More pipe dreams every day…

We posted this earlier:

Taliban leaders ‘offered asylum’ under London peace plan

In other news:

  • Iraq has spent a total of £52 million on 1,500 bomb detectors that are about as effective as waving your hand over a bag. Someone has been arrested.

Today Pamela has this: UN, London Surrenders to Taliban – Offers Hundreds of Millions in Booty, “Respect,” Asylum, Travel, Removal from US List

I think it very unhealthy for Islamic organizations (ie, the UN) to be dictating the terms of surrender to Islam. By g-d, whatever the West is smoking is some crazy wild shiz.

Could the Taliban be any more devoutly Islamic, violent, oppressive, misogynistic, barbaric, savage, and bloodthirsty? And yet, their names were taken off a UN sanctions list which has frozen their assets and blocked foreign travel. Any deal would also need their removal from United States “kill or capture” lists. Read that again.

And hundreds of millions of dollars in jizya.

From the Age/thanks to Dhumme

“Cash, not muscle, may end Afghan war”

After winning reluctant support from Western allies, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said yesterday he planned to offer money and jobs to Taliban fighters to draw them back to civilian life and away from their warlord masters.

Mr Karzai said he would use money from the international community to pay salaries and resettlement costs of former insurgents, saying his country must have ”peace at any cost”.

The plan to ”buy out” insurgents, known as reintegration, is a key pillar of the new strategy…

And who dreamt up this fantastic plan? England’s dumbest Jew: British Foreign Secretary David Miliband…


Meanwhile, on the home front:

Britain raises terror threat