Halal Pork For Hamas

Hamas’ power play failed for now, and they have backed off enough to keep the aid coming. To lose $100 million in aid would surely entail some political fallout for the jihadist faux-state, as lavish U.S. spending on Gaza is the one form of “pork” that is completely halal.

But it appears to be a non-deal in the long run. Hamas has apparently not conceded its “right” to engage in the conduct that threatened the largesse in the first place. “Hamas official: We reached deal with US on Gaza aid,” from the Jerusalem Post, August 13:

A day after the United States said it had cut aid to Gaza, a Hamas official said the Islamist group and the United States have reached a compromise that will allowUSAID to continue its operations in the Gaza Strip, AFP reported.

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Like a boomerang: deported hate-preacher caught sneaking into US in car trunk….

What is it with radical Muslims who fight tooth and nail to remain in the West they despise? (eye on the world)

They got him out, but now he’s back: A radical headbanger was captured in San Diego after he tried to sneak into the country in the trunk of a car.

He was “controversial,” you see, and the usual suspects  supported him out of fear he would be tortured by the government (of Tunisia). His case drew support from Muslim organizations and Amnesty International.

(LA Times)

U.S. border authorities have arrested a controversial Muslim cleric who was deported from Canada to Tunisia three years ago and was caught earlier this month trying to sneak into California inside the trunk of a BMW, according to court documents.

Said Jaziri, the former Imam of a Muslim congregation in Montreal, was hidden inside a car driven by a San Diego-area man who was pulled over by U.S. Border Patrol agents near an Indian casino east of San Diego. Jaziri allegedly paid a Tijuana-based smuggling group $5,000 to get him across the border near Tecate, saying he wanted to be taken to a “safe place anywhere in the U.S.”

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Honor Killing Watch

Daily Telegraph

[Q 2:223] “Your wives are as a tilth unto you: So approach your tilth when or how ye will…”

(Musel-) Man sentenced to death in Jordan after killing wife for refusing sex

Yet another misunderstander of Islam who’s got his religion all wrong? Check out Muslim Woman, here…

A JORDANIAN man was sentenced to death last night for killing his wife and chopping her body up into small pieces because she allegedly refused to have sex with him, a court official said.

“Amman’s criminal court condemned to death the 28-year-old man, who worked as a nurse, for killing his wife in December 2007, claiming she stopped having sex after giving birth to a baby boy during their 18-month-old marriage,” the official said.

“Alleging that his wife, who was in her twenties, disrespected him and disobeyed him, the convict murdered the woman after drugging her.”

The official said the man, who hid the remains in different places to cover up his crime in Ruseifa, northeast of the capital Amman, was arrested in November 2008 after investigations revealed he was behind the murder.

“I want to tell you that I just killed my wife and I’m here to turn myself in”

Muzz before he beheaded her

Hassan’s calm call and confession to the police is consistent with the behavior of the perpetrators of other Islamic honor killings around the world. Many times they are quite calm after doing the deed, turn themselves in, and sometimes even express gratitude to Allah for the chance to cleanse their family’s honor. “Cops Detail Statements by Accused Muslim TV Exec in Wife’s Killing,” from 1010 WINS, JW  has more

Iraq: Girls sold as sex slaves, then prosecuted for prostitution and other “crimes”

“People don’t forgive. They don’t have mercy.”

And when they are released from prison, they face the prospect of additional violence and honor killings at the hands of their families and former communities: “We’ve come across cases where young women have preferred to stay in prison or custody than to be released….”

Apologists might claim this is “un-Islamic,” and possibly suggest that a more rigorous application of Sharia would prevent this sort of thing. But the problem itself emanates from the position of women under Islamic law as fundamentally under the control of male relatives (Qur’an 4:34) — essentially, possessions. “Sex slave girls face cruel justice in Iraq,” by Mohammed Jamjoom for CNN, May 5: JW has more>>

Ohio Homeland Security publishing "classic Islamist propaganda"

Jawa Report:

Fox  guarding chicken coop alert!

Omar Alomari speaking on preventing terrorism is a bit like asking Emperor Nero  speaking on fire prevention.

