'Broad support' for Australian Sharia law, sez Keysar Trad

Update: some comments from SMH

Of course.

Mohammedans are religiously obliged to replace infidel law, “man-made” law,  with the 7th century barbarism of Muhammad. That’s why Mohammedans are, and always will be, a fifth column, behind what they perceive to be enemy lines, in lands  that are not yet conquered by the soldiers of Allah.

Looks like Keysar & his ilk haven’t got the message yet: those who want “sharia law” have no place in Australia and should ship out, said former treasurer Peter Costello. It seems that the reign of his KRuddness has brought new hopen’change to Australia’s headbangers, and a damper is overdue.  Unlikely though, that this government of bumbling do-gooders  will  do what needs to be done anytime soon.


Sharia in action: A MELBOURNE woman trapped for years in Saudi Arabia has been deported and forced home without three of her children, who remain with her allegedly abusive former husband. The Age

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THERE’S “broad Muslim community support” for aspects of Sharia law being adopted in Australia, a leading spokesman for the religion says.

Why should we care? Keysar & Co. also advocate polygamy. The replacement mufti for catmeat sheik Hilali Sheik Fehmi advocates clit-cutting.  None of it will benefit Australia. Shape up or ship out Muslims!

Newscom.au/thanks to Mullah

However, harsh penal aspects of the law, including stoning and chopping off hands, will never work and aren’t being called for, Islamic Friendship Association of Australia president Keysar Trad says.

But personal aspects of the law, particularly those involving marriage and inheritance, would be broadly supported and would offer great help to ordinary Australian Muslims, he said.

Trad &  brood….

“The criminal dregs of white society colonised this country, and now, they only take the select choice of other societies, and the descendants of these criminal dregs tell us that they are better than us.””–  Who the hell allowed these creatures to pollute this country..?

Mr Trad’s remarks come after Dr Zachariah Matthews, president of the Australian Islamic Mission, made a similar call, saying aspects of Sharia law could run parallel to existing legislation.

Dr Matthews was speaking during an open day at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney on Saturday.

Some non-Muslims in the audience were reportedly left shocked by the speech.

“Most people seem to think that when it comes to Sharia law it’s just about the penal provisions, but that’s not that case,” Mr Trad said.

“(The penal provisions) can’t work here. No serious person would advocate them.”

But he said adopting aspects of Sharia marital and inheritance law – in a dual legal system – would be an advantage, particularly for women.

“At the moment it can disadvantage Muslims here, particularly women, because if a woman gets divorced through the normal civil process that divorce is not recognised in Muslim countries,” Mr Trad said.

“So they would still be considered to be married elsewhere.”

Equally, Australian governments don’t recognise divorce documents made by imams, the mosque and community leaders, Mr Trad said.

“These are all considerations that Muslims living in Australia face all the time and a lot of them support introducing these parts of Sharia law here,” he added.

Dr Matthews also said he was not proposing the introduction of wider Sharia law.

“I don’t think we are so unsophisticated that we cannot consider a multilayered legal system as long as it doesn’t conflict with the existing civil system,” he was quoted as saying by Fairfax.

There are about 340,000 Muslims in Australia, or 1.7 per cent of the population, Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show.


Tim Blair:

Open to closing

Sydney’s Lakemba mosque, home of controversial cat meat cleric Sheik Hilaly, held an open day on Saturday.Support for sharia law was expressed. Brilliant timing – the open day coincided with marches for International Women’s Day:

This year’s local theme is Fair Go for Women, in Australia and Around the World, and the plight of women in Burma and the murder of hundreds of women in Jaurez, Mexico, were highlighted …

Closer to home, the issues of Australian women’s pay, maternity leave, women in prison and abortion were also raised.

Another subject was either ignored by marchers or omitted from that report.

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  1. If islam is a race, as its followers claim when it suits them, there is no place for its racist, apartheid laws here.

    Iranian “sheik” to be deported after ASIO found him to be a security threat – ABC fawns over the poor “peace-maker” while the usual suspects warn of the usual consequences:


    Peace-making sheikh on verge of deportation

    [Religious and community leaders in Sydney are rallying behind an Iranian sheikh who will be deported from Australia in a fortnight.

    Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has lived in Australia for the past 16 years but was prevented from gaining a permanent visa after being declared a security threat by intelligence agency ASIO.]

  2. re: Sheikh Mansour Leghae, his mate Rev. Dave Smith should be deported along with him.

    As for Keysar, I believe that there is broad support in Australia for the deportation of Islam.

  3. It is being reported as retaliation for violence against muslims..also being reported as ethnic violence rather than religious violence.
    Trad is looking so well fed..muslims on welfare all seem to look like this.

  4. One has a choice. He or she can go back to his or her God given country of wealth and richness dominated by democratic principles and chivalry. Or, he or she, can opt to live in Australia and live by Australian laws and customs. It is idiotic to have two systems of laws in one country. Only maniacs who want a free ride think such thoughts. They should be given a free ride back to where they came from by being supplied with wooden boats with oars to last the return trip.

    When one is born into this Earth he or she comes with nothing. When he or she goes wherever he or she is supposed to go in the end, he or she takes only his or her stupid soul along – provided he or she had a soul.

  5. Please expressly contact Rudd and tell him – NO sharia – also raise significant concern on the Victorian Human Rights commission. The muslims are directly emailing Rudd and the ALP, as well as the relevent civil service departments. So folks, email and write, it is OUR country – FIGHT FOR IT!!! This is an urgent request – send an email today expressing your concerns!!!!

  6. It’s troubling to hear the same confusions in the great nation of Australia, that we have in the United Statest.

    People are confusing the need to observe human rights, with an assumed obligation to let sworn enemies of our nations and their foundational principles have their way with them. There is nothing about human rights that says one must surrender their nation to those who would dismantle and replace it. And if someone insists it is their right to do that to our nations, and then takes non-political action to do so (e.g., inciting others to violence to intimidate the peoples of those nations to submit to their agenda), they should have to answer to laws in those nations.

    What are these people thinking? Actually; we know what they are thinking, because they have told us. We are immoral dogs who have no right to exercise sovereign control; that right belongs only to Allah and his anointed righteous servants…who, of course, include anyone who calls themselves Muslim.

    I don’t blame Muslims for doing this; they are simply deceived and blindly following their lifelong programming. I blame our leaders who lack the bravery to risk looking bad on a newscast and possibly a subsequent election, so would rather sell off their entire nations to avoid it.

    Perhaps these are the ones we most need to export…

  7. There is also only muslim support for Sharia. And I do blame muslims – at some point in ones life one must grow up! Darrin is correct – there is massive Australian support to have the fat troll deported with its various families.

  8. Ran across this on random google search. Could not leave without commenting on the mind-blowing stupidity of it:

    You’re all clearly morons. It’s clear that none of you even know Australian muslims.

    There are problems whenever any migrant group begins the process of assimilation. Idiots you like you simply slow the process down and increase the prospects of conflict by taking seriously the opinions of nutjobs and using them to demonise entire groups.

  9. Please let us know where that mystical country is where Muslims have successfully assimilated, will you?

    In the meantime, this is for you:

    “Assimilation is a crime against humanity”

    More Erdogan quotes?

    “One cannot be a secularist and a Muslim at the same time. The Muslim world is waiting for Turkish people to rise up” he declared. Then there was the time he was sentenced to four months in prison for provoking religious animosity by publicly reciting the following lines: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers. . . . This holy army guards my religion.”

    * Erdogan stated that democracy was like a bus: “You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.”

    * “There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s that”


  10. * taking seriously the opinions of nutjobs and using them to demonise entire groups

    The demonic nutjob allah demonises entire groups, and its followers carry out its will.

    Straight from the nutjob, via its false prophet:

    [9.29] Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

    Hell awaits it, and its followers, unless they repent.

  11. What,
    Muslims have never assimilated ! Please tell us where a mass migration of muslims has resulted in no significant damage to the original populations in recent times. The problem is that a significant minority in the target group are taking their nutjobs seriously and following their advice (and yes, I know Australian muslims quite well). A significant problem is that we have morons like you setting policy to the detriment of both people who wish to integrate and the general community. There is a problem in the muslim community – only they can address the problem for a solution to be effective without mass removal of the muslim population but until they do find a solution they are a danger. Understand that???????????????

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