! YES! They are that STUPID to vote for the man-child muslim, foreign born moron. (see here to show you that the AP KNEW he was foreign born: http://web.archive..org/web/20040627142700/eastandard.net/headlines/news26060403.htm)

  2. This was a horrible black day in American history when Clinton went in and bombed Yugoslavia and the wars in the Balkans. The KLA Muslim terrorist organization, the US/NATO waged barbaric war against innocent Christian Serbs in Kosovo in the nineties. During the Second World War, an entire village of courageous Serbs where horribly put to death for refusing to disclose where Americans and allies were being hidden by the Serbs.
    Where is the news that Serbian Christians in Kosovo are being imprisoned, tortured and their body parts harvested and hundreds of Christian churches have been burned.
    Do our American soldiers even know why they are fighting there. Clinton and obama are destroying their souls for not telling them the truth. There has to be a special place in hell for people like them.
    I have an article of a WWII Veteran who told how the Serbs hid him from the Nazi; they gave him food when their own families were going hungry. For the first time, I hated our government, especially these bleeding heart liberals giving aid and comfort to freedom’s enemies. Clinton and Wesley Clark should be tried for war crimes and put up against a brick wall and shot for treason.

    I know that Bush and MCain supported Kosovo’s independence and this was so heartbreaking to me. I just sat down and cried. My heart goes out to the Serbs and I just would like them to know that the true American support them. Just as we do Honduras.


    Encyclopedia Britannica
    All editions from 1971 to 1989
    Entry: Yugoslavia, WWII
    BOSNIA HOLOCAUST Europe’s unknown genoide

    Bosnian Muslims join
    in slaughtering Bosnian Serbs
    Some people say that those who do not know their history are bound too repeat it. The Serbs knew their history to damn well. It was literally written in their skin. It is the Western powers who insisted that their people should not learn history – just so that they can repeat it. Just so they can repeat their audacious injustice against Bosnian Serbs.

    Thanks to America and Germany, Croats were armed, trained and equipped. Thanks to America, Bosnian Islam fundamentalists (including their Al Qaeda friends) were armed, trained and equipped. Thanks to America Hitler-Pavelic plan of ethnically cleansing, actually annihilating Bosnian and Krajina Serbs is almost brought to completion.

    Krajina Serbs are no more.

    To add insult to injury, Western media, politicians and movie stars claimed to be involved in Yugoslav and Serb destruction – for humanitarian reasons. And that is where the West finally surpassed Hitler. Western so called culture (soaked in lies, pillage and genocide) found its new low.


  4. The West will live to regret its betrayal of the Serbs

    We already have.

    The entire Muslim world and Obama was convinced that America and the West’s support of Muslims against the West’s fellow Christians in Yugoslavia, was a sign that the West, and America in particular, had accepted dhimmification.

    Of course America, did not understand that Muslims see the world in terms of religion. The West did not see that as far a Muslims were concerned, the moment we sided with Muslims in Europe, in Europe of all places, against fellow European Christians, we would be seen as having formally accepted our dhimmification.

    In our ignorance of Muslim perception of us, we blundered around, and subsequently drove out Muslim rule from East Timor. The removal of illegal Muslim rule of a Christian region, which was being subjected to the usual Islamisation by force, was a cardinal sin the eyes of the Muslim world. Moreover it showed that we were not dhimmified – worse, we had betrayed what they perceived as the pact of dhimmication. Such betrayal had to be punished and was the motive for bombing New York on 9/11.

    If we had behaved normally, as had been the case all over the world for thousands of years, by siding with Christians i.e. Serbia, it would have been accepted by the Muslim world, as normal – after all they support Muslims in any conflict with non-Muslims. Our perverse policy of supporting the enemy, led the Islamic world to believe that we had accepted defeat, and for all practical purposes, signed up to the Pact of Omar. Our subsequent actions in East Timor were seen as betrayal of that pact, and 9/11 was a punishment for our quiet outrageous betrayal of that pact..

    The lives of Muslims, particularly Arab Muslims is very codified. They have friends and enemies, and treat them accordingly. In their eyes we in the secular West are not seen as secular states but as Christians i.e. the enemy. In the codified behaviour of Muslims, we are expected to side with fellow Christians. That is normal and does not invoke anger. If OTH we side with Muslims against fellow Christians, this can only be because we have seen the power of Islam, and have made our peace with Islam.

    Herein lies great danger for us, and even more so for Muslims. We continue to make policy that is confusing to the Muslim world. By allowing huge Muslim immigration and letting Muslims build mosques, accept their demands for sharia courts and other such acts, we give the Muslim world the notion that the punishment of 9/11, 7/7, and Madrid, had taught us the lesson of betraying the pact we had made, and were now dutifully doing what is required of those who had accepted the covenant of dhimmification. However, our continuing attacks on Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, create the impression that we are yet again betraying that pact, and yet another punishment is required. If such a punishment attack follows, then our response could be so massive that the Muslim world may cease to exist.

    What we have here is a war being waged between two cultures that perceive each other through a different set of prisms with different refractive properties. For a “civilised” war to take place, the combatants must have some things in common, so that their actions are not totally misunderstood, leading the way to annihilation of one or both combatants.

    The most mildest of all responses to another act such as 9/11, brought about by our policies that does see how the Muslim world perceives these contradictory policies, could lead to the removal of Muslims from the West. Both sides at present are blundering along on a convergent path, taking no avoidance measures, as their radars were not designed (culturally), to pick each other’s perceptions.

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