Aqsa Parvez Grave Embarrasses Cowardly Canucks

Canadian town embarrassed that it sort of stood up against honor killing

Pamela has the story here>>

Robert Spencer:

From our No-Good-Deed-Goes-Unpunished comes this Toronto Star article, “Town puzzled by memorial to slain teen,” about the memorial for honor killing victim Aqsa Parvez in Pelham, Ontario.

The memorial to Aqsa in Pelham is a textbook case of how political correctness and self-aggrandizement can ruin a good initiative. In the Toronto Star piece, Scott McLeod and everyone else backpedals furiously to make sure that no one gets the idea that their memorial has anything to do with Islam or Pamela Geller. In reality, she is the one who started it, in December 2008, as you can see here. She first published photos of Aqsa’s unmarked grave, which McLeod just happened to see somewhere, on December 12, 2008. McLeod only entered the scene in February, in consultation with Pamela Geller. Nor is this a case of simple journalistic bias, for McLeod has been acting this way for many months.

If this had just been a case of someone taking credit for someone else’s work, I wouldn’t have said anything about it — but when the one who is responsible is not only not credited, but demonized, it becomes important to speak out. For this same tactic hamstrings such efforts whenever they’re attempted, and those who are defending human rights against Islamic supremacism and violence should not let it go unchallenged. We have to stop living in fear. If the people in Pelham wanted to memorialize Aqsa and the victims of honor killing, they should have done so wholeheartedly and without apology. Instead, they’ve put themselves in the position of doing something and apologizing for it at the same time, and furiously dissociating themselves from the one who started the whole thing.

We will win no battles, much less wars, that way.

Dear Mr. McLeod,

I am writing to you this morning because I am appalled at some remarks you made in today’s Toronto Star piece about the Pelham memorial to Aqsa Parvez.

You kindly wrote to me some months ago to thank me for my role in the attempt to honor Aqsa’s memory, and I responded by telling you that the initiative was entirely the brainchild of Pamela Geller. I provided some logistical assistance, but the idea to honor Aqsa and, by extension, all the victims of honor killing, and to show thereby that Western nations would not let this barbaric practice stand, was all Pamela’s. You also indicated that you clearly knew that this was Pamela’s initiative when you more recently gave her and me honorary firefighter status in Pelham.

The Toronto Star story, however, suggests that you saw “a haunting photo of her burial site” and decided that something must be done, and that “about the same time, Pamela Geller, author of the controversial U.S.-based blog, got involved and was later joined by Robert Spencer of the Jihad Watch blog.”

I expect that this was no coincidence. I expect that you saw the photo of Aqsa’s unmarked grave on the Atlas Shrugs site, and got involved in trying to further Pamela’s efforts, rather than just coincidentally happening to start working on the same track she was at the same time.

But that’s not the worst of it. The worst of it is that you threw her under the bus in the article, when you took a quite different tone in your earlier communication with me. The Star says that Pamela’s blog “has an anti-Muslim tone.” Instead of standing up and defending her site as a bastion of clear thinking and defense of the West against the horrors of Islamic supremacism that took Aqsa’s life, you accepted the Star’s tendentious characterization: “McLeod said he was aware of Geller’s blog and its reputation but insists there was no political motive or anti-Muslim sentiment behind his decision to find a way to remember the Mississauga teen.”

I am sure there wasn’t any “anti-Muslim sentiment” behind your memorial — as is evidenced by its silly, stupid, meaningless inscription, “Remembering new Canadians lost to the quest of integrating cultures.”

Aqsa wasn’t murdered by the “quest of integrating cultures.” Aqsa wasn’t “lost” to any such quest, the way an army would lose a soldier in battle or a construction crew would lose a worker who slipped through the scaffolding on a highrise. Aqsa was murdered by her father, who was acting upon deeply ingrained Islamic principles cheapening the lives of women and legitimizing the killing of children by their fathers. These principles are enshrined in Islamic law (and yes, I can give you chapter and verse.) It isn’t “anti-Muslim” to stand against that. It is anti-human to dissemble and lie about it. It just enables honor killings to keep happening.

But my main point is not your weaselly inscription. My main point is that you distanced yourself from Pamela Geller — not once but twice, as when you say later in the article: “We never took any of the money raised through the initial fundraising campaign organized by Geller.” I know that to be true, but once again you had an opportunity to credit her with originating this initiative, and to defend her full-hearted commitment to women’s rights and human rights, and to refute the hateful mischaracterizations of the Star.

But you didn’t.

