Race Replacement Theology

Just wondering: will the Labour stooges who tried to replace the native Brits with a Mohammedan proletariat ever be held accountable? Is there anybody at all in the kingdom  who will prosecute the deceit and the treason committed by the BLiar-Brown-Straw-Milibandits?

I’m not holding my breath. But by chance I happened upon a site that really cracked me up tonight. Laugh if you must, but be careful. You might be chokin’ on something:


New immigrants who art in Africa,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
In Manchester as it is in Monrovia.
Give us this day our anchor baby,
and forgive us not for slavery, nor the holocaust,
as we forgive thee who trample us.
Lead us not towards one iota of resistance.
Nay, deliver us from all kinship ties.
For thine is our kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.

Obama’s  spiritual advisor:  lets get rid of all the “rich white people…”

Italy: Adoptive parents ‘can’t specify child’s race’

Rome, 29 April (AKI) – Italian couples, who are seeking to adopt a child, are guilty of racism if they reject black or non-European children, the prosecutor at Italy’s highest court claimed on Wednesday. The prosecutor backed a court petition by Italy’s Friends of Children association of adoptive and foster parents (AIBI).

Funny, that. I was under the impression that adoption agencies tried to match as much as possible the child’s ethno-religious background with that of any prospective parents. We’ve heard Blacks complain of “cultural genocide” when White liberals adopt Blacks.

We’ve heard similar outcries when Christians tried to adopt children from a Mohammedan background.

WTF is going on?

Fjordman warns of Eurospherewide civil war if things keep going the way they’re going (and he does talk of forced race-replacement though not in those words — he uses unmistakable equivalents):

http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/4425 .

Its no better in France either:

“True integration will be when Catholics name their child Mohammed.”

Spoken by Martin Hirsch,  initially appointed High Commissioner on “active solidarity against poverty, ” a fancy way of saying that he is in charge of what we would call the “war on poverty”.

Nicolas Sarkozy certainly knows how to pick them. When he put together his first cabinet, following the presidential election of 2007, he chose with infallible precision politicians who (he must have known) would be loyal servants to the causes of métissage, multi-culturalism and socialism, and to the overarching duty of sycophancy to their boss….

Read it all, from Gallia Watch

Britain's Dumbest Jew defends Turkey's accession to EU

Britain’s Miliband defends Turkey’s accession to EU

Britain’s top diplomat defended Turkey’s accession to the European Union as an important requirement for peace and stability. World Bulletin/Turkey

Sarkozy tells Erdogan to get stuffed:

Turkey’s Erdogan meets Sarkozy in Paris despite EU divide

I wonder if they discussed this: French hostages beg for France to save them from execution (it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Erdogan was offering his “help  in negotiating” their release……

You can almost feel the tension in the air with this hand shake. Sarkozy stands firm on “privileged partnership” and Erdogan tries to appeal to him to do otherwise. Alas they agree to disagree!

Earlier this week, [Erdogan] expressed support for his “dear friend”, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Islamization Watch

REUTERS – France reiterated its opposition to European Union membership for Turkey during a visit by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday, and a minister said the two countries had agreed to disagree. More

Leading Islamic organization in Germany works to undermine democracy [Video]

More British Crack-pottery: “Kotel not in Israel

Not wanting to feel left out, the AFP attacks Israel for the unhelpful planned construction of a synagogue in a settlement…actually the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem.
I’m sure Gush-Shalom is drooling over all these attacks on Israel. Its probably one of their activists that complained to the British ASA in the first place.

UK: Everything For Sale. Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon were 'stupid' to be caught in sting, Jack Straw says

The hubris! Does Jack Straw, this totally corrupt Labour hack, believe he is too smart to get caught?

Stephen Byers, Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt were “stupid” to be caught offering to influence Government policy for money, Jack Straw has said.

(L-R): MPs Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon

The Justice Secretary said the three Labour MPs have damaged the reputation of the Labour Party, but he insisted that no serving member of the Government was implicated.

The three former Labour cabinet ministers have been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over allegations they tried to sway policy decisions by lobbying the Government.  More from the Telegraph, UK

David Miliband: Israeli cloning of British passports was ‘intolerable’

Once again, Miliband proves that he is indeed the dumbest Jew in England….

The British government is to formally accuse Israel of being behind the liquidation of Hamas murderer and arms dealer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by a team of liquidators traveling on ‘cloned’ British passports

MP quizzed by police after saying ‘wearing burkha was like having paper bag over your head’

I guess we all know that Britain’s police is in the bag….

