Wilders challenges 'hate' charges


Geert Wilders hate speech charges widened

There is clearly a concerted effort by far left loons and their Mohammedan puppet masters to destroy any resistance to their fantasies of a “greater EUrabian prosperity  zone”

From Radio Netherlands/The Dutch establishment really really hates his guts and will do anything to get rid of him….   full text below the fold>>>


A Dutch court is hearing a petition by anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders to avoid criminal prosecution for allegedly inciting hatred against Muslims.

Mr Wilders is one of the Netherlands’ most popular politicians, having built his Freedom Party movement on anti-immigrant themes.

Charges against him stem from his March 2008 film Fitna, which juxtaposed verses from the Koran against images of terrorism by Islamic radicals.

He has also called for a ban on the Koran and said Muslim headscarves “pollute” the Dutch landscape.

Mr Wilders is expected to argue that his comments fell within the boundaries of freedom of speech and that elected officials must be allowed to speak their mind.

The Amsterdam court will rule on the petition within a week of the hearing.


The charges against far-right MP Geert Wilders have been extended to include inciting hatred towards Moroccans and non-Western ethnic minorities, de Volksrant newspaper reports.

Wilders is about as “far-right” as Mother Theresa. But his accusers are definitely  FAR- LEFT  NAZI SWINE:

Up to now the Freedom Party leader has been charged with inciting hatred against Muslims through his remarks in the media and his anti-Islam film Fitna. Mr Wilders has compared the Qur’an to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and called for it to be banned.

However, the public prosecutor’s office has now decided to widen the charges, based in part on Mr Wilders response in a 2006 interview when asked what he would do if he came to power in the Netherlands: “The same day the borders would be closed to all non-Western immigrants.” Mr Wilders has also expressed this view in parliament.

The decision to widen the charges is striking because initially the public prosecutor’s office decided that Mr Wilders had no case to answer. It only went ahead with the prosecution when an Amsterdam court ruled last year that Mr Wilders should indeed face charges of insulting Muslims as a group and inciting hatred and discrimination towards them.

The lawyers who brought the case against Mr Wilders have welcomed the public prosecutor’s move. Haroon Raza of anti-racism organisation NBK told de Volkrant he was “extremely satisfied”. NBK argues that Mr Wilders is not only anti-Islam but also racist. Amsterdam lawyer Gerard Spong described the public prosecutor’s decision as a sign of “deepening insight”. It was he who brought the appeal against the initial conclusion that Mr Wilders should not be prosecuted.

The public prosecutor’s office has not commented on the reasons behind its decision to widen the charges. A spokesperson told de Volkskrant that the motivation would be explained during the initial hearing in the case, set for 20 January.


Mr Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz will set out his objections to the charges in a closed hearing on Wednesday. He argues that there are no grounds to prosecute his client for insulting Muslims as a group. Mr Wilders argues that his criticism has always been directed against Islam as a religion, and not against Muslims. He is attending the hearing in person although his Mr Moszkowicz said he did not enter the court by the main entrance due to the death threats which have been made against him.

Past remarks by Geert Wilders:
“Introduce an immediate halt on immigration for people from Muslim countries. Forbid the burqa and the fascist Qur’an.”

“Let us reconquer our streets. Let us ensure that finally the Netherlands really looks like the Netherlands. […] Time for the big clean-up of our streets.”

“There is no moderate Islam. Islam is as I see it is a fascist ideology.”

12 thoughts on “Wilders challenges 'hate' charges”

  1. Go, Geert, go!

    If you lose this ridiculous, unbelievable court case, it will be the saddest day in European history since Hitler invaded Poland. And for people who are alive today, almost as momentous. And the result will be the same: Annihilation.

  2. That to need to legislate for what can/not be hated could only make anyone act in the opposite way – watch out Holland’s lefties – you can’t expect no backlash.

    Or to get voted in next time. lol.

  3. I’m surprised that the authorities are going to prosecute Geert Wilders.

    They cannot hope to win even if they find Wilders guilty. It is a hopeless situation for the authorities – Win or lose, Wilders will win.

  4. The question is really: is Wilders prosecution a done deal? The establishment in Holland has its knickers in a twist. They have allowed the Islamic cancer to spread to such an extend that they can’t possibly reverse it without being indicted for treason, along with aiding and abetting the enemy.

    Just for laughs, here is how the Morocco Post portrays Wilders:

    Dutch anti-Islam MP faces imprisonment

    The far-right Dutch politician who is known for his hate for Muslims and Islam and who was once denied entry to the British territory at London – Heathrow airport by the immigration officials because of his racist views towards the Islamic religion, asked judges to drop or reduce charges against him since his racist discourse is met with freedom of speech right.

  5. * The question is really: is Wilders prosecution a done deal?

    According to a Moroccan snitch recently – yes. But if those prosecuting him use their own logic, it will result in more contempt for islam and muslims, and more “alienation”, hurt feelings and marginalisation of Dutch citizens whose taxes underwrite islamisation.

  6. If far-right means Wilders is one of the rare far-sighted and right-thinking leaders who have been right all along on a far-ranging host of sociopolitical issues, then yes, Wilders is far-right and should wear that label proudly.

  7. What an appalling state of affairs.

    Geert Wilders is a hero with more guts that all the left wing ‘intellectuals’ (sic) put together.

    How many of them have even read the life of the prophet? As Bill Warner correctly noted you will never begin to understand Islam until you take on board Mohammed’s life story.

    And what a tale it is!

    Of course for Muslims , he is the perfect man (HA!)

  8. Please write to Dutch embassises and consulates expressing support for Mr. Wilders and his message.

  9. sheikyermami, you’re fighting the battle on two fronts. Europe has gone mad and has shifted gears and is heading in the opposite direction. Europe is hung up on the Hitler syndrome and has advertently adapted the ecumenical extreme. You will be branded as a racist; I pray that God will grant you the wisdom in the manner by wish you ought to approach this expolsive subject matter.

  10. Our hopes for western society are with Geert. I’m confident he will win and it will be a momentum shift for our cause.

  11. http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2011/02/jobless_eastern_europeans_shou.php

    Jobless Eastern Europeans should be deported: PVV
    Jobless Eastern Europeans should be deported: PVV
    Wednesday 02 February 2011

    People from Poland, Bulgaria* and Romania should be deported back to their country of origin if they are out of work, Louis Bontes, an MP for the anti-Islam PVV said in an interview with website nu.nl.

    ‘They are often drunk and are involved in petty crime,’ he is quoted as saying. ‘Locals get upset by this, so the police tell me.’

    * predominantly muslims

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