Bulgaria: an example for the rest of us?

Where Islam exists in a nation, it will sooner or later either be suppressed or it will come to dominate. That is a scenario that every nation with a Muslim minority must understand and address, or it will become a Muslim nation with the native population reduced to an oppressed minority or butchered in the night. A totalitarian ideology cannot be made peace with. Either you will defeat it, or it will defeat you.

Sultan Knish

Israel’s Muslim Problem is Not Unique

The visit of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov to Israel this week is a timely reminder that Israel’s problems with Islam are not unique. Like Israel, Bulgaria was ruled over by the Ottoman Empire, which exported their population to Bulgaria, oppressed the native Bulgarians, seized their lands and attempted to become the dominant majority. And when the Ottoman Empire lost control over Bulgaria, it left behind a huge Muslim population in Bulgaria.

The key difference between Bulgaria and Israel, is that Bulgaria since the 1870’s forced much of its Turkic Muslim population to leave. As a result millions of Turkic Muslims left Bulgaria, leaving it a quieter place than neighboring Yugoslavia or Russia, or for that matter modern day France. Muslim clothing was banned, mosques were torn down and lands held by the Ottoman Muslim settlers were returned to native Bulgarians.

Today Bulgaria still has a troublesome Muslim minority of under a million, led by Ahmet Dogan, and backed by Turkish intelligence, which under Islamist PM Erdogan has branched out into promoting Jihad, much as Pakistan had. But despite Turkish attempts to intervene in Bulgaria, the country’s Prime Minister, Boiko Borissov is a staunchly anti-Muslim leader, who has challenged Turkey’s EU bid over its expulsion of Bulgarian in the 1920’s.

Bulgaria is an example and a warning not just to Israel, but to Europe, Russia, Australia, America and many other parts of the world as well. Had Bulgaria not made life uncomfortable for Muslims, its fate in the 1990’s would have probably resembled that of Yugoslavia, torn apart by foreign backed civil war and then carved up by Clinton and Albright. That same fate is now overtaking Israel and will overtake Europe as well.

That is because Israel’s Muslim problem is not unique. Israel, like so many other lands, was overrun by Muslim conquerors who repressed the native Jewish population and settled their own population in its stead. The only unique thing about Israel’s dilemma is that when the Ottoman Empire was defeated, Israel did not receive its freedom. Instead a British Mandate that was supposed to create a Jewish state, instead tried to create an Arab client state by expanding Arab immigration to Israel, while restricting Jewish immigration.

Had Israel received its freedom after WW1 when its Ottoman overlords departed, it would have never been overrun by Egyptian and Syrian Arabs who were magically transformed into “Palestinians” in the 70’s at the behest of the KGB. Nor would the Holocaust have claimed a fraction of the lives that it did, had Israel existed as an independent nation capable of taking in refugees, instead of having its ports shut to refugees by a British Empire more interested in appeasing Muslims and using them to establish client states under their control. And the worldwide Jihad and Oil for Terror are the aftereffects of British and American appeasement and coddling of Muslim desert sheiks then.

But the past is in the past. The challenge of the future is to learn from it. The long term effects of Muslim expansionism around the world has embedded Muslim minorities in countries across Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Those minorities have always served as a local powder keg, which is now being lit with the help of Saudi petrodollars. Now a new wave of Islamic expansionism through immigration and Jihad is spreading even into regions that had never known the tyranny of Islam such as Australia, North and South America; as well as Europe where Islam had not succeeded in taking root before.

The toxic brew of religious supremacism and nationalist racism represented by Islamic expansionism is a threat to nearly every country in the world, whether they choose to admit it or not. And while Israel’s troubles with Islam are more likely to become front page news, because its presence some 700 miles from Mecca is a perennial thumb in the eye of the Jihad– it is also the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the world.

Islamism insures that Muslims cannot co-exist with non-Muslims except under a harsh dictatorship. Which leaves free nations with a choice between tyranny and removing the Muslim minority within its borders. The absence of Islam within one’s borders does not guarantee peace, but the presence of Islam insures that conflict will come sooner or later. The examples of that are unfortunately all too numerous across the globe, across entire hemispheres where blood is being spilled in the name of Islam. From suicide bombings to honor killings, from Muslim insurgencies in the countryside to Islamist parties creeping in from within, from Sharia at the point of a sharpened knife to riots in the streets– where there is Islamism, there can be no peace.

