The Organized Muslim Invasion of Europe

With their ‘perfect’ religion being incapable of building countries in which even they want to live, Muslims are desperate to live in the infidel West.

An excellent report translated  from Le Figaro found on the Counter Jihad  Blog


The Muslim invasion routes are increasingly organized. The networks of Muslim invasion are improving and generate considerable revenue on top of conquered space. France has decided to commence a war against these priory sectors of invasion.

The UN claims that the illegal Muslim invasion racket is the world’s third largest criminal activity measured by the income it generates. The trafficking of Muslim invaders has been in the attention of the French police. In 2008, the law-enforcement authorities dismantled hundreds of human-trafficking networks funneling migrants from China, Africa, Middle East and South America.

On top of the 110 police officers of the l’Ocriest  (The Central office for Combating Illegal Muslim Immigration and Employment of Undocumented Foreigners) and the 52 mobile brigades of the border police, the French Minister of Immigration and National Identity has pledged  soon to double the number of police officers tackling these networks. To achieve his goal, the minister announced his controversial policy based on incentives for the illegal Muslim immigrants to snitch on their traffickers.

The illegal Muslim trafficking is a network of more or less structured routes. In March, 2009, the Paris Police’s intelligence directorate dismantled a network for Iraqi and Kurdish Muslim by bribes worth $10,000. In May, the l’Ocriest  uncovered yet another Muslim smuggling network that shuttled Iranian Muslims to Britain. According to the French police, it costs approximately 3,000 euros for a one-way trip from Greece to France.

As the European countries strengthen their borders to discourage further Muslim invasion, the business of smuggling Muslims to Europe gets more lucrative, according to the investigators. The Muslim smuggling is a 10,000,000 euro business. The best Muslim smuggling operations provide the forged documents and transportation in the utmost discretion.

In  recent years, the proliferation of Muslim candidates for exile from Africa has lead to a succession of tragedies that have claimed the lives of thousands of Muslim invaders. Many make-shift boats from Libya, Egypt, or Tunisia have been wrecked before reaching the shores of Europe in the Italian coast, while others have luckily sunk off Spain.  Furthermore, crossing the Sahara has claimed its share of Black Muslim invaders of Europe.

Regardless of these various ways, a huge number of Muslim invaders manage to reach France through its overseas territories. Mayotte, Guayana and Guadeloupe have faced massive Muslim invasion for several years.

Last year France deported over 29,000 Muslim invaders.

(Just short of Sarkozy’s target of 30,000- but it is too late. France is already overrun. The rot seems irreversible…./ed )

Thomas Pellow posted this on JW:

The European Union is implementing a stealth policy of the Islamization of the EU through mass immigration from Islamic countries, and through future membership of 75 million Turks, plus the EU’s EuroMed enlargement to include even more Islamic countries. The EU is doing Choudary’s propadandizing for him:-

“If you thought the EU was bad, try EuroMed”

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  1. As Western govts. continue to permit mass Muslim immigration, remaining an Islam history ignoramus is unwise and dangerous. Learn all the key facts online with the Historyscoper and arm your mind with knowledge to understand current events by clicking the url.

  2. “The UN claims that the illegal Muslim invasion racket is the world’s third largest criminal activity measured by the income it generates.”

    Criminal activity? That’s one way of looking at it. They, on the other hand, regard it as a natural extension of their age-old claim to Spain.

    What is sad is that they have taken over Europe in less than 30 years without firing a single shot.

    Dare I give my stamp of approval to the statement below:
    “Just short of Sarkozy’s target of 30,000- but it is too late. France is already overrun. The rot seems irreversible”

  3. The politicians are doing too little to stop the invasion and the total take over of all of the White Nations. Therefore, as I often said elsewhere , the military has to intervene to restore law and order and deport all non-Whites.
    I don’t see any other solution other than uprisings by the people.