I was always uneasy about your effort, both because of the politically correct dissembling of the inscription and because of your earlier distancing yourself from Pamela and her work on this.

Without Pamela, you would not have your memorial in Pelham, and you know that. Without Pamela, it would not say “remembered and free,” which you ripped off from the gravestone inscription Pamela devised for Aqsa, “Beloved, remembered, and free.” I can give direct testimony to the fact that that tripartite inscription was Pamela’s idea, as she said it in a phone conversation with me, and we agreed it would be perfect for Aqsa’s gravestone.

It is not Pamela Geller who is the self-aggrandizing opportunist here. It is you. I hope that every time you pass that Aqsa memorial, you feel a sense of shame. In closing all I can say is that I hope you were misquoted and misrepresented. If so, you owe Pamela Geller a public clarification. If you were quoted accurately, you owe her a public apology. In either case, man up.

Robert Spencer

26 thoughts on “Aqsa Parvez Grave Embarrasses Cowardly Canucks”

  1. It’s safe to say that there are cowards in every single western country. It’s a disease that has infected the majority of people throughout the West – especially when Islam is involved. Canadians do not hold the world title for being cowardly. Few westerners have the guts to openly take on Islam.

    Obviously, I don’t agree with the position Scott McLeod has taken, and it was wrong of him to trash Pam and Robert Spencer. His actions indicate to me that he has a character flaw. But how many people on this forum, can honestly say that they would openly take on Islam in the press?

    Understandably, the majority of people who run anti-Jihad blogs keep their identity hidden for safety reasons – yet they don’t hesitate to condemn others who fear Islam. We need to stop attacking people, and find appropriate ways to make it safer for all of us to combat Islam out in the open.

    Naturally, I would have preferred it if Scott McLeod had behaved differently. The position he took saddens me greatly. But, until all of us are prepared to come out from behind our computers, and openly fight Islam, we don’t have the right to condemn others for being cowards.

    1. Thanks Jeh.

      Most of us who run counter jihad blogs are not afraid of the Muselmaniacs, but treason, slander and vilification by the state run media. Every day we see more sniveling, yellow bellied cowards who engage in mental acrobatics, like this guy here: Kurt Westergaard, Al-Shabab Terrorist: Same Thing!

      The disgusting behavior of Scott McLeod in the Toronto Star re the Aqsa Parvez grave is a further example of voluntary dhimmitude that pervades Western society.

      Myself, I had to shell out $ 8.000.00 dollars to defend against local mosqueteers instigated by Gavin King, a treacherous, ass licking creature who couldn’t prostrate himself enough to do their bidding.

  2. “It’s safe to say that there are cowards in every single western country. It’s a disease that has infected the majority of people throughout the West – especially when Islam is involved. Canadians do not hold the world title for being cowardly. Few westerners have the guts to openly take on Islam.”

    Islam is full of cowards, that is why the evil morons who lead and speak for Islam have not been shutdown. The tide is slowly turning in western countries against Islam, if the so-called moderates don’t stand up to the morons who lead them then they deserve what’s coming to them.

  3. I agree that Islam is full of cowards, and yes the tide is turning against the ideology, as more people become aware of the problems. But, what will bring people out from behind their computers? It’s easy to talk online from the safety of one’s home. But, the majority of people are terrified of confronting Islam head on. So, I’m not sure what you think will happen when you say that the moderates will get what is coming to them if they don’t stand up to the morons/fanatics.

    Furthermore, haven’t you noticed that Muslims are a protected species in all western countries? Our politicians appease, finance and cater to the Muslim community – above and beyond the well being of the entire non-Muslim population. Despite the endless problems associated with Muslims, our governments still allow them to immigrate to our national homes.

    What event do you think is going to occur, that will change things for the better throughout the West?

  4. Unfortunately Jeh , probably more terrorist attacks..big ones..a so called refugee in Auckland , NZ had his sights set on a nuclear power station in Sydney…I don’t even know whether he is in prison…hardly any publicity about him.

  5. Sheik – I hear you. But having to hide from “treason, slander, and vilification by the state run media” when discussing Islam – ends up with the same result don’t you think? The majority of us are forced to hide from open discussion of Islam, for one reason or another.

    The bad guys have all of us running and hiding. Your remark about having to spend $8,000.00 dollars – proves my point. Most feel like they have to keep their views hidden in some way, and even when they keep their identity hidden as you do – they find themselves having to fork over a fortune in legal fees. There aren’t many people in today’s economy, who have the money to spend on legal fees. Most know that Islam has very deep financial pockets. Obviously people are going to try and avoid legal problems, or having their family threatened by Muslim thugs.

