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"Sydney Sheik Will Die for Democracy"

Sydney Sheik wants to die.

But before he dies, he wants aid. Or money. Democracy. Or something:

Sheikh Zuway says the international community needs to do more.


“People here, they did not hear anything about Australia … they are a good people, yet why they did not do anything? Why didn’t they send us some aid, some[one] very high up [in] responsibility? he said.

Sheikh Naser Zuway travelled to Benghazi last week to protect his wife and children who were holidaying in Libya.  (source) thanks to Islam Monitor

Libya is on the brink of civil war as the battle for control of the country intensifies. (ABC)

Sh. Naser Zuway, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police Tony Negus and Sh. Fawaz Kamaz

Trad shocked

Drew Warne-Smith/Australian (thanks to Mullah)

A PROMINENT Islamic community group that planned to present a peace prize to the son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has withdrawn his nomination after his support for the violent suppression of demonstrations in his homeland.

(Prominent?  What makes a group of  bludgers prominent?)

Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, confirmed his organisation had intended to award Saif al-Islam Gaddafi its Champion of Cultural Inclusion prize for 2011.

He had been nominated by members of the Libyan community in Australia for his work freeing political prisoners detained for opposing his father’s regime and securing the release of Bulgarian nurses wrongly accused of infecting children with HIV.

Hmm, what a racket that was. His father created a problem that only his favorite son could solve? How slick!

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Get a job Keysar. Just get a job!

Islam Monitor

LSM to the rescue:

The latest criticism of so called “multiculturalism” from various political leaders brought our main stream media into a damage control frenzy (just read those teary Christmas Island funeral stories).

And yes, it is all about Muslims (painted by the media as good, sometimes misunderstood individuals), who suffer terribly from the hands of bigoted Australians.

And all they do is just desperately try to fit into the society despite some insignificant cultural differences.

Oh, why people just can’t get along (and accept the burqa, wife beatings and FGM).

As a devout Muslim and second-generation Lebanese-Australian, Mohamad is a migrant success story, but as he readily concedes, he is not typical of the young men in his community.

In addition to crime and disadvantage, he has grown up experiencing the more everyday manifestations of racial intolerance – ridicule for a different-sounding name and a funny set of customs. “There is no doubting the hurdles we face, the problems,” the 21-year-old said yesterday. “So many of the boys I used to know were capable of so much more but they’re in prison, or sitting at home, or looking for a job, or on minimum wages because of the limitations put on them, by themselves and by the society.” (source)

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Keysar's Legal Jihad

Explosive argument behind Trad’s defamation reasoning

PAUL SHEEHAN/SMH (Thanks to Dhumme Dhimmi)

The man carrying a legal bomb into courtroom 11A in the NSW Supreme Court building on Friday morning did not look menacing and is not menacing under normal circumstances. But these were not normal circumstances. This was cultural war. The legal bomb was brought to court by the once leonine figure of Clive Evatt, a veteran defamation lawyer who now walks with the aid of a cane, on which his severely bent frame leans heavily.

As Evatt took his place at the plaintiff’s bench, the man on whose instructions he was acting, Keysar Trad – a thickset, bearded man wearing a grey suit, blue shirt and tie – sat alone in the back row of the public gallery.

Trad is no stranger to litigation. Over many years he has expended untold hours making formal complaints to the NSW Supreme Court, the Administrative Decisions Tribunal, the Anti-Discrimination Board, the Human Rights Commission, the Press Council, other review bodies and, above all, the media, where he has operated as a quote-machine representing the Muslim community in Australia.

He was in court on Friday because of a disaster of his own making. After delivering a hostile tirade against Sydney’s top-rated radio station, 2GB, during a ”peace” rally in 2005, Trad was himself criticised the next day by a 2GB presenter, Jason Morrison, though not in the same language Trad had used at the rally where he claimed to speak on behalf of Muslims in Australia.

Trad sued for defamation. He was the star witness for his own case. The senior judge, Justice Peter McClellan, the chief judge of common law in the NSW Supreme Court, found against Trad, and found him to be a witness of little credibility, a man of extreme views and, in summary, ”a disgraceful individual”.

