Gaddafi Declares Jihad Against Switzerland

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Gaddafi calls for jihad against Switzerland over minaret ban

Of course. Because resisting Islam causes wars and infidels are responsible for them.

Because Muhammad said, “I have been ordered to fight against people until they say that “there is no god but Allah”, that “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”, they pray, and pay zakat (religious taxes.)  If they do that, their lives and property are safe.”

Not to worry: every enlightened progressive knows that jihad  means peaceful inner struggle. Nothing to worry, right?

BENGAZI: Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi turned up the heat in his country’s dispute with Switzerland on Thursday, calling for jihad against it over a ban adopted last year on the construction of minarets, reports AFP.

“It is against unbelieving and apostate Switzerland that jihad (holy war) ought to be proclaimed by all means,” Kadhafi said in a speech in the Mediterranean coastal city of Bengazi to mark the birthday of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.

“Apostate” Switzerland because Islam teaches that all people were originally Muslim.

“Jihad against Switzerland, against Zionism, against foreign aggression is not terrorism,” Kadhafi said.

“Any Muslim around the world who has dealings with Switzerland is an infidel (and is) against Islam, against Mohammed, against God, against the Koran,” the leader told a crowd of thousands in a speech broadcast live on television.

But hey, not to worry: deep down they all want peace. Anyway, isn’t a caliph needed to call a jihad?  Think we can pacify him with another 5 billion jiziya?

In a November 29 referendum, Swiss voters approved by a margin of 57.5 percent a ban on the construction in their country of minarets, the towers that are a signature part of mosques.

Relations between Libya and Switzerland have been strained since July 2008 when Kadhafi’s son Hannibal and his wife were arrested and briefly held in Geneva after two domestic workers complained he had mistreated them.

The row escalated when Libya swiftly detained and confiscated the passports of two Swiss businessmen, Rashid Hamdani and Max Goeldi. It deepened again last year when a tentative deal between the two countries fell apart.

Both men were convicted of overstaying their visas and of engaging in illegal business activities. Hamdani’s conviction was overturned in January, and he has now returned home, while Goeldi surrendered to authorities this week and is now serving a reduced sentence of four months.

Adoption of the minaret ban was opposed by the Swiss government, the bulk of Switzerland’s political parties and the economic establishment and was an unexpected outcome.

The move drew widespread criticism, with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay calling the ban “deeply discriminatory, deeply divisive and a thoroughly unfortunate step for Switzerland to take.”

The Swiss government sought to assure the country’s 400,000 Muslims, who are mainly of Balkan and Turkish origin, that the outcome was “not a rejection of the Muslim community, religion or culture.”

Switzerland has around 200 mosques, with just four minarets among them.

6 thoughts on “Gaddafi Declares Jihad Against Switzerland”

  1. Declaration of War? What will be the Swiss reply? Chocolates, cheeses, and fine watches for all Libyans, or carpet bombing of Tripoli followed by the demand for unconditional surrender of all Libyan territory to Switzerland and the arrest , trial , then execution of Khaddafi/Ghaddafi/Quaddafi?

    1. Bryan, the jihad is permanent and relentless.

      Gaddafi has engineered many jihad attacks, among them a Berlin disco bombing and the Lockerbie disaster. He finances, aids and abets the jihad in Africa and both his sons are actively involved in supporting the jihadists in Thailand, Indonesia and in the Philippines.

      Reagan bombed him, Condollleaeeza Rice paid him compensation, the EUrabians invited him and paid tribute in the billions and praised the “new friendship with Libya”, and this is the result.

  2. Quaddafi is a nutcake. Always has been and will be until he dies. But his mental disorder gene seems to have passed into his sons who will carry it out. About the Quaddafian Jihad. I am not sure if Quaddafi is aware that when he started his revolution through a military coup which toppled a weak monarchy in the 1960’s he was a devout pro-soviet marxist leninist to the core and thus anti-clerical and anti-muslim brotherhood. In fact, he took it upon himself to emulate the Chiness leader Mao tse Tung’s social engineering and total control of citizens minds and souls to make them new citizens free of feudal obscuratisms and superstition. He divised a green book (similar to Mao’s red book used during the year of cultural revolution). This green book contains as you have guessed socialist, Maoist, Marxist-leninist dictums and theoretical jargon or more appropriatly a regurgitated red robbin rubbish by Quaddafi’. This was seen at the time as an affront to islamic tradition among the conservative countries gardian of the Sunna and islamic tradition like Saudia Arabia. Even Egypt, which earlier brushed with a brand of Marxism with the leader Nasser but never confronted directly the institution of religion and its ulemas. Quaddafi went all the way to proclaim that god is an human invention and that Moh the messager was simply a military leader who wanted to unified the Arabs. And now it was time to reconsider the times and out himself as a the new unifier of Arabs and Africans. That was that…. the green book is now a relic of the past.

    When his dreams of new world leader were dashed he took it upon himself to be the guardian and supporter of ALL revolutionary movements of the world what ever their ideology or aims. And I mean ALL from the red brigades of Italy, Irish IRA, Spain’s separatist ETA, to the minuscule Polisario movement fighting against morocco’s monarchy and to the new global contrat terrorist actions taken by the Lybian’s sercret services if states are willing to pay the price (i.e., Lockerby was the result of a contract signed hit requested and paid for by the Iranians to suppposedly avenge the downing an Iranian airliner by and American cruse missile ) Permanent revolution and chaos had set in. His call now for Jihad is may be his new playing field. The Swiss minaret controversy is only a ploy (as this blog implies) to use for his son’s humiliation of being arrested and tried in a Swiss legal court for beating his slaves workers….

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