Not only in Ohio: The Sheriff of Los Angeles seems equally befuddled: “Just because they are Muslim Americans does not mean they want to destroy Israel or the U.S.,”

Update:  Hamas-linked CAIR to dhimmi LA sheriff: well done, good and faithful servant

Your taxpayer dollars hard at work:

A hearing yesterday House Homeland Security Subcommittee on “Working with Communities to Disrupt Terrorist Plots” featured Ohio Homeland Security Multicultural Affairs Director Omar Alomari. But Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, criticized the Ohio Homeland Security Department for materials authored by Alomari, which he described as “classic Islamist propaganda”.

From the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

Witness Omar Alomari is the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Department of Homeland Securitymulticultural relations officer. Since taking the job in 2006, he wrote a 40-page Culture Guide related to Arabic and Islamic Culture. In this document, Alomari defined jihad as the benign pursuit of personal betterment. It may be applied to physical conflict for Muslims, but only in the arena of Muslims defending themselves when attacked or when attempting to overthrow oppression and occupation.Jihad as a holy war is a European invention, spread in the West, he wrote.

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Islam Elevates Women, Right?

DC police enforce Sharia, eject women from main prayer hall in mosque

…because only men are allowed to pray there. Sharia Alert from…Washington, DC: “Muslim Women Protest Policies At Islamic Center Of Washington,” by Kavitha Cardoza for WAMU.org, February 22 (thanks to JW & Weasel Zippers):

The source of contention is a small room created with seven foot high wooden walls. Jannah B’int Hannah describes how she feels in there where she cannot see the imam, or leader of the mosque, speak.

“Boxed in, stifling, suffocating and totally a second class citizen,” says Hannah.

Perhaps its time to change your religion, Hannah!

Saudi cleric says that those who oppose gender segregation should be killed

Must be another misunderstander of Islam, would never happen under the reformed Islam that Tariq Ramadan is promoting, right…?

Shaikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barra

Other News from the RoP:

A New Threat to Free Speech on Campus


This past fall, a student group known as “Temple University Purpose” (TUP) invited the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders to give a speech on campus.  Wilders, one of the leading European critics of Islamism and a possible future prime minister in the Netherlands, was slated to show Fitna, his provocative documentary showing how Muslim jihadists draw their inspiration from the Koran not by distorting its message but  by taking its mandates literally. When finalizing the arrangements for Wilders’ appearance, TUP’s student leaders and Temple administrators agreed that the university would cover the necessary security costs for the event, as it does for all speakers.  But as campus leftists stepped up attacks on administrators for allowing Wilders’ appearance, the university began to look for the exit sign.  It settled on a back handed way of throttling free speech that is increasingly being employed by other schools,  USC and  UC Santa Barbara among them—forcing conservative student groups to pay costs for controversial speakers whose appearances become security problems because the campus left threatens violently to disrupt them.

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"How will it look if Christians execute a Muslim…?"

Christian-Americans Forbidden To Execute Murderer If He Is Muslim?

No Muslim must be killed for killing a kafir, a non believer.  His daughter wanted to leave Islam, which made her a kafir, and that’s why her father murdered her. Instead of applying the law, the Arizona judiciary wraps itself in preemptive, voluntary dhimmitude:

Arizona Prosecutors Won’t Seek Death Penalty in Honor Killing/Phyllis Chesler

Remember the case in which Faleh al-Maleki, an Iraqi-American father brutally ran over his daughter, Noor, in Arizona, then attempted to escape but was apprehended in Britain and returned to face justice?

Guess what’s just happened? The Arizona prosecutors have been scared off seeking the death penalty. Public defender Billie Little raised the specter of “How will it look for Christians to execute a Muslim?”

I kid you not.

Billy Little asked the judge to “take special precautions to ensure the County Attorney’s Office wouldn’t wrongly seek the death penalty because Almaleki is a Muslim.” Little called for an “open process (to) provide some level of assurance that there is no appearance that a Christian is seeking to execute a Muslim for racial, political, religious or cultural beliefs,” referring to County Attorney Andrew Thomas’ Christian faith.

Faleh and Noor al-Maleki

Words fail me here. Are Christian lawyers, by definition, hopelessly biased against Muslims? This is a fact not in evidence. Is the public defender Christian? Why should this matter in America? What if the judge is Christian? Does Billy Little understand that Muslim judges do not usually prosecute men who honor murder their wives, sisters, or daughters?