  4. People who have expended the great moral and intellectual effort needed to understand the true nature of the world in which we live know that the Conspiratorial View of History is correct. That nothing on this good Earth happens by accident … especially in politics and high finance. Moreover, who understand that Hidden Hands are guiding mankind rapidly towards an apocalyptic time that is verily the Climax of the historical process as we know it. Furthermore, these Proper Students of History know that sinister hands are guiding the Ancient Evil Conspiracy for World Government, which is unfolding rapidly in the Arena of History … and which is easily observed by those with eyes to see …

    In this connection — and against the wishes of the vast majority of Westerners — a secret, high level policy of mass immigration of non-whites, adoption of foreign, non-white children, and increased miscegenation aimed at radically transforming the West has been pursued, and whose outrages and iniquities have been vigorously defended by professional “Race Relations” experts and “Race Industry” organizations whose disproportionate “power” within contemporary Western culture is not their own. The Shadow Government allows this “power,” for these vociferous advocates and defenders of Multiculturalism (as well as its ideological bodyguard, the Thought Tyranny called Political Correctness) comprise the legion of useful fools, infesting all fields of human endeavor, who are used by the Secret Rulers of this Earth on the long-travelled road towards global tyranny. The Multicultural scam becomes clearly visible to those with eyes to see when one ponders the injustice and absurdities inherent in official policy, especially that policy hidden from the purview of the masses, which not only encourages massive illegal immigration but also lavishly rewards those who break national laws and come to the West illegally. This overrunning of the West by NON-WHITE, non-Christian peoples, is primarily designed to create massive social tensions, using the old “divide and rule” principle, which will allow the Secret Masters of the Evil Agenda to bring about the final destruction of Western Christian Civilization and the enslavement of its indigenous peoples.

    Also permit me to state that it is only with intuitive insight that one can penetrate beyond the external form or substance of things, to reach their internal substance or reality. It is only with the inner light of the discerning heart that one can achieve confirmation that we now live in an Age of Extreme Evil which will culminate in the end of the historical process as we know it. Empirical and discursive knowledge and thought can only suggest, but cannot directly perceive, and hence penetrate, the true nature of the Age in which we now live. And one of the telltale signs of this Age of Evil is RACIAL AND ETHNIC ADULTERATION ON A MASSIVE SCALE, a pernicious plot especially directed at the indigenous Caucasian, and particularly “Nordid”, populations of the Western World.

    Why is Western Civilization the main, main target? For the reason that not only is it the cradle of the ancient Sinister Plot to Transform the World, but it is also its greatest impediment, or, more specifically, the spirituality that underpins Western Civilization, which is the Christ Impulse released from the Cross at Calvary commonly called Christianity. That is why the Secret Masters of the New Age One World Agenda – the Lords of Power – have worked tirelessly for centuries to subvert Christendom, and are now also working tirelessly to undermine the racial integrity of the Western Caucasian populations — whether we have the clarity of vision to see it, or not.

  5. Just look at the presidence that was set with Kosovo. Now in any country if the Muslims begin to be the majority they can declare that area independent. We will see how it unfolds within the next 24 months. The war of religions began some years ago but most do not wish to see this.

    European countries continue to give more and more RIGHTS to the Muslims without even requiring them to even effectively learn the local language and customs of the country they live in. Maybe some body in the White House might have something negative to say if they restrict their rights. But no one says anything about the restricted rights of Christians in Muslim countries!!!

    The USA and NATO only assisted the invasion of Europe during the 1999 bombing campaign of the former Yugoslavia.

  6. Lazar,
    I reckon a day is coming when Europe will regret having demonized Slobodan Milosevic.

  7. this is already happening in the United States with all their “Trojan Mosques”, centers for training youths to hate the “infidel” all around them where they have moved by choice. Arabic speaking Americans have visited and give scary reports of what is being disseminated, very sad

  8. We can all make a small difference to slow down the invasion, stop going to indian takeaway and stop going to corner shops and if u work in a position of authority don’t employ non whites. Cut off there money

  9. We are going to their subjects-if not us our childrens children-even if we convert they will still pursecute us

  10. I am an American and I disagreed with the bombing of the former yugoslavia. 99.9% of the American people hate Islam and Muslims. Islam is a million times worse than hitler and stalin. In the Bible, Revelations- Those who refuse to accept MARK of BEAST, killed. Quran- Those who refuse to accept RELIGION of ISLAM, killed. Quran- The sum of verses 1-sura36=666. 666 on the forehead symbolizes the evil religion in their mind, since the brain is behind the forehead. I have other comparisons that show Islam is the Beast of Revelation 13. MARK=RELIGION, BEAST=ISLAM. Jesus is warning us through symbolism that Islam is the Beast that will persecute Christians. Lets all stand up and fight the Beast or literally Islam and stop it from taking over our world.May God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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