Lipstick on a pig: CNN promotes "Muslim inventions that shaped the world"

Arab inventor….

When it comes to making absurd and outrageous claims,  Arab Muslims are the unchallenged world champions. Olivia Sterns from the Islam- infested Caliphate News Networx chews, swallows and regurgitates some of the fantastic “Islamic inventions” without which we would still be living in the dark ages. Read it and weep…..

Arab Fata Morgana  Inventor  needs your support…..

By Olivia Sterns for CNN

From coffee to cranks, items we couldn’t live without today are Muslim inventions

The reality is quite different:

The Golden Age of Islam is a Myth

The hatred of Western Civilization, and the corresponding urge to glorify anything outside it, especially if it can be depicted as a victim of the West, is a well-known phenomenon of the contemporary liberal mind. One of the forms it has taken in recent years is the attempt to artificially inflate the historic achievements of other civilizations beyond what the facts support. The noble savage myth is a commonplace; what is more complex is the myth that has been bandied about concerning the supposed “golden age” of Islamic civilization during what we know as the Middle Ages.

The myth of an Islamic Golden Age is needed by Islam’s apologists to save it from being damned by its present squalid condition; to prove, as it were, that there is more to Islam than the terrorism of Bin Laden and the decadence of the oil sheiks. It is, frankly, a confession that if the world judges it by what it is today, it comes up rather short, being a religion that has yet to produce a democratic or prosperous society, or social and cultural forms admired by neutral foreign observers the way anyone can admire American freedom, Japanese order, Israeli courage, or Italian style. Dr. Serge Trifkovic

Fitzgerald: The persistent myth of Andalusia – Jihad Watch

Muslims invented everything, even Koranic toilet paper:

Well, did they really? Not.  The prophet of Islam  used uneven numbers of pebbles, not dung or animal bones, for they are the “food of the jinn…”

Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution/Fjordman

Bassam Tibi notes, Muslims today tend to view science as something that is separated from society, and believe they can adopt or appropriate modern science and technology but not the wider framework that goes with them.

I agree with Tibi. Muslims have no understanding of science as the basis of technological progress, and free speech and rational criticism of everything, including religious doctrines, as the basis of science. They talk about science as if it were a commodity, a television or a personal computer, something which Muslims “had” earlier, then “lost” or handed over to Westerners who “took” it from them. Hence, Muslims shouldn’t feel grateful for anything infidel science provides them with, since science was really “theirs” in the first place and they’re just taking back something which rightfully belongs to them. But science isn’t a commodity; it is a method, a way of looking critically and rationally at the world. More>>

Fjordman: Regarding Islam and Science


Mufti of Australia: “this was Muslim land”

Before shrimp on the barbee, Foster’s Lager, and Crocodile Dundee, evidently there was the burqa, the book, and the Prophet. MEMRI is reporting that the Mufti of Australia and New Zealand, Taj Al-Din Hamed Abdallah Al-Hilali, is claiming that Australia was originally Muslim land, settled by Afghans. The Aborigines are their descendants: Jihad Watch

After all, Islam discovered America long before Columbus, (was not Columbus himself a Muslim?) Just like Islam discovered Australia hundreds of years before James Cook crashed through the Great Barrier Reef only to discover that the interior was full of mosques.

Arab Prof. Salim Al-Hassani doctors Islamic science fiction book …

A 7th century marauding desert Arab couldn’t even imagine the standard of our civilization.  I heard once that all islamic inventions and achievements weren’t ….

The Arab Contribution to Civilization: Nothing Lately

We often see Muslims pointing to Arabic numerals as some sort of proof that Arab Muslims made some significant advances in mathematics. Arabic numeral is a misnomer, in actual fact they should be called Hindu numerals.

Hyping Islam ‘s role in the History of Science – Jihad Watch

Europe’s Dark Age and Islam’s Golden Age: Two Facets of The Same Fiction?

Even Europes Dark Age was (a lot) Brighter than Islam’s Mythical “Golden Age”

TheReligionofPeace – Myths of Islam

The Myth:

Muslims often claim that their religion fostered a rich heritage of scientific discovery, “paving the way” for modern advances in technology and medicine.  On this topic, they usually refer to the period between the 7th and 13th centuries, when Europe was experiencing its “Dark Ages” and the Muslim world was conquering new populations and culture.

The Truth:

Although there is no arguing that the Muslim world was more advanced during this period than the “Christian” world, the reasons for this have absolutely nothing to do with the Islamic religion (other than its mandate for military expansion).  In fact, the religion actively discourages knowledge outside of itself, which is why the most prolific Muslim scholars throughout history tend to be students of religion rather than science.

