Sally Neighbour interviews prison imam who inadvertently spills the beans….

De-radicalizing Failure

Small Hope of rehab for addicts of Extremism

An article from Sally Neighbour in the Weekend Australian Feb 20-21.dissected by Australian Identity. Sally was featured here on this blog on several occasions:

Link & update from Australian Identity:

I refer patriots to an article in the Weekend Australian by one: Sally Neighbour.

I have not be able to find a link sorry.

Lets establish this right from the start: I consider her to be an appeaser & an Islamic apologist.

Small hope of rehab for addicts to extremism

There were many disturbing moments during the matathon case that ended last Monday in the NSW Supreme Court with five men sentenced to between 23 and 28 years’ jail for consipiring to prepare for a terriorst attack. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute said in a report last year that the supposedly rehabilitated JI members who had been released from prision could pose an even great er security risk, as some of them had gravitated to even more hardline groups that continued to advocate al-Qa’iada style attacks on western targets.

Weekend Australian, p4

Now, the point I make is this: their war against all things un-Islamic is so interwoven into their ideology that as soon as you make any serious enquiries into what it is they believe-it is only a matter of time before they give the game away. As we will see below:

You cannot tell lies without having to create second & third layers of lies to cover the first lot!

Take a look at this: Sally Neighbour cites the Muslim Imam from Bathurst mosque (Soliman Gilany) that is visiting the five jihad freaks in Lithgow gaol.

“Go for peace if your enemy is stronger…”


“In sentencing the Sydney terror cell last Monday, Whealy concluded that the five terrorists had little or no prospect of rehabilitation. However Gilany is more optimistic. He says that during the three hours he spent talking to the three men, he succeeded in persuading them that the laws of Islam forbid Muslims who constitute a minority- as they do in Australia-from taking up arms or fighting against the society in which they live”.
Weekend Australian Feb 20-21.

So there it is, in black & white patriots: Play the ‘nice guy’ while low in numbers. Start the slaughter & forced conversions once you have sufficient numbers.

Here’s more:

I have added the relevant Koran verse:

YUSUFALI: Be not weary and faint-hearted, crying for peace, when ye should be uppermost: for Allah is with you, and will never put you in loss for your (good) deeds.
PICKTHAL: So do not falter and cry out for peace when ye (will be) the uppermost, and Allah is with you, and He will not grudge (the reward of) your actions.
SHAKIR: And be not slack so as to cry for peace and you have the upper hand, and Allah is with you, and He will not bring your deeds to naught.

This is also 100% consistant with the example of the ‘prophet’. The Chief grub.

The article then goes on to say how the Muslim Imam should be allowed to visit more than once a week, to help de-radicalise the freaks.

No! I’m sorry. In order to de-radicalise all contact with this imam should be stopped & any practise of their ‘religion ‘ in gaol should be banned. Thats how you de-radicalise! Thats the message that Ron Woodham needs to heed & implement.

This is a case in point for the immediate suspension of Islamic immigration. & government sanctioned policy to limit the spread of this evil cult.

Concerned readers should write a letter to Commissioner Ron Woodham,  the head of the Corrective Services NSW, notify him of your concern.  Mr Woodham has expressed his concern about grassroots radicalism in mainstream jail with Islamic ideas.

7 thoughts on “Sally Neighbour interviews prison imam who inadvertently spills the beans….”

  1. She swings. She’s not all bad, but she doesn’t nail them either. Some of the stuff she writes is unnecessarily sympathetic…..

  2. The Australian is on of Rupert Murdoch’s rags and he is buying into the Middle East currently, where presumably his ‘publications’ will refract through rose-tinted glasses. The Sally Neighbour story was in the Inquirer section of the Australian and generally they are not available in the electronic form. The woman herself has no qualms about self-abasement before jihadists and has put the achievement of a journalistic prize ahead of the truth in a few instances by smoothing rough edges. If the press is the harlot of the ages, she’s in the right company.

    1. Sally Neighbour is not the worst. Like I mentioned above, she swings, sometimes sugarcoats. Perhaps she is concerned about her safety, or perhaps she just want’s to be able to continue traveling to Muslim countries.

      However, if the reporting doesn’t hold up to scrutiny because the reporters are compromised then its not worth much, or is it?

      Overall, the mental acrobatics from THE AGE are far worse.

      Greg Sheridan from The Australian is a bit closer on the ball, but also lacking insight and short on solutions….

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