    We have no way of knowing what has gone on behind the scenes with Scot McLeod. Obviously I would have preferred him to be courageous, and stand by Pam and Robert. It disgusts me that he didn’t. But, I’m not ready to condemn him as a coward. I think we are all cowards in one way or another when it comes to Islam. Until non-Muslim Westerners unite, and create a strong international lobby group that has the clout to make our Governments listen to us, and work to crush Islam – most won’t feel safe about speaking openly on anything related to Islam. The majority will continue to exhibit bravery from their computer, and no where else.

    Sheik – I’m sorry if I offended you by raising these points. But, in all honesty, the title you used offended me. I’m sick of people calling Canadians cowards. Our soldiers are fighting and dying in Afghanistan along with others. You are correct “voluntary dhimmitude” exists everywhere. There are examples of this cowardice in every single western country. It’s time for all of us to stop attacking each other, and start to looking for meaningful solutions so that people are no longer afraid to speak openly about the curse known as Islam.

    1. Sorry to upset you, jeh.

      Of course, a header is just a header, and it is meant to pack a punch. I am well aware that not all Canadians are cowards, and the accusation was meant to embarrass cowardly Canucks, that’s all. I certainly didn’t mean to include the soldiers in Afghanistan.

  6. About a month later, Parvez’s family put an in-ground stone on her grave that reads, “In Loving Memory of Aqsa Parvez. Always loved, always remembered.”

    Well, that was nice of them. I guess they must have had feelings of guilt and fear that they may be run out of town or something.

    Canada, like all western countries have those who still believe that Islam is a religion of peace. They haven’t read any books or online blogs in an attempt to understand it. They merely listen to the one-sided, PC dick-tatered gobbledegook that flows from their boob-tubes or read from trashy Left-wing Rags like the Toronto Star.
    I am certain the National Post, Canadas only balanced news source, will have a counter to that article.

  7. theresaj – You are absolutely correct. There are going to be many more terrorist attacks, and countless deaths of innocent civilians. Ultimately it will be a nuclear attack. But, with the mindset our politicians have – I’m not sure even a large attack will alter their pc behaviour. The attacks won’t stop until we make our politicians realize that they are accountable to the majority of their citizens, and that we expect them to deal harshly with Islam. As far as I’m concerned – it’s time to round them up and throw them out. I felt that way on 911 – and nothing has changed my view since then.

  8. al-Kidya – Even the National Post ran Chris Selley’s article bashing Pam and the efforts to create a memorial for Aqsa. Everyone’s afraid of not being fair to the poor Muslims.

    You should mention it to Pam that the family put a marker on Aqsa’s grave.

  9. p.s. To my earlier comments. I’ve read the Toronto Star article several times tonight. It seems that McLeod was trying to steal the limelight from Pam. He came onto the scene after the University of Guelph refused to place a memorial on behalf of Aqsa, and volunteered his services to Pam. Yet, to read Scott’s interpretation of events – the memorial was his idea first, and Pam got involved afterwards. I think the issue is less about cowardice, and more about him having an inflated ego. Furthermore, why was it necessary to make a point about not taking the money raised by Pam – as if it was dirty money? That was wrong too.

    But, my position about many of us being cowards, including me, in one way or another regarding Islam stands. It’s hard to be courageous, particularly when we know what happens to anyone who dares to openly speak about Islam. They are either killed, or sued into bankruptcy. It’s particularly difficult to take a stand alone, because the majority of us don’t have access to state security, or the personal funds to finance body guards.

    Whenever I write to the press or any government body about Islam, I know that I carefully choose my words, because I don’t want the aggravation, and cost of being charged by one of our Human Rights Commissions. I will endeavour to stop doing that this year, and to exhibit more personal fortitude when speaking about Islam in public venues. I know that many of us are guilty of volunteer dhimmitude. But, I also know that our fears are destroying us. We have to stop being afraid – otherwise we will lose this War.

    Many times I have thought that I am glad to be in the twilight of my life, because I don’t want to be alive if Islam succeeds. That’s my fear talking. What I really want to do is convince Western Governments to smash Islam to smitherines – regardless of the sacrifices, so that the filth known as Islam is permanently eradicated off the face of the earth.

    Maybe the Sheik would agree to using this forum as a think tank, so that we can try and come up with ideas on how to unite, and persuade Western Governments to get off their asses and actually do something to protect the majority. Let’s try and make 2010 a really productive year, instead of just suffering through the jihad attacks against us.