Such was Trad’s performance under oath that on Friday the counsel for the defence, Richard McHugh, SC, delivered this devastating portrayal of his credibility under oath: ”[Trad] attempted to evade responsibility for his statements by claiming he was misquoted, by claiming he was taken out of context, by claiming he had changed his mind, or by claiming he did not even know what he had said or written at the instant he said or wrote it. He was entirely disbelieved.

”[His] evidence that he did not know who was the author of Mein Kampf – and his feigned attempts at a thought process to recollect the author’s name – were a low point in this trial. The transcript in this case can supply only a colourless picture of the evidence at trial.”

Interesting. Trad hasn’t heard of Hitler and his bestselling book? Probably never heard of jihad either…?

Even before this appeal, Trad was facing legal costs exceeding $250,000. He decided to up his risk. On Friday morning, I counted 16 lawyers in the court. At this level, justice is neither fast nor cheap.

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'Broad support' for Australian Sharia law, sez Keysar Trad

Update: some comments from SMH

Of course.

Mohammedans are religiously obliged to replace infidel law, “man-made” law,  with the 7th century barbarism of Muhammad. That’s why Mohammedans are, and always will be, a fifth column, behind what they perceive to be enemy lines, in lands  that are not yet conquered by the soldiers of Allah.

Looks like Keysar & his ilk haven’t got the message yet: those who want “sharia law” have no place in Australia and should ship out, said former treasurer Peter Costello. It seems that the reign of his KRuddness has brought new hopen’change to Australia’s headbangers, and a damper is overdue.  Unlikely though, that this government of bumbling do-gooders  will  do what needs to be done anytime soon.


Sharia in action: A MELBOURNE woman trapped for years in Saudi Arabia has been deported and forced home without three of her children, who remain with her allegedly abusive former husband. The Age

Click on image to enlarge

THERE’S “broad Muslim community support” for aspects of Sharia law being adopted in Australia, a leading spokesman for the religion says.

Why should we care? Keysar & Co. also advocate polygamy. The replacement mufti for catmeat sheik Hilali Sheik Fehmi advocates clit-cutting.  None of it will benefit Australia. Shape up or ship out Muslims!

Newscom.au/thanks to Mullah

However, harsh penal aspects of the law, including stoning and chopping off hands, will never work and aren’t being called for, Islamic Friendship Association of Australia president Keysar Trad says.

But personal aspects of the law, particularly those involving marriage and inheritance, would be broadly supported and would offer great help to ordinary Australian Muslims, he said.

Trad &  brood….

“The criminal dregs of white society colonised this country, and now, they only take the select choice of other societies, and the descendants of these criminal dregs tell us that they are better than us.””–  Who the hell allowed these creatures to pollute this country..?

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Muslims Downunder Whine Over "Harsh Sentences"

The usual suspects throw hissy fits over “harsh sentencing” of Islamic terrorists:

Pic thanks to Aussienews&views

Can we really blame them? They are only following their religion, they are good muslims and good muslims are, by nature, terrorists. Their religion  commands them to ‘strike terrror in the hearts of the unbelievers’- and since all religions are equally bad, who are we to judge?

But wait,  isn’t jihad  nothing but inner struggle? Perhaps they were just misunderstanding their peaceful religion….? Just like this guy here:

Misunderstander of Islam’s wife misunderstood Islam, hoped he would kill many Infidels and get killed in the process

“Lets not rush to conclusions” -Hussein Obama would say…..


A sequel to this: Aussie Police: “Jihad is an ongoing problem”

SYDNEY Muslims are ”angry and frustrated” at the severity of the sentences meted out to five men convicted of terrorism offences, say community elders who worry that the strict penalties will serve to radicalise more young Islamic men.

”The penalties, while they are warranted, they seem really harsh,” said the president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Ikebal Patel. ”There is a real possibility that this might alienate some members of the Muslim community … there’s a lot of frustration and anger.”

On Monday Justice Anthony Whealy of the Supreme Court sentenced the five men from Sydney’s west to jail terms of up to to 28 years.

Justice Whealy admitted there was insufficient evidence the men intended to kill, comments seized upon by Keysar Trad, chairman of the Islamic Friendship Polygamy Association of Australia.

”Even if they had talked about things like this,” Mr Trad said, ”it is very likely that there would have been a very large number of points along the way where they would have reconsidered because they didn’t want to kill anybody.”

