Egypt: no security under Islam

A re-Islamized Egypt means less no respect for infidel tourists or tour guides

‘Not a Joke’: Tour Guides Protest Growing Lack of Security in Egypt

“There is no security. This is not a joke,” said Dina Yacoub, a 29-year-old guide who said she was punched in the face three times last month when an angry citizen tried to cut in line for a small train at the Cairo citadel and she protested.

She added: “We are asking tourists to come back … how would they unless there is security?”

Egyptian tour guides wave their national flag as they call on tourists to return to the country following the fall of Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

“A tour guide apparently objected to a vendor harassing one of his tourists, and was hit over the head with a miniature statue.”–Read More »

The Jews, the Jews!

Egyptian newspaper: How Jews control the world

Just a day after this:

Islamic antisemitism combined with conspiracy paranoia and projection about aspirations to world hegemony — in yet another indication of Egypt’s rush to discard the Camp David Accords and go to war with Israel. “Egyptian newspaper: How Jews control the world,” from Elder of Ziyon, September 9– Read it all.

The Collective Punishment of Egypt’s Copts (Coptic Solidarity) thanks to TROP

“Collectively punishing dhimmis – the barely tolerated non-Muslim infidels indigenous to the lands conquered by Islam – for the crimes of the individual is standard under Islam”

Collective punishment:

“The fact that one individual (or one group) among them has broken the statute is enough to invalidate it for all of them.”

This rule is being enforced in Europe too, though in a more roundabout way: Fearful of the collective punishment of terrorism for offences against Islam (e.g. cartoons, mockery of Muhammad etc), the leaders of the semi-dhimmified people of Europe now start to criminalise offences against Islam. The hope is to prevent offence to the Muslims and therefore prevent collective punishment. As the demographic balance swings in favour of the Muslims, the self-enforcement of dhimmi behaviour is likely to intensify as the Muslims of Europe are able to act with the same impunity as the Muslims of Egypt.–The Collective Punishment of Egypt’s Christian Copts »    by 


Collective Punishment

Collective Punishment Under Islam

“Wherever You Can Reach Them”

by Raymond Ibrahim/Hudson New York


Raymond Ibrahim testifies about the plight of Egypt’s Christians

Whitewashing Jihad, Shariah and Islam

Along with others, yesterday I testified at the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, U.S. Congress, Washington D.C. The title of the hearing was “Under Threat:The Worsening Plight of Egypt’s Coptic Christians.” Above is a clip.

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Collective Punishment. Dare to Compare…

Pakistan: Christian women and girls report sexual abuse; Muslim village chief expels 250 Christian families

And that is just one example described below in the ongoing wave of Muslim persecution of Christians in Pakistan — our modern, moderate “friend and ally.” “In ‘Talibanized’ Pakistan Christians are victims of yet more attacks,” from Asia News, June 10/JW

In Khanewal district, also in Punjab, the chief of a village with a Muslim majority has ordered 250 Christian families to leave the area because “they are too vigorously denouncing sexual violence by Muslims against women and girls”. Most Christians in the area are labourers on Muslim owned land and the women domestic servants in homes. The abuses were occurring in homes, almost “daily.” “Christians – denounce the displaced – are totally at the mercy of the will of Muslims.” Read more>>

File photo: blood thirsty Muselmaniacs attack Christians on the street in Gojra town in Pakistan’s central Punjab

Now compare this kind of “collective punishment” with what happens when Mohammedans go apeshit and behave like they normally do:

UC Irvine Muslim Student Union members shocked by suspension

Orange County Register

“Fanatical frenzy more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog”  shout slogans during a protest rally against Israel in Lahore June 13, 2010

A victory for civil discourse and acceptable standards of behavior, in an update on this story. “UC Irvine seeks to suspend Muslim student group,” by Raja Abdulrahim for the Los Angeles Times, June 14 (thanks to JW:UC Irvine recommends suspension of Muslim Student Union for shouting down Israeli ambassador)

The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine should be suspended for one year for its involvement in repeated disruptions of a February speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, according to a disciplinary report released by the university.

The Muslim Student Union has appealed the recommendation.

The speech about U.S.-Israeli relations was interrupted 10 times by students who got up and yelled out things like, “Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech.”

As well asSlaughter the Jews“.

Eleven UC Irvine and UC Riverside students were arrested and cited for disturbing a public event, but none have been charged. The student group maintained that the disruptions were done by individuals and not organized by their group, but the report cited internal Muslim Student Union e-mails and meeting agendas that indicated they planned a disturbance.

The group’s attorney Reem Salahi emphasized that a suspension has not yet been implemented but was still disheartened by the report’s recommendations. “It’s collective punishment,” she said. “You have an entire Muslim student body that’s being punished for the actions of a few.”

And yet the whole incident was planned. Is the administration supposed to look the other way from that?

Gaddafi Applies Collective Punishment

Mohammedans have traditionally applied collective punishment: when one of the dhimmies stepped out of line, the whole tribe was punished. However, we in the West still adhere  to principles which, when dealing with Mohammedans, can no longer be upheld.

Libya: Europeans banned from entry

Tripoli, 15 Feb.(AKI) – Libya on Monday started to turn away Europeans who arrive in the country as retaliation for a recent decision by Switzerland to publish a blacklist of 180 Libyans banned from entering the country.

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