Pakistan, Iran, Philippines

Jihad Diversity Watch:

Virgins? Me thinks not:

Nope, no “Islamophobia” here, oddly enough! Actually the perpetrator was a jihad/martyrdom bomber, hoping to reap the Qur’an’s promise of Paradise for those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (9:111).

“Pakistan suicide attack kills 3, wounds dozens,” from AP/JW

Only Allah knows best: I say let him sort ’em out!

Iran’s opposition leader says mullahs are misunderstanders of Islam

To be precise, at least according to this AP report, he said that “a dictatorial cult is ruling Iran in the name of Islam.” So presumably he thinks that Islam actually teaches something other than what the mullahs represent and teach. It would be interesting if he were to spell this out, since everywhere in the world where we have seen Islamic Republics and other self-styled Islamic polities, they don’t differ significantly from what we see in Iran.

And with Sharia on the confident advance in the West, this is a pressing question. “Opposition leader: A cult ruling Iran,” from The Associated Press, February 27:

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s opposition leader says a dictatorial cult is ruling Iran in the name of Islam.The criticism was the strongest yet by Mir Hossein Mousavi…..

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  1. Thanks for linking the letters from islamic freaks in Pakiland to Christians – again the ROP shown that it is a murderous brain washing technique that is followed only by the most intellectually retarded fools on this planet. Let us see if tarhide can justify these letters! Hey tarhide – why dont you write some new drivel justifying the behavior of your co-religionists – no copy and paste this time.

  2. The trouble with muslims is that they obey their god. Their god say kill and they kill, indiscriminately. The God we worship, is the God of love, the God who created the entire universe and also created the god the muslims worship and obey. You see, muslims serve the devil and that is why they believe they are pleasing the devil when they kill Christians.
    This is the beginning, for it is going to get worse, much worse. What we hear about and witness today, will happen all over the world when these demons of destruction get their way through fear, as it is already happening in England. They must be stopped in their tracks now, before it is too late. If our politicians refuse to deal with this situation now, they must be removed and tried for treason.

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