Today's Fartwa from Egypt's Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqub

“If only we could strangle those Jews with our bare hands and bite their heads off with our teeth, not our weapons”

Pamela wonders:

Another brilliant Islamic scholar …………..  has Shrillary Clitman invited him to the White House along with Tariq Ramadan (the newly welcomed Islamic “scholar”)?

The Most Intense of the People in Animosity Toward the Believers are da Jooozzz   by Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqub

“The Jew is treacherous, disloyal, deceitful and belligerent by nature…”

Khaled Al-Khlewi explains how Muhammad, profit of Islam,  killed all those treacherous Jewish tribes and stole their properties.  (Banu Qaynuqa, Banu Qurayza, Banu Nadir & today’s Zionists have it coming…)

Other News:

Obama: “I thought I had a big dick…”

US “overestimated” ability to influence Mideast process

Washington – US President Barack Obama said Friday he may have overestimated the influence the United States could exert over the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and regretted raising expectations for meaningful talks to restart this year.

Read more: Obama  overestimated-ability-to-influence-Mideast-process

“This is just really hard”

eye on the world blogspot:

US envoy starts Mideast tour amid Obama pessimism.

JERUSALEM – Washington’s Middle East envoy launched a new effort Thursday aimed at restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, just as President Barack Obama expressed pessimism about the prospects. []

As his envoy George Mitchell began a fresh attempt to get the two sides talking to each other, Obama told Time Magazine: “This is just really hard … and if we had anticipated some of these political problems on both sides earlier, we might not have raised expectations as high.”

What did he expect? That he summons Netanyahu and Abbas, tell them “be friends” and they say “OK” and live in peace ever after?

If you also consider that the other major Palestinian player, Hamas, again reiterated that “[i]t is impossible to recognise Israel on any terms and in any circumstances” and that they are firmly “committed to Israel’s destruction”, you’ll get the real picture.

Pack it in, Mitchell! Go home!

Hamas: We are “still committed to Israel’s destruction”

4 thoughts on “Today's Fartwa from Egypt's Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqub”

  1. The idiot in the first video says that Jews fight not for land but for religious reasons…the second idiot in the second video says the Jews fight for the land between the Euphrates to the Nile, and from the Cedar Tree to the Palm Tree. So which is it? One of them is “Kufr” and needs to be executed for apostasy, according their own logic.

  2. Obama quote “It’s really really hard”.
    He should have kept Condi Rice as his Sec of State. She was actually accomplishing something.
    Did he think the bowing and scraping and speechifying to the Muslims would change anything? Total asshat!!!

    1. “He should have kept Condi Rice as his Sec of State. She was actually accomplishing something.”

      Condi Rice?

      How so? What did she accomplish?

      “Disrespect for the Holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States. We honor the sacred books of all the world’s great religions. Disrespect for the Holy Koran is abhorrent to us all,” Rice said in a statement she delivered before testifying in Congress May 12.

      Another Rice accomplishment: Libya to receive reparations for Reagan air strike

      No. Condolllleeeezzzzza was worse than clueless.

  3. Yeah, Condi Rice was a tough rice-cookie, but she was wrong;
    there is no holy koran. it is not a perfect book (as stated in it).
    also there’s no holy old testament nor holy new testament.
    the books contain words of Yhwh, but not entirely, due to
    II Tim 3:16 people conclude the contrary, but “pas graphe
    theopneutos kai ophelimos pros…” means “every scripture God-
    breathed and profitable for…” it does not say that ALL scripture
    is inspired by God, spiritually it says that every scripture God-
    inspired is good to use for doctrine, reproof, correction, for
    instruction in righteousness. thus applied properly in the circum-
    stances lead by the Spirit, so it is not in general. proof; the christian
    pentecostals can’t go around practicing glossolalia all day long.

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