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Up in smoke…

Weasel Zippers:

Massive Explosion At Connecticut ‘Kleen Energy’ Power Plant…

UPDATE: News Coverage Added

Another Green FAIL: ‘Green’ Waterless Urinals Being Yanked Out Of Chicago’s City Hall Because They Smell

No more “Chocolate city”

New Orleans Elects First White Mayor Since 1979….

Tim Blair:


This rocks:

An Australian firm has signed a $60bn deal to supply coal to Chinese power stations.

Clive Palmer, chairman of the company, Resourcehouse, said it was Australia’s “biggest ever export contract”.

Under the deal, the firm will build a new mining complex to give China Power International Development 30m tonnes of coal a year for 20 years. More>>

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"War is a challenge to law, and the law must adjust…"

‘In a terror war, to hell with international law’

From Carl in J’lem

An important ruling has come down from the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. If it stands, I hope that Israel will implement it too.

Former Gitmo inmates who returned to jihad

The 2-1 ruling was handed down in the case of a Guantanamo detainee seeking release through a constitutional, or habeas, review of his case. But instead of being a paean to the power of the writ of habeas corpus, language in the opinions supporting the ruling may instead serve as a rallying cry for those who say it is time for the president and Congress to face reality and recognize the old rules no longer apply.

U.S. Circuit Judge Janice Rogers Brown wrote the majority opinion, and a separate concurrent opinion agreeing with the majority document. In that second opinion, in a highly unusual departure from judicial custom, Brown sets out a chilling vision of the stakes and new tactics in the war against terror.

“War is a challenge to law, and the law must adjust,” Brown wrote. “It must recognize that the old wine skins of international law, domestic criminal procedure or other prior frameworks are ill-suited to the bitter wine of this new warfare. We can no longer afford diffidence. This war has placed us not just at, but already past the leading edge of a new and frightening paradigm, one that demands new rules be written. Falling back on the comfort of prior practices supplies only illusory comfort.”

Not absurd at all. Little did we know how pampered these Gitmo apes are….

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is sometimes called the second highest court in the land. It reviews all cases arising from Guantanamo claims, and its decisions in that venue must be followed by the other U.S. circuit courts of appeal.

The case before it was brought by Ghaleb Nassar al-Bihani, a Yemeni citizen, who has been held at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, since 2002.

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Pali Muslim yelling "I want to kill all the Jews" taken off Miami flight

Feel the love. “Fla. police: “Man threatening Jews taken off flight,” by Curt Anderson for AP, January 7 (thanks to JW):

Even more interesting that AP instantly makes the claim that “the incident didn’t appear terrorism-related.”

An airline passenger who yelled “I want to kill all the Jews” on a Detroit-bound plane was arrested on disorderly conduct and other charges, but authorities said Thursday the incident didn’t appear terrorism-related.

   This image provided by the Miami Dade Police Department shows a booking photo of Mansor Mohammad Asad after he was arrested Wednesday.

This image provided by the Miami Dade Police Department shows a booking photo of Mansor Mohammad Asad after he was arrested Wednesday.

You see, this Mohammedan set out to “strike terror in the hearts of the enemy”- but immediately gets a free pass. “the incident didn’t appear terrorism-related”- nothing to do with Islam. Go back to sleep! And Allah knows best!

Read more: Pali Muslim

All 3 Major Domestic Terror Attacks of 2009 Were Directly Enabled by Obama’s Reverse-Profiling Orders, Exempting Muslims from Scrutiny [Reader Post/Flopping Aces]


Muslim charged after shouting on plane: “I’m Palestinian and I want to kill all the Jews”

But Islam is peaceful and tolerant, right? Only some unhinged, bigoted boor would go off about killing Jews, right? Well….

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews. (Sahih Muslim 41.6985)

Watch for a claim of “mental illness,” distress, etc, and sob stories about his “Palestinian” origins (even there, aren’t we repeatedly told that it’s “only” Zionism that is at issue?). What will go largely unexamined in the mainstream press (or quickly swept under the rug) is the root of the violent fixation with Jews beyond the grievance du jour.

“Toledo man charged in flight fracas,” by Tammy Stables Battaglia for the Detroit Free Press, January 7:

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