There are four basic reasons why Islam has little true claim to scientific achievement:

First, the Muslim world benefited greatly from the Greek sciences, which were translated for them by Christians and Jews.  To their credit, Muslims did a better job of preserving Greek text than did the Europeans of the time, and this became the foundation for their own knowledge.  (One large reason for this, however, was that access by Christians to this part of their world was cut off by Muslim slave ships and coastal raids that dominated the Mediterranean during this period).

Secondly, many of the scientific advances credited to Islam were actually “borrowed” from other cultures conquered by the Muslims.  The algebraic concept of “zero”, for example, is erroneously attributed to Islam, but it was, in fact, a Hindu discovery that was merely introduced to the West by Muslims.

In fact, conquered populations contributed greatly to the history of “Muslim science” until gradually being decimated by conversion to Islam (under the pressures of dhimmitude).  The Muslim concentration within a population is directly proportional to the decline of scientific achievement.  It is no accident that the Muslim world has had little to show for itself in the last 600 years or so, since running out of new civilizations to cannibalize.

Third, even the great Muslim scientists and icons were often considered heretics in their time, sometimes for good reason.  One of the greatest achievers to come out of the Muslim world was the Persian scientist and philosopher, al-Razi.  His impressive works are often held up today as “proof” of Muslim accomplishment.  But what the apologists often leave out is that al-Razi was denounced as a blasphemer, since he followed his own religious beliefs – which were in obvious contradiction to traditional Islam.

Fourth, even the contributions that are attributed to Islam (often inaccurately) are not terribly dramatic.  There is the invention of certain words, such as alchemy and elixir, but not much else that survives in modern technology that is of any practical significance.  Neither is there any reason to believe that such discoveries would not have easily been made by the West following the cultural awakening triggered by the Reformation.

As an example of this, consider that Muslims claim credit for coffee, since the beans were discovered in Africa (at the time, an important venue for Islamic slave trading) and first processed in the Middle East.  While this is true, it is also true that the red dye used in many food products, from cranberry juice to candy, comes from the abdomen of a particular female beetle found in South America.  It is extremely unlikely that the West would not have stumbled across coffee by now (although, to be fair, coffee probably expedited subsequent discoveries).

In fact, the litany of “Muslim” achievement often takes the form of rhapsody, in which the true origins of these discoveries are omitted – along with their comparative significance to Western achievement.  However, scientific, medical and technological accomplishments are not something over which Muslim apologists want to get into a pissing contest with the Christian world.  Today’s Islamic innovators are primarily known for turning Western technology, such as cell phones and airplanes, into instruments of mass murder.

To sum up, although the Islamic religion is not entirely hostile to science, neither should it be confused as a facilitator.  The great achievements that are said to have come out of the Islamic world were made either by non-Muslims who happened to be under Islamic rule, or by heretics who usually had little interest in Islam.  Scientific discovery tapers off dramatically as Islam asserts dominance, until it eventually peters out altogether.

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  1. * Mufti of Australia: “this was Muslim land”

    Maybe he was right – there were more penguins than on Philip Island waddling around my city yesterday…

  2. the invented an illness where there was once religious debate. 6 unis. throughout arab world. geniuses all…not

  3. Now, now, to be fair, Islam did invent or improvise the use of a few things. Suicide bomber/shahids, planes used as missles, and well, then there is this influence of Qu’ranic hatred spread throughout the globe since the inception of Islam:

    From John J. O’Neill’s book “Holy Warriors, Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization”:

    Until the closing of the Mediterranean [trade route] in the seventh century, the predominant cultural influence upon Europe was from the East: from Byzantium and from the ancient Hellenistic centers in the Near East, especially Egypt and Syria. With the closing of the Mediterranean, the West was isolated, and the centre of gravity moved, as Pirenne stressed, to the North; to northern Gaul, Germany and Britain. Yet the influence of the East did not come to an end. There was continuity. But now the East meant Islam. And in the centuries after the first Arab conquests, the influence of Islam became profound: It was this influence that would definitively terminate Classical civilization and give birth to the theocracy we now call “Medieval Europe”.


    “Historians are familiar with the influence of Islamic philosophy upon the West at this time, and they quote, generally with approval, the study by Europeans of the Persian Muslim Avicenna and the Spanish Muslim Averroes. But not everything that came from Islam was so benevolent. It is widely known, for example that the Byzantine doctrine of iconoclasm, the destruction of sacred religious images, was directly attributable to the influence of Islam. But many Islamic ideas, some of them the polar opposite of those found in early Christianity, now began to find resonance in the thinking of Europeans at almost every level. How could it have been otherwise, when impoverished Christian travelers viewed with astonishment the wealth, luxury and sophistication of Muslim cities in Spain, Sicily, and further east? That this wealth and luxury was debarred to them by the very Muslim Emirs and Caliphs whose opulence they so much admired, was beside the point. Europeans could only be impressed, and influenced. and influenced they were. From the Muslims they learned “Holy War”; from them they learned too that the Jews were an accursed race and the enemies of God. the consequences of these Islamic notions about the Jews were to be as long-lasting as they were tragic.” (p 12-14)

    more on O’Neill at FaithFreedom

  4. BTW, I’d be curious to learn if Fjordman is acquainted with O’Neill, they have similar theses which I’d like to see expanded upon.