Israel’s great mistake was its belief that it could co-exist with Muslims, and for its entire existence has bent over backward to accommodate them. From accepting the UN Partition Plan to sending troops to urge fleeing Arabs to return to Israel, to leaving the Temple Mount in Muslim hands, to the entire disastrous attempt to negotiate a peace with terror by agreeing to the creation of a terrorist state within its borders– Israel’s folly has been to seek peace with an ideology that uses the promise of peace as a lure to convince you to cut your own throat.

Where Islam exists in a nation, it will sooner or later either be suppressed or it will come to dominate. That is a scenario that every nation with a Muslim minority must understand and address, or it will become a Muslim nation with the native population reduced to an oppressed minority or butchered in the night. A totalitarian ideology cannot be made peace with. Either you will defeat it, or it will defeat you.

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  1. “… From suicide bombings to honor killings, from Muslim insurgencies in the countryside to Islamist parties creeping in from within, from Sharia at the point of a sharpened knife to riots in the streets– where there is Islamism, there can be no peace. …”

    This the true Islam! “Chistian” politicans like Dr. Huenseler do also taqiyyah (the Holy Deception), like the Muslims!


  2. Sheik, it’s all true, especially the naive aspirations of the state of Israel to live at peace with their hostile neighbours.

    It’s enlightening just to know that jihad is a permanent and ongoing characteristic of Islam

    Very uncomfortable for we kafirs to have to realise this, but otherwise its just like getting into a very very hot bath millimetre by millimetre until eventually you are cooked.

  3. Radical Muslims Aim to Seize Power in Bulgaria

    Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

    Our Bulgarian correspondent RR sends his translation of a news report describing a police raid on Islamic terrorists in several regions of Bulgaria. He says:

    Worse news still from my home country. Just now I discovered and translated this. Salafists are at work in Bulgaria; local standoff with police.

    Here’s the translated article from DNES. Notice that the radical group was established in the Netherlands and funded by the Saudis — brand-new cultural enrichment for Bulgaria, courtesy of the European Union:

    Islamists want to seize power in Bulgaria

    October 6, 2010 — A specialized operation to eradicate the activity of an unregistered chapter of the Islamist organization “Al Wakf al Islami” was carried out by forces of the Interior Ministry, the Agency of National Security and the Public Prosecution. It involved three regions of Bulgaria — Blagoevgrad, Pazarjik, and Smolyan.

    A search of houses and offices used by the illegal organization was conducted, and huge amounts of “radical propaganda materials, aiming to incite religious hatred and overturn the constitutional order” were confiscated. Financial documents revealing illegal funding of the Islamist activists and tax evasion were also seized.

    A preliminary judicial investigation against “unknown” perpetrators has been initiated, commented the speaker of the Regional Prosecution in Pazardjik Snezhana Stoyanova to the “Focus” News Agency. The investigation covers the period 2008-2009, during which time the “unknown activists” organized a group aiming to overthrow the constitutional order and to commit violent acts in order to implement “an antidemocratic social order” [Sharia — translator].

    The searches began early this morning in the Velingrad municipality. Three detectives involved in the investigation are still at work to collect evidence.

    “This is a branch of a radical Islamic movement — Salafism, that indoctrinated Bulgarian Moslems to believe that all the world should be subdued by the power of Islam,” added Stoyanova.

    The Foundation “Al Wakf al Islami” was established in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and was financed by Saudi Salafists. After the 9-11 terrorist acts the central office of the Foundation was closed, as contacts between its structures and the perpetrators of 9.11 were disclosed…

    Later in the day it was announced that a mob in the village of Laznica has surrounded the home of the local imam Mohamed Kamber. Inside the home are detectives from the police and the State Agency for National Security, who wanted to confiscate computer drives, CDs, and books in the Arabic language. The Imam stated that he and his relatives are insulted and suffer mental stress because of the police action. The mob will not allow the police agents to leave the house, unless they leave “the sacred books” inside. The mayor of the village and activists from the Turkish ethnic party “Rights and Liberties Movement” are trying to persuade the villagers to end the standoff. Additional police forces have been moved to the village, but they have not dispersed the crowd in order to avoid further riot…

    Here’s further information about the same incident from the English-language Sofia Echo (hat tip DF):

  4. Greek, Bulgarian fences along Turkish border draw criticism

    Plans by Greece and Bulgaria to build a fence along the Turkish border have drawn criticism in Turkey as it is widely perceived as the EU’s hidden intention to build a wall to mark its borders.

