Islam Elevates Women, Right?

DC police enforce Sharia, eject women from main prayer hall in mosque

…because only men are allowed to pray there. Sharia Alert from…Washington, DC: “Muslim Women Protest Policies At Islamic Center Of Washington,” by Kavitha Cardoza for, February 22 (thanks to JW & Weasel Zippers):

The source of contention is a small room created with seven foot high wooden walls. Jannah B’int Hannah describes how she feels in there where she cannot see the imam, or leader of the mosque, speak.

“Boxed in, stifling, suffocating and totally a second class citizen,” says Hannah.

Perhaps its time to change your religion, Hannah!

Saudi cleric says that those who oppose gender segregation should be killed

Must be another misunderstander of Islam, would never happen under the reformed Islam that Tariq Ramadan is promoting, right…?

Shaikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barra

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