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Weasel Zippers:

Massive Explosion At Connecticut ‘Kleen Energy’ Power Plant…

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Another Green FAIL: ‘Green’ Waterless Urinals Being Yanked Out Of Chicago’s City Hall Because They Smell

No more “Chocolate city”

New Orleans Elects First White Mayor Since 1979….

Tim Blair:


This rocks:

An Australian firm has signed a $60bn deal to supply coal to Chinese power stations.

Clive Palmer, chairman of the company, Resourcehouse, said it was Australia’s “biggest ever export contract”.

Under the deal, the firm will build a new mining complex to give China Power International Development 30m tonnes of coal a year for 20 years. More>>

We need an Australian Tim Montana to commemorate our new mega-mine in song. Even better, the mine – six mines, in fact – will apparently require the construction of a new dam, a new power grid, 500km of railway line and a 570km water pipeline. That means jobs, people. Tens of thousands of wonderful, life-enhancing, car-buying, family-building jobs. Naturally, greenoids are bawling:

A $69 billion coal deal announced by mining magnate Clive Palmer and Premier Anna Bligh is“another nail in the coffin of our climate”, says Friends of the Earth Brisbane.

Sucked in, losers. But no word yet from Kevin Rudd; he’s likely still consoling little Gracie, who at the moment probably feels let down. We now live in a time when massive job creation is regarded by the Prime Minister as a political liability.