    Turkish Center for International Relations and Strategic Analysis Chairman Sinan OÄŸan said Greece and Bulgaria’s intention to build a fence along the Turkish border had a hidden agenda. “Greece, under the pretext of illegal migration, and Bulgaria, under the pretext of taking measures against foot and mouth disease, are practically building a wall between Turkey and Europe,” said OÄŸan.

    OÄŸan said that fence-building plan was similar to the Berlin Wall or Israel’s West Bank barrier. “The European Union is drawing a line to the Turkish border, over Greece and Bulgaria. A line between the worlds of Christianity and Islam. This can’t be taken lightly,” warned OÄŸan.

    Mustafa Yardımcı, a board member at Turkey’s Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, or TOBB, and board chairman of the Edirne Commodity Exchange, said he did not believe Bulgaria could build a fence along its border with Turkey as it would be extremely costly and fail to prevent animals from crossing the border.

    “Our region is free of foot and mouth disease. And besides, even if they build a fence the animals will find an opening and cross the border. I don’t see why they would put forth such a thing,” said Yardımcı.

    Edirne Commodity Exchange Deputy Chairman Serdar Yalçıner said the fence-building plan was an EU attempt to mark its borders, noting that Thrace was free of foot and mouth disease.

    “Bulgaria wants to build a 143-kilometer fence along the border with Turkey under the pretext of foot and mouth disease. It is asking the EU to pay for the costs. It means the EU is building a ‘Berlin Wall’ along our borders. Let’s say they managed to stop boars with a fence – what about birds and moles? The EU is marking its borders,” said Yalçıner.

    Greece’s Citizen Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis announced a few weeks ago that the Greek government was planning to construct a fence along the 206-kilometer border with Turkey to stem the flow of nearly 11,000 illegal migrants each year.



    Turkey to EU: No visa-free, no clampdown on migrants
    Bagis: Turkey is a ‘hub of peace, a hub of energy, a hub of power’

    27.01.2011 @ 13:25 CET

    EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Turkey is happy to sign a migrant readmission deal with the EU, but expects the Union to start talks on visa-free travel if it wants to see a clampdown on people sneaking into Greece, a senior diplomat has said…


    It’s been more than half a century since Turkey first knocked at Europe’s door. In the past, Turkey’s EU vocation was purely economic. The Turkey of today is different. We are no more a country that would wait at the EU’s door like a docile supplicant.

    The Robust Man of Europe
    Turkey has the vigor that the EU badly needs.


    The European Union cannot be the one sphere that is immune to these changes in the balance of power. The financial crisis has laid bare Europe’s need for greater dynamism and change: European labor markets and social-security systems are comatose. European economies are stagnant. European societies are near geriatric. Can Europe retain power and credibility in the new world order without addressing these issues?

  7. “Turkey has the vigor that the EU badly needs.”

    Typical Muselmanic bragging.

    Turkey has massive overbreeding, like all Islamic countries. Producing millions of illiterate, brainwashed Islamic zombies is not the kind of vigor or knowhow a high tech country like Germany (or other European countries) needs, to advance any of its industries, and the welfare sector is overburdened as it is. Mohammedanism only adds to crime, hatred and resentment, and it is a constant liability, a parasite on the health of a nation.

    Syrian refugees have been facing discrimination from the inhabitants of Rozovo, a Bulgarian village, according to the National Ombudsman.

    Penchev’s comments came after three Syrian families were forced to leave Rozovo, a village in Central Bulgaria, following calls by locals that they go away until Monday.

    Residents who issued the ultimatum (and who claim to represent the village’s population) said “more radical protests” and even “violence” could be triggered by their refusal to leave.

    Also on Monday morning, some 150 people (out of a population exceeding 1000) staged a demonstration in front of the house where the refugees had spent a day, waving Bulgarian flags which they later placed at the building’s door and on its fence.

    They chanted, “Bulgaria for the Bulgarians!” and told journalists which covered their event they had been afraid that refugees could threaten their lives or rape some of the inhabitants.

    It was pressure put by them on the house’s owner earlier last week that forced him to ask the Syrians to leave.

    More http://www.novinite.com/articles/160132/Bulgaria's+Rozovo+Inhabitants+'Discriminate'+Refugees+-+Ombudsman

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