  5. Muslims Invented the Concept of Zero ?….It must be True than the Muslims Arabs invented the Zero because they are the Biggest Bunch of Zero never seen on the Planet.It’s the best Proof.

  6. Yeah, right they invented the stuff. It is like inventing a wheel and not figuring out that you need two to make a simple cart, or vehicle. A wheel by itself is useless.

    Instead of them worrying about what they didn’t invent, or what dhimmi, or people forced to convert to Islam invented (before their brains became mush from Islam) why are the Muslims not working on inventions for the current world?

    What do they invent? how to make a bomb out of baby’s formula, how to make a bomb out of a cell phone, how to make a bomb out of a car, how to make a bomb out of underwear, … get my drift?

    Why are Muslims allowed to not only rewrite history, but get away with it? Basically Muslims run around getting away with murder, rewriting history, outright lying, bullying and intimidating people, etc. How many have heard there are 12 more involved with the panty bomber case? Our news just sucks, the nations in their attempt to appease the worst of society are failing us.

  7. This is nuts – they were mostly kinda bedouin-y, only coming to London in numbers, and boasting of Yale educations, in the 70’s – and ducking out of spending ramadam with the folks back home.

  8. Thanks for the link, it’s appreciated.

    Excellent rundown on the faux achievements of Islam.

    In addition to Jews and Christians translating Latin and Greek texts to Arabic, what is often not mentioned is that Arabs never translated whatever new knowledge they added to these materials into European languages, this was left to Christians and Jews in Muslim countries. As far as Arabs were concerned, there was no need to spread whatever they learned to infidel lands.

    That is to say, it was Islam that kept Europe in the dark ages, it was non-Muslims who helped bring Europe out.

  9. There are some authors do not know anything about the culture of others, and here shame when a person without a culture or religious identity or national. And those who blow themselves up they do not necessarily represent Islam, Islam is the meaning of the word peace
    Muslims and remain the owners of inventions and progress despite technological progress west. Backed by the Arab oil their sources and then regain it in the form of goods.

  10. * Islam is the meaning of the word peace

    “Strike off their heads; maim them in every limb!” – allah, the “god” behind the “peace” of islam, speaking via its now dead false prophet.

  11. Muslins did NOT discover zero, or negative numbers or most other things they claim in mathematics. It is well known that Hindu mathematicians did this work. Mathematics is a science based on logic – does any one seriously think that a group of fruit cakes who base their lives on the bleatings of an Arabic rapists and criminal are capable of making advancements in any logical science.

  12. “Adult”
    muslims were never the “owner of invention and progress” – perhaps in your islamic mind but the facts do not support your outlandish and idiotic assertion. Any muslim “progress” has been by assimilation of conquered cultures – in short muslims have accomplished little of value. I find that the idiotic and imbecilic statement you have just made simply supports the claim that muslims are liars and cheats and are not very bright into the bargain. And islam is NOT the meaning of the work “peace” – but then again you do not understand what “peace” means!!!!

  13. Zero actually goes back a lot further as a concept. It can be found on cuneiform tablets as a blank space. The people who actually invented it gave us the concepts of 360 degree circles, 12 month years, base 12 and base 60, etc.

    These people, of course, were the Sumerians. Long since wiped out … by arselifters.

  14. Islamic inventions – don’t make me laugh
    See the link below for the so called islamic inventions

    “These past few years have seen many inventions falsely claimed and attributed to Islamic inventors, which in fact either existed in pre-Islamic eras, were invented by other cultures, or both. However, this detail has not halted Muslim, and non-Muslim apologists alike, from perpetuating these false claims in order to counter the painfully obvious fact that scientific and literary progress is slow or stagnant in the Islamic world specifically due to the Islamic faith and its restrictions upon adherents, or as a backhanded attempt to belittle the West and its historical heritage. Unbelievably, such claims, which are basically altering the worlds history in order to show Islam in a better light, have even been forced upon the unsuspecting public in a nationwide tour which opened with an exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and the University of Manchester, England in 2006. Should not a museum and a university search out and preserve the truth instead of helping sites like perpetuate lies and robbing other cultures of the recognition they rightfully deserve? To celebrate this ‘momentous’ series of events, an article titled “How Islamic inventors changed the world” was written by Paul Vallely and published in The Independent on the 11th of March 2006. This shameless piece of propaganda has received much praise from Muslims and has been widely circulated on Islamic websites, forums, blogs, and is even used as a source (to validate false claims of Islamic inventions) in over twenty[1] separate articles on Wikipedia. This article boldly opened with the following statement:……,”

  15. all scared islam will prevail well it is spreading like wild fire do something to stop it but you cant laugh make cartoons do wht ever you can i was a jew first converted to islam even my my whole family converted u people have inventd things for us good! we will use, u build we use work and build for us !