Mr Trad added: ”It seems our standard has changed from proving a crime beyond reasonable doubt to the possibility that they might have intended to commit a crime.”

But what of the stockpile of weapons, ammunition and potential explosives?

”That doesn’t translate into a wilful intent to commit an act of terrorism,” he said.

Sheikh Khalil Chami of the Islamic Welfare Centre in Lakemba (also a promoter of polygamy) regularly visited the convicted terrorist conspirators, who range in age from 25 to 44, in jail. He is certain they were radicalised in Sydney.

Hmm, who or what could have radicalized him? Any idea?


$10m of taxpayers money to try terrorists

The Opposition condemned the spending, and said “thousands” of Australians were denied any legal assistance – let alone one million dollars. At a parliamentary committee hearing, the Government revealed the accused terrorists were given $10.1 million in legal aid. The Daily Telegraph seems to have the link removed. Here’s the article from Aussie News who comments: Always plenty of Money hanging about in Australia so long as you are committed to the destruction of it’s people or working against them and the nation you are a preferred recipient

Why should polygamy be a crime?

KEYSAR TRAD/Sydney Moonbat Herald

We should take this a step further: why should wife beating be a crime? Why bother with prosecuting honor killings, or killing your daughter for apostasy? Why should the rape of uncovered women be a crime? Hey, why do we even bother to prosecute Islamic terrorists who only follow the Koranic commandment to strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers? Should be prosecute people for  cutting the clitoris out of their daughters? Why don’t we have public floggings for drinking beer and fun for the whole family, like stoning adulterous women for Friday afternoon entertainment?

There are still a few things missing, but you get the drift. Welfare recipient Keysar Trad, “out of context” spokesman for catmeat sheik Taj din al Hilali who calls Australians the “criminal dregs of white society” wants to take us a step further towards that Islamic paradise that worked so well in so many other countries that have been conquered and are now impoverished by Islam. Here is  an account of his latest activities:

In a liberal society such as Australia, it should not be a crime to have more than one wife, argues Keysar Trad.


IN JUNE last year, Triple J’s current affairs program Hack ran an item on plural relationships. The ABC’s youth broadcaster interviewed me about polygyny, a form of polygamous marriage in which a man has more than one wife at the same time. A bisexual couple were also interviewed.

More on polygamy:

“Every Muhammedan is entitled to his 4 women tilts…”

burkalili3Four tilts is all a (Musel-)man needs, on the dole…

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"Polygamy and Other Islamic Values are Good for Australia"

The Torture Never Stops:

kaizertradd_wideweb__430x3001Keysar wants to breed some more…

Australia provides severe penalties for such unions, but once the soldiers of Allah have their feet on the ground, they are religiously obliged to remove all hindrances to shari’a, Islamic law. You know the drill: opposing  Islam causes wars (jihad) for which  the kuffar is responsible

H/T Mullah

Keysar really has a boner for polygamy, its not the first time he’s been pushing the boundaries:

“Every Muhammedan is entitled to his 4 women tilts…”

burkalili3Four tilts is all a (Musel-)man needs, on the dole…

“Festival of Dangerous Ideas October 3-4”

Tickets onsale Monday 10 August, 9am!

Keysar Trad is a spokesperson for a section of the Australian Muslim community, and no stranger to controversy thanks to his former role as an interpreter for Sheik Taj El-Din Hilaly. He will argue that the values that have served to protect, preserve and strengthen the family in the Islamic Culture could benefit Australians:

As the family is failing and losing significance in the developed world, we could gain much benefit from appreciating the values that have served to protect, preserve and strengthen the family in other cultures.

Today, apart from the fear of losing one’s assets, marriage means little more than a lavish wedding party, to be held quite late in a person’s middle age out of a sense of nostalgia.

With modern trends leading away from marriage, you find Muslims and other religious people asserting the importance of preserving marriage and the family.

Islam teaches that if a man starts to feel a strong attraction to a woman other than his wife, rather than starting an illicit relationship, they will have the option of an openly acknowledged marriage that, unlike an affair, does not carry any stigma or shame.

Yet Australia provides severe penalties for such unions.

Duration: 60 minutes with no interval

Sydney Opera House