  10. Jeh ,
    There must be nationalist groups in Canada you could link up with. I have found it helpful to read and post here , also was in touch with a well known nationalist for awhile and will probably be back in touch with him. We don’t share exactly the same views but he has courage in abundance so is therefore inspiring…I think a network is good rather than specific groups because groups often descend into disagreements.
    I am isolated in my views in the city I live in.. I get some hostility and get accused of racism but I just keep going.
    As you say , anyone who speaks out is putting their own life and the lives of their families in danger..but when you think about it people all over the world are dying because of islam everyday .

  11. Dito, theresaj.
    jeh there are many ways to skin a cat.

    You find yours.

    We do not reveal who we are or what we do specifically, because it is not safe to do so. So then we are more effective.

    You’re sounding like a Muslim, to me. Find your way, as we have. Action is far better than words.

  12. I know you didn’t mean to harm all Canadians. I guess I was overly sensitive. Far too often I see people, sadly usually Americans rip apart all Canadians for being cowards. I just get tired of it. I understand the purpose of your headline. It’s ok – no hard feelings.

  13. There are many issues here – no easy – but all becoming harder to resolve the longer we wait. I see that the problems in our own governments need to be removed first. We need to shut down many of these “human rights commissions” that are in effect nothing more than a terrorist tool. We need to remove the politicians and public servants who are refusing to stand up these muslim thugs. I suspect that Saudi/muslim money has been used to buy a lot of favors in our political systems and the compromised parties need to be found and shut down. We need to write to the media often, and we need to raise the awareness of these issues within our own local communities. We need to confront the abuse of our legal systems by muslims and this is a very difficult question. jeh’s suugestion of using this forum as a think tank is a good one but then membership to this think tank should be restricted – this in itself would be difficult to do effectively with current resources. Finally, and it will always come down to this, the muslim thug WILL scream and threaten.
    If that happens then do not forget that the law is on your side and if you are threatened you can fight back. Fear of these people is irrational if it forces you to do nothing – use that fear to concentrate your energy into working together and that is what we must do.

    So the first start is probably a forum where we can discuss problems and then offer suggestions and assistance in resolving these. For example a suggestion – we know about the problems of the Auburn community. Why don’t we form a lobby group to help resolve this issue? Or the issue of security and muslims??

    jeh – I predict that iran will have a small nuclear weapon in 0-3 years (the technology has been stolen – they themselves cannot develop the technology) after which a major western city will be attacked by a terror group using the weapons supplied by iran. this fight is going to get blood before it is won.

  14. Dhumme Dhimmi – Did you actually read my posts? It’s apparent from your remarks that you didn’t. I’ve been active – every single day, every waking moment – since 911. I don’t do anything else except try to provoke change within my Government and the press regarding Islam. What are you doing, and when did you decide to come on board? Before you judge me – take a long hard look at yourself.

    The truth is Muslims are winning. Isn’t that obvious even to you? They are gaining by leaps and bounds, and western societies are being eroded and destroyed. In the meantime our politicians continue to be politically correct at the expense of the majority, and most citizens are too fearful of speaking out, or doing anything to stop the onslaught of Islam. That’s the problem that I was attempting to address.

    Obviously some things have to be done behind the scenes to be effective. But, as long as our Governments think they are on the right path, because the silent majority remains silent out of fear – then absurd policies will continue to be instituted that are harming us.

    What an absurd response to my remarks – particularly the one that I sound like a Muslim. Your response was like many on the internet that are written by people who exhibit false bravado, yet in truth all they do is post comments on web sites. I always thought you were a lot smarter, and more astute than that.

  15. Kaw – Your post is absolutely superb. I completely agree with every single thing that you said. I’m going to put it into a word document so that I can carefully reflect on all of your remarks.

    You are correct that discussions need to be restricted. You are also right about the resources. But, even if our think tank just amounts to giving each other ideas on how to battle these serious problems, and helps to motivate us – it would be a good thing. Furthermore, the ideas we come up with might help to provoke others to get active. Anything that we come up with that is particularly brilliant, could be posted under the Sheik’s name, if he was willing.

    The Sheik has my e-mail address, and I am happy to let him share it with other like minded individuals, who want to work on these problems within the law, or within the system, as you put it.

    I have serious health problems. Unfortunately, I’m not able to commit to running or participating in a formal organization, because my health makes me unreliable. But, despite the health issues – the brain is still functioning – most days – and I would be very happy to brainstorm with you and other like minded individuals. Give it some thought.

  16. jeh, you are being unusually sensitive and defeatist. Islam is not winning by a long shot. They are vocal and destructive.

