India: Eight killed, 40 wounded in bombing near synagogue

“German Bakery” Blown Up

Update: India: 26/11 Mumbai suspect Headley stayed at hotel near Pune blast site

Atlas:  9 Dead. 45 injured

Kill, kill, kill. Whine, whine, whine, Kill, kill kill. It’s all they know. Interesting that this bakery near the Jewish house was surveyed by American Muslim Daood Gilani (nee David Coleman Headle) who posed as Jew to surveil potential targets for Muslim violence and death.

Hmmm. Now what group would want to kill people around a “Jewish prayer house”? Note also that American-based jihadist Dawood Gilani — “David Headley” — who scouted out the Mumbai jihad attack sites, visited Pune also. “8 confirmed dead, 33 injured in blast at Pune bakery,” from the Times of India, February 13 (thanks to JW): We also have this article in German, thanks to Jihad Watch Deutschland:

Anschlag auf deutsches Lokal: Mindestens acht Tote

PUNE: In a suspected terror attack, eight people were killed and up to 40 injured in a bomb explosion in a popular bakery near a Jewish prayer house here in the first major strike after the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai.The blast occurred in the German Bakery, an old business establishment in the Cantonment area of the city, at around 1930 hours. ( Watch Video )

The famous Osho Ashram, frequented by foreigners, is also located in the vicinity of the blast site. US terror suspect David Headley is believed to have stayed at the Ashram during his visit to the city.

“It’s most probably a terror attack. We are sending a forensic team of CBI and personnel of National Investigative Agency (NIA)”, Union Home Secretary Gopal Krishna Pillai said in New Delhi.

Official sources said an Improvised Explosive Device was used to trigger the blast….

Sheik sez:

Many young Israeli’s travel around India after military service. There have been frequent warnings about an imminent attack on places that cater to them. The place of this attack is Poona, (spelled Puna) in this article, near the ashram where Rajneesh ‘Baghwan’ used to fleece mostly devoted German losers (or should I call them seekers of enlightenment?) in the seventies. Looks like India has a lot of dirty work to do to sort out the jihadists from their midst.

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  1. Shiek,who is this motherfucker ?..

    thinking he can allow himself to judge how other people live their lives,
    fuck you, moran..
    i’m neither german nor an Osho devotee, but i love India and places like Pune and it’s scary and very sad to see this brainless muslim jihadists taking it out on innocent people.. and with this comment I’m not judging all true peaceloving islamists out there, but I do judge those terrorist idiots, who add in making this world a more hellish place than it already is …
    you wanted truth.. there you go, that’s what I think..
    you’re right .. truly liberating..

  2. Once again the islamic pig has shown its courage and character – by murdering people at a restaurant. WHAT IS AMAZING IS THAT ALL THE MUSLIMS WHO FEEL THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ARE SILENT.

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