Sharia Law Harms Muslim Women

Why is the West open to a discriminatory system that women’s rights activists in the Muslim world are working so hard against?

SHARIA law for Australia is being mooted again. The Australian Muslim Mission and Islamic Friendship Association of Australia are advocating its introduction, especially in relation to family and inheritance, as these would be “an advantage” for women whose civil divorce is not recognised in Muslim countries.

(The Australian)

More pipe dreams every day…

We posted this earlier:

Taliban leaders ‘offered asylum’ under London peace plan

In other news:

  • Iraq has spent a total of £52 million on 1,500 bomb detectors that are about as effective as waving your hand over a bag. Someone has been arrested.

Today Pamela has this: UN, London Surrenders to Taliban – Offers Hundreds of Millions in Booty, “Respect,” Asylum, Travel, Removal from US List

I think it very unhealthy for Islamic organizations (ie, the UN) to be dictating the terms of surrender to Islam. By g-d, whatever the West is smoking is some crazy wild shiz.

Could the Taliban be any more devoutly Islamic, violent, oppressive, misogynistic, barbaric, savage, and bloodthirsty? And yet, their names were taken off a UN sanctions list which has frozen their assets and blocked foreign travel. Any deal would also need their removal from United States “kill or capture” lists. Read that again.

And hundreds of millions of dollars in jizya.

From the Age/thanks to Dhumme

“Cash, not muscle, may end Afghan war”

After winning reluctant support from Western allies, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said yesterday he planned to offer money and jobs to Taliban fighters to draw them back to civilian life and away from their warlord masters.

Mr Karzai said he would use money from the international community to pay salaries and resettlement costs of former insurgents, saying his country must have ”peace at any cost”.

The plan to ”buy out” insurgents, known as reintegration, is a key pillar of the new strategy…

And who dreamt up this fantastic plan? England’s dumbest Jew: British Foreign Secretary David Miliband…


Meanwhile, on the home front:

Britain raises terror threat

Frere Tariq still welcome in Oxford

Dutch National News

Tariq Ramadan, the Islamic scholar pseudo intellectual sacked by Rotterdam city council and Erasmus University, will take up the job of professor of contemporary Islam studies at Oxford University in Britain from September 1, the Telegraaf reports.

Debate between Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Tariq Ramadan – Part 1 of 3

Ramadan was fired because of his refusal to stop working for an Iranian-backed tv channel. The city and university said this could not be combined with his other roles as academic and advisor on integration.

Ramadan has been attached to Oxford as a researcher and lecturer for the past four years.
‘Freedom of expression is a fundamental right which will be respected,’ a spokesman for the British university told the paper. (Ramadan is an enemy agent. Islam-propaganda cannot be explained away as  ‘freedom of expression’ by a bunch of wakademic f*kcwits who never tell the truth about Islam (let alone printing Muhammad cartoons) What they are doing is an insult to anyones intelligence./ed)

Ramadan’s professorship is funded by the Qatar foundation for education, the Telegraaf says.

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Negotiating with the Taliban is a policy of defeat

People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

Benjamin Franklin

obama-as-hussein-of-america-dale-toons-via-gateway-pundit6The Manchurian candidate Abu Hussein Obama is laughing is ass off as American and allied troops are being killed and maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan:


As we said here the other day: “The truce is long dead, but now the region is stuck with the implementation of Sharia that occurred as a result of the truce.” And the now-arrested Sufi Muhammad, who brokered that agreement with the Taliban, most definitely got what he wanted.

“Sharia is still the law of reference in the districts of North-West Frontier,” by Fareed Khan for Asia News, July 29 via JW:

Shem’s latest cartoon came just in time:


Negotiating with the Taliban is a policy of defeat

By Nile Gardiner/Telegraph UK

David Miliband’s speech on Afghanistan at NATO headquarters yesterday sent completely the wrong message to our enemies. The foreign secretary called for a political deal with so-called moderate elements of the Taliban in an effort to split the insurgency:

“First, a political strategy for dealing with the insurgency through reintegration and reconciliation. That means in the long term an inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan, which draws away conservative Pashtun nationalists – separating those who want Islamic rule locally from those committed to violent jihad globally – and gives them a sufficient role in local politics that they leave the path of confrontation with their government.”

