Gaddafi Applies Collective Punishment

Mohammedans have traditionally applied collective punishment: when one of the dhimmies stepped out of line, the whole tribe was punished. However, we in the West still adhere  to principles which, when dealing with Mohammedans, can no longer be upheld.

Libya: Europeans banned from entry

Tripoli, 15 Feb.(AKI) – Libya on Monday started to turn away Europeans who arrive in the country as retaliation for a recent decision by Switzerland to publish a blacklist of 180 Libyans banned from entering the country.

The North African country led by Muammar Gaddafi has suspended the issuing of entry visas to European citizens apart from British nationals, an official at the country’s main international airport was reported as saying.

“The decision by the Libyan authorities doesn’t help improve what is already a delicate relationship with Europe,” said Francesco Tempestini, a member of the Italian foreign affairs parliamentary committee.

Libya’s Oea newspaper, which has close ties to one of Gaddafi’s sons, on Sunday reported that Libya would stop issuing visas to citizens of countries in the Schengen area, which includes non-EU member Switzerland.

The Schengen agreement provides for the removal of systematic border controls between the participating countries in the European Union, as well as other European countries like Switzerland.

The Italian foreign ministry confirmed the measure and said it was in retaliation for Switzerland’s recent decision to publish the blacklist of 180 Libyans banned from entering the country. The ministry said the issue will be discussed when the EU foreign affairs committee meets on 22 February.

Libya for months has been engaged in a diplomatic dispute with Switzerland over the prosecution of two Swiss businessmen who had been working in the North African country.

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