Minarets for the Pentagon!


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Even before Hesham Islam, the mole from the Muslim Brotherhood, managed to smear John Coughlin and got him fired,  Homeland Security was an infiltrated mess. Complete with Muslim prayer rooms, Eid-celebrations and lots of Mohammedan translators who refused to do their jobs. Because Translating documents that would  incriminate other Muslims is un-Islamic. Now, with the Muslim POTUS Obama  at the helm, the DHS  may as well become a mosque.

The fox is guarding the hen house:

DEARBORN, Mich. (myFOXDetroit.com) – You may not know this, but the CIA has been recruiting in Dearborn for seven years, and the agency has been very successful, so far. But right now, they are looking to recruit more Arab and Muslim-Americans to help keep our country safe from harm.

The CIA is once again using commercials to recruit, but this time it’s a little different.

“This is the most ethnically rich and diverse Middle Eastern community in the United States,” said CIA Recruiter Henry Medina.

The CIA made a special trip to Dearborn, reaching out to the the Arab and Iranian-American communities and inviting and encouraging people to think about careers in the CIA.

There are hundreds of good jobs for good people from translators, nurses, engineers and more.

“To be able to provide the intelligence that our president needs to safe guard our country,” Medina said.


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Victor Davis Hanson lays the failure out surgically, although I think he is too easy on BO. There is more to it than a leftist ideal of utopia. He gives him a free pass on motive. I disagree.

Arab League/OIC Demands Bigger UN Role in Israel/Islamic War Process


“We thought that it would be best to start here, develop a connection here,” said CIA Program Manager Zahra Roberts.

At this private screening in Dearborn, two new recruitment commercials were played on the big screen, both of them with one goal in mind.

“They’ll convey how much we value the community that we took the effort and the time to really focus on them and recruiting them,” Roberts said.

“I think it’s very important that the CIA does get involved and does do a great effort to reach out to the Middle Eastern and Muslim-American community,” said Suehaila Amen.

The first commercial acknowledged and focused on the love of family.

“That love of family and culture and bringing everybody together in a good way, which is important,” Amen said.

The second commercial was all about this. “It sends a stronger message. It appeals to the professionals in the community,” said Nabby Yono.

“We are people who come with a highly educated community and we’ve contributed greatly to this nation,” said Amen.

Tell us, please, Amen: what kind of contributions has your “highly educated community”  made to the nation? (I don’t mean the Nation of Islam!)

For many in the Arab-American communities, it’s refreshing to see the CIA’s focus on diversity and its commitment to making the agency a true representative of this country. (when I hear ‘diversity’ it makes me wanna puke…)

“Whether we are are Arabs, Chaldeans or any other nationality, we are Americans first,” Yono said.

The commercials are expected to start running in a few weeks and the hope is that they will help the CIA generate more qualified applicants from here in metro Detroit.

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