How 'The Age' aids and abets the Mohammedan invasion of Australia

The Age represents both sides of the political debate.

Pro-Labor and anti- conservative.

Needless to mention that  ELLIE HARVEY AND JONATHAN PEARLMAN from  the Sydney Moonbat Herald sing along in unison:

AN IMMIGRATION speech by the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has been criticised as divisive, hurtful and deliberately crafted to push buttons and play the race card before Australia Day.

And what did Tony Abbot say?

”I was reminding people of the national interest reasons for the immigration program but reminding migrants that their migration has to be in the national interest, too … It has to be possible to have an intelligent discussion about this.”

Aiding and abetting our implacable enemies unites the traitors with the useful idiots of this nation. But why would this jackass get the idea that Tony Abbott should answer to him?

A hard rain is gonna fall:

Two in three Australians tell Galaxy pollsters we should cap our immigration intake:

Two-thirds of respondents – 66 per cent – think the Federal Government should cap immigration rates.

But seven out of seven writers on The Age’s letters page today say Liberal leader Tony Abbott is a xenophobe, racist and “a threat of our nation” for merely wanting to discuss how many immigrants we bring in, too, and how best to settle them.

Not much room for debate on that paper, is there? Smugness rules.

From Andrew Bolt’s  Abbott again pack-attacked in The Age

2 thoughts on “How 'The Age' aids and abets the Mohammedan invasion of Australia”

  1. BRITAIN faces more 7/7-style suicide bomb attacks for generations because Muslims have not fully integrated into British society, a senior Muslim adviser to the Government warned yesterday.

    The same situation holds everywhere in the West. And it has nothing to do with non-integration. As usual the Mussie blames trhe British government and people.

    This is our future forever. This is what we get for our generosity in allowing millions of Muslims to live on Benefits.

    Is it so diificult to understand that if we removed Muslims from the UK, we would not have this problem. Or the problems of honour killings, FGM, child marriages, and all the retrograde barbaric practices that have come in to the UK as a consequence.

  2. this foul religion must go. piss on it. really. the Express is the only UK paper that sees the reality and publishes accordingly

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