  16. you guys cant change the history with your words only islam brought the europe into golden age.the fact is fact..
    when there was only 700 books in france library in spain there was 70 libraries and each library has 500000 books.that was written by muslims. if you guys dont know then go and read history.

    now a days muslims away from islamic teachings.
    i am muslim and i wanna confess to all non-muslims that dont say anything wrong about our our holy prophet.because this is not even allow in your religion.atleast obey your religion.

  17. If Muhammadans invented the Alphabet as they claim, why
    did they abandon it for the childish hen scratches we see today?

  18. Who invented what and who did not does not matter.humans Will fight eachother all the while.the only answer is peace. Translate that in Arabic and it’s Islam!!

  19. Saj,
    islam is not peace – translated it means total acceptance and subjugation into islam – and that is YOUR interpretation of peace – crushing all those who know that islam is a load of twaddle. So the idea of peace in islam is basically genocide!!! Take away your muslim bullshit! muslims will create the next war, and when the war is over muslims and islam will be GONE.

  20. “truth”,
    Islam did not bring Europe into the Golden Age – muslims contributed nothing. And basically all books were in the muslim libraries were copies of the quran. I find your moniker amusing “truth”, because you are just another muslim liar. I guess when you, as a muslim, find that you stand for nothing then dishonesty is the only way forward.

  21. jawaad,
    You will be dead with the other muslims soon – you threaten all other peoples and you seriously think that you cannot or will not be destroyed!!! islam is not spreading like a wildfire – perhaps in your imagination – no where else!!

    mohammed was a rapist, murderer and child molester – you go follow his
    words straight into hell. You will be sent there soon enough.

  22. Adult
    islam is NOT the meaning of peace!!!
    muslims contributed LITTLE or NOTHING to the arts or to science.

  23. Law u r so wrong read history i.dont understand.why its hard for.u to give Muslim scientists their due credit. U can’t whitewash history, the independent in 2006 did a great article on Muslim inventors I sincerely hope u read it. Nd u r claim that islam doesn’t permit gaining knowledge.outside its perimeter is wrong. In the quran it instructs Muslims to seek knowlwdge. Graduation and degree level education was first done by Iranians and the degree hat is shaped in the image of a quran.. another fact something the western world. Copied

  24. wow a very useless website for the worst of the congregation to hang out, all tough behind their keyboards but are not confident enough in their claims, to make a video. pffft save it i have read the entire post. seems to me you are all getting really desperate in exposing Islam. even if you are right and God is a load of shit.
    you are all even dumber shits for following evolutionist. where is the proof in that?

    i tell you all you will never find quality in the slums!
    so save it for the judge Zionist puppets.

    side note if you want kick ass reference of the greatest scientist of our time search Said Nursi. if he isnt the greatest scientist of our age then you are right in everything you say.

  25. Hillary Clinton Releases Video Celebrating a Millennium of Muslim Inventions… What Inventions?

    How did we manage all these years without those wonderful contributions by Muslim inventors?

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bent over backwards to appease Muslims in her video remarks for the “1001 Muslim Inventions” program. The State Department program is dedicated to the wonderful inventions by Muslims that make our everyday lives so much easier.
    From the State Department:

    I am delighted to send greetings to each of you at this year’s “1001Inventions,” celebrating a millennium of science and innovation in the Muslim world.

    This exhibition honors the remarkable accomplishments of Muslims throughout history: from a woman who founded a university in the 9th century – to a 13th century inventor and mechanical engineer – to a surgeon whose writings influenced European medicine for hundreds of years.

    And, of course, we’re seeing the impact of technology in the Muslim world right now – as young people throughout the Middle East and North Africa find new ways to use social networking to get organized and express their aspirations.

  26. * “1001Inventions”

    0001: “islam is peace”
    0002: “we all worship the same god”
    0003: “no compulsion in religion”
    0004: “nothing to do with islam”
    0005: “it’s cultural”
    0006: “islam mandates it” (use interchangeably with 0005 as needed)
    0007: “jihad is inner struggle”
    0008: “jihad is mandatory fighting in allah’s way” (interchangeable with 0007)

    I’m sure I could come up with another 990+ inventions, if I really wanted to.

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