In effect Miliband is saying that Britain and the United States must be willing to place cooperative, supposedly more reasonable wings of the Taliban back in local power in Afghanistan. This would be like putting the Nazis back in office after the fall of Berlin or the Khmer Rouge in charge of Cambodia again. No matter how much spin is placed on this negotiating strategy, it smacks of defeatism and appeasement, and a failure to place the conflict in Afghanistan within the broader context of a global war against a brutal Islamist ideology that seeks the destruction of the West and the free world.

Why negotiate with moderate Taliban if we’re “winning?”

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Miliband Finds Hope'n'Change in all the Wrong Places…

The left leaning Harry’s Place prints a letter from the “Crown Prince of Bahrain” at the request of Britain’s imbecilic Foreign Secretary David Miliband.


Miliband   sings the princes  praises on his  blog: yes, Miliband is a blogger!


 “This article by the Crown Prince of Bahrain deserves wide readership. It’s really excellent. It cuts through the argument that peace is a zero-sum game deserves wide readership. It’s really excellent. ”

* Flashback: In his first British television interview Shaikh Salman, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, has accused the UK Government of being too pro-Israeli in outlook.

Miliband, ecstatic: There is a group of Arab leaders who now view a regional approach as key to progress in the Middle East and see the ‘rush’ of moves for peace as far better than the status quo of stand-off and separation. This energy needs to find release, and that is the significance of the American drive to establish a freeze on settlements as a trigger to direct negotiations.

6a010536b72a74970b0112790894b128a4-800wiLittle friends of all the world: Bahrain Crown Prince Al-Khalifa (L) and friend(R) wearing a Jew bracelet.

*  Sheik yer’mami’s advice to David Miliband:

 The Arabs will eat you up for breakfast and shit you out before lunch!

Those of our readers who are irritated and disturbed by Milibands overtures should write him directly, here….

Miliband links:

Update: Perfidious Albion

Israel should start supporting Irish,  Scottish and Welsh independence movements and any group challenging the British hold on the Malvinas.

Below is the full letter from the crown prince that gave Miliband  hot and cold flushes:

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UK: Fascist Miliband Brigades Vow to Keep Elected BNP Officials "Isolated and at Arms Length"

* Not for nothing  do we call  David Miliband “Britains dumbest Jew”...The “powers failures that be” don’t like competition…what happened to democracy in the UK?

Newsflash:  massive series of explosions in Southern Lebanon, more…

6a0111685b4b71970c011571e67374970b-800wiStrangely, Labour and the conservatives have no such reservations when it comes to suck up to the Islamofascist killer “Lord Ahmed”, who recently bragged about how he kept Geert Wilders out of Britain by threatening to make 10 000 Islamic rage-boys run amok in the streets of Londonistan….

The British National Party has taken up its two seats in the European Parliament as the first far-Right MEPs ever elected in Britain.

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons took their seats as BNP MEPs in Strasbourg          

Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons took their seats as BNP MEPs in Strasbourg Photo: GETTY

Nick Griffin, the BNP’s leader, elected in the North West of England, and his colleague Andrew Brons, representing Yorkshire and Humber, made a low key arrival in Strasbourg to avoid the press.

The BNP MEPs have been placed in seats numbered 781 and 782 for the next five years, close, just one row in front, of the new Conservative and Reformist Group founded by the British Tories.

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UK's dumbest Jew shills for Islamic Turkey in the EU


milibandg270906_228x3022Needless to mention that the imbecile Milliband is a JINO, (Jewish in name only…)

* UK Rape Watch: UK Muslim Gets Only 3 Years for Raping 15-Year-Old Near Mosque    

* Hate Cleric Slims Down for Summer of Sex…


ANKARA: Britain reaffirmed its support for Turkey’s bid to join the EU, despite opposition from leaders in France and Germany who say the Muslim country is too poor and too culturally different to fit into the bloc. 

Foreign Secretary David Miliband told Reuters, Ankara’s full European Union membership would bring economic dynamism into the bloc, help solve its energy security problems and build closer ties between the West and the Muslim world. “Britain is more convinced than it has ever been that the strategic decision to support Turkey’s accession to the European Union is the right one,” Miliband said late on Tuesday. “It is good for Europe as well as for Turkey.” 

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Britain's dumbest Jew calls for Pali state – in Cairo!

* The Steep Decline of the British Economy

With friends like that, who needs enemies? Is he a boy or a lady, I don’t know which…..?


                                  What is it with the finger?

Cairo – British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, speaking in Cairo Wednesday, called the establishment of a ‘viable and strong’ Palestinian state crucial to the security of Israel and the Middle East.

* French tourist killed and 20 wounded in Egypt attack

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