    We want positive contributions. Look at what you can do. Sitting at a computer is incredibably valuable. You can scan the global media and refer interesting items to as many websites as you can.

    Meanwhile, I will definitely, NOT reveal anything about myself, jeh. I am more effective that way. I am sorry that you do not believe me. But that is just the way it is going to be. Use your energy for positive things, instead of attacking.

  17. Dhumme Dhimmi – Actually you are wrong – Islam is winning by a long shot. If you can’t face that harsh reality, you are kidding yourself. Do you fully grasp what has occurred in Europe? Do you realize the damage Islam is having on Australian, Canadian, and American society – while politicians continue to placate Muslims?

    It is not being defeatist to tell the truth. It’s an effort to shake people out of their lethargy. Be realistic. Denial accomplishes absolutely nothing. The sooner we realize that we are losing, the sooner will will be more motivated to change our tactics. To delude oneself into believing that the West is winning – is akin to having one’s head buried in the sand. We need to face these realities with honesty, so that we can rise above our fears, and complacency, and actually win this GD war.

    I spend my time trying to make various government bodies wake up, and trying to convince the press that they are part of the problem. On occasion I send information to web sites – but there are plenty of people doing that. It’s a good thing for people to send information around. But at this point in my life, I’m more interested in getting through to politicians. They are the ones who make policy decisions that affect all of our lives. To date, their policies regarding Islam have been detrimental to our well being.

    I’m not asking you to disclose who you are. It’s your business. If you want to participate in a think tank – great. If not, it’s your choice. It’s you who is doing the bulk of attacking. Try actually reading my posts, and thinking about what I am saying before you respond.

    Perhaps it is you who is overly sensitive. You don’t want to be told that we are losing. I understand that – no one wants to think they are losing against an enemy. But that’s too bad – because it’s the truth. I’m too old, and too ill to believe in, or perpetuate fairy tales. I’m a realist, and as long as Islam continues to change our societies in a negative way; attacks, rapes or murders our people; instills fear in us to the point where we are afraid to openly speak; is allowed to infiltrate our governments, military, and police forces; and continues to be financed or appeased by our politicians, in any way – we are losing.

    The West is soft, and has been inculcated with politically correct multi-cultural bullshit. We aren’t fighting this war the way we should be on any front – in Afghanistan; within our national homes; in our foreign affairs policies; or at the UN. Instead, our politicians are still playing nice, and continue to whitewash the truth about Islam. They are subjecting our soldiers to a politically correct war, that ties their hands behind their backs in Afghanistan; and continue to believe that we can negotiate with Islam. We can’t.

    Read my posts before you respond.

  18. When a news item is raised on this site that I haven’t come across I ‘ .com’ it with the key words.
    No more ‘googling’ for me given it’s growing Islamisation. Over night, my name suddenly had nearly 5 million hits.

    Here is a link to the story about nuclear material to Iran.

    ‘Iran ‘close to deal’ for Kazakh uranium’
    Daniel Nasaw, Washington The Guardian, Wednesday 30 December 2009

  19. “Over night, my name suddenly had nearly 5 million hits.” What does your name have to do with researching a topic on Bing? Please explain what you mean.

  20. Hi folks – rule number one – lets spend our energy in finding out ways to defeat the invaders – we dont need to work against each other. I am going to think about jeh’s suggestion for a couple of days – i think we can form a discussion group and i am willing to donate what time i can. I will make some further suggestion as to how this might proceed – probably on saturday – and then depending on responses I will need some assistance from the Shiek for a short time. If this does happen I will try to bring in some other people who are pretty sharp but concerned about the islamist invasion but who do not regularly visit this site

    best to all – stay positive – and keep up the good fight.

  21. kaw, sounds excellent!

    It is very important to link up globally. There are far more of us than you think. Then we achieve critical mass. At the moment there are many first-rate individual sites and I am starting to see stories from them in the MSM this end.

    Keep up the good fight!

  22. Theresa,
    I don’t think that getting the materials is difficult (if you have money). It is the technical knowhow. You can get uranium from many places, you can use centrifuge technology to separate and refine the fissionable materials and you simply need to have a couple of neurons and a physics book to make an fission bomb (well it is a little harder than that but it is NOT impossible and has been done quite a few times – well the theory anyway). A fusion reaction is a little harder but also possible. The real trick is in making the device small and this is what the USA and USSR and probably Israel and India are good at. Now Pakistan probably got ideas from the old USSR if, as they claim, they have the potential to launch a nuclear tipped weapon. And this is probably the first place that the nasties will go to.

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