Jack 'resistance-is-useless' Straw: I was against it before I was for it….

Asian Image, 9 February 2010

Banning burka would waste police time

Remember: this is the guy who also believes “The English as a race are not worth saving!” –

Banning women from wearing the burka on the streets of Britain would be a waste of police time, Justice Secretary Jack Straw said today.

He told MPs he did not think police should be instructed to remove the garments from women who wore them for “religious or cultural reasons”. Mr Straw, who has in the past raised concerns about Muslim women wearing the veil, said he would “strongly recommend against a change in the law”.

At Commons question time he said: “All of us may have views about the wearing of the burka, but I do not believe that this is a matter which should be the subject of the criminal law in which we were expecting the police to remove these items of apparel from women who choose for religious or cultural reasons to wear them. That should have no part of the system of law in the United Kingdom.”

Flashback: “Arrest Jack Straw” – Jihad Watch

Note the fury and intrasingence. These women are not interested in the community harmonyor mature debate for which Jack Straw called. They are only interested in his surrender to their principles.

The above was written on October 22, 2006 . It is now obvious that Jack Straw never had any principles. His surrender is complete.

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  1. I’m agree with everybody afraid from Terrorists Jihadists whom just believe in dictatorship and violence, but you should know, as free societies, that the western was support the extremists till the crime act of 9/11 in USA, as democratic Muslims we need your support and more pressures on our dictator regimes, God bless freedom and free people

  2. Sohel Ahmed Bahjat a “democratic muslim” is a disobedient one to the quran. Those “extremists” who committed 9/11 were the obedient ones to Muhummad’s jihad.

    Qur’an:33:22 “Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah and have gone out for Jihad (holy fighting). Some have completed their vow to extreme and have been martyred fighting and dying in His Cause, and some are waiting, prepared for death in battle.”

    “Free societies” will always claim they were never born a muslim and will never submit to Islam, period. That makes them enemies of allah…and this justifies jihad in Islam.

    Qur’an:9:111 “Allah has purchased the believers, their lives and their goods. For them in return is the Garden of Paradise. They fight in Allah’s Cause, and they slay and are slain; they kill and are killed.”

    Not sure why I’m even saying, because if you are any sort of committed muslim you know this…and we who understand jihad understand this.

  3. ” revparadigm February 11, 2010 at 9:03 am”

    Just spreading the word ‘revparadigm’, just spreading the word further in order to connect with more and more people.
    A few months ago I thought Islam was the Religion of Peace.

  4. In the United States and specifically New York City, stands the Statue of Liberty, which was designed by the famous (Frederic Bartholdi) dedicated by the French Republic to the United States in 1886 in the first centennial anniversary of the United States independence, with a height of 46 meters and weight of 125 tons, without mentioning and detailing the date of design and development of this statue as a symbol of freedom, but I would like to compare it with the Iraqi artworks , and sorry that I called these artworks as “miserable” compared with the great artworks built by great people and nations, despite of that these statues are expressing the same issue and inspire us by the meaning freedom as usual, and they fully reflect the kind of freedom that we have.
    Baghdad, the Iraqi capital that I ve visited when I was a kid that is why I can t remember much about it – It contains two statues of liberty, the first mural is created by the late artist Jawad Salim, and the second is the Statue of Liberty in Al-Fardos Square, which replaced the statue of the tyrant Saddam, but I don t know who is the designer of it. But what sparked my attention here is that both artistic designs , especially the statue in Al-Fardos Square, doesn t reflect any psychological or emotional impact to the mind of the beholder, the mural is like a story and it needs the explanation as if it is something vague and incomprehensible to understand , and the statue ( of our freedom) is an accurate reflection of a distorted concept of our freedom, one of my friends described it saying sarcastically: (It seems to me like Grendizer cartoon injured by local IED.
    In our society freedom cannot expressing itself without to be with fear and the statue showing a sort of making art surrounded by fatwas prohibiting of “Photography” or images of living creatures, in religious concept the artist claimed the ability to creation as God!! The statue seems to me like a zombie so we don t know what it is, is unlike the statue of Scheherazade tells the story of Arab Nights to King Shahryar, or statue of maid in the story of Ali Baba and the forty Thieves, these statues seem to me more beautiful and realistic.
    We singing for freedom, and even the Baath mass-murderer was proclaiming freedom as sacred and put the word at the top of slogans, but because the people didn t realize and are still not aware the concept of freedom and the difference between people s freedom and freedom of the individual, this concepts still undiscovered by majority of Iraqis, the lack of the concept is makes people rush to freedom with emotion, but as a society try to establish the concepts of freedom and democracy to begin, others hurried to classification the freedom concept to acceptable and unacceptable with religious arguments, or sometimes some politicians refuse it on the pretext that the Iraqi society is “religious conservative” or “Iraq is tribal system”, “our own identity “,” fear for the morals! “.. etc.
    Our statues are very simple and poor lack to largeness, which creates a profound influence in the self that this statue reflect the majesty and magnitude of how much these people believe in freedom as sacred idea, but when we look Iraqis statues, we will found the importance of freedom in the eyes of Iraqi people, it same rank of bread, eggplant, electricity and other things that we need in our miserable lives, is that freedom we deserve to sacrifice for it? In other words, our work will look like this funny, to sacrifice himself for the sake of eggplant and a loaf of bread.
    Freedom has made the affluent nations, successful, rich, developed, and law respect, there are no people in history had produced a rich and entertaining freedom, freedom has always been the underlying motivation in the French Revolution , American revolution and even in Hindi peaceful revolution led by Mahatma Gandhi, We are witnessing the rise of India as a superpower nation, while the Iraqi revolution in 1920 which Iraqis proud in, produced a weak parliamentary system, distorted freedom ended with the fall of parliamentary democracy by nationalists and Baathists in the bloody 1958 coup, which was the dictatorship of the republic, broke up what was in the Iraqi state of good deeds. If we want to consolidate freedom actually in our social life, we need to habituated ourselves on ethics may seem foreign to us at first glance, the nations of the civilized world learned each individual respect the other individuals freedoms, In Turkey, is a Muslim secular country for example , every individual exercising his freedom without any interference from anyone, freedom is the only stipulated that the individual doesn t harm others, as for us, as Iraqis, it is too easiest thing to interfere with other people s affairs under the pretext of “preserving morality” and “religious fanaticism”, or deplore any opinion because “that it is kufr and heresy,” and the real obstacle to freedom is now, “the clergy” and ” clan-tribal system “, and when the Iraqis get rid of these obstacles, freedom will be available to us.

  5. As i told many times before Freedom is the worst ennemy of Islam,I think you’ll have a big problem here Sohel Ahmed Bahjat.

  6. ‘In Turkey, is a Muslim secular country for example’ …everyone’s opinion…I wish you the best i think that you really need it and pay attention to your neck,sword are flying low and high in the marvellous world of the religion of Peace.

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