Canada: A Nation In Fear

In fear of Ann Coulter, of course.

What  did you think? Canada is the model for the coming Australian Yuman Rites Charter, a place where François Houle, Provost of the University of Ottawa, wrote preemptively to Ann Coulter, that Canadians enjoy only the right to government-regulated “free speech” and that therefore she may be liable to criminal prosecution before she arrived to offend:

Kathy Shaidle has three great round-ups here, here and here.


Ann Coulter visits a nation in fear:

Since arriving in Canada I’ve been accused of thought crimes, threatened with criminal prosecution for speeches I hadn’t yet given, and denounced on the floor of the Parliament (which was nice because that one was on my “bucket list”).

Posters advertising my speech have been officially banned, while posters denouncing me are plastered all over the University of Ottawa campus. Elected officials have been prohibited from attending my speeches. Also, the local clothing stores are fresh out of brown shirts.

The Face of Progressive Canuckistan:

“Students”  protest Coulters “camel” remark.

Students at the university apparently met for seven and a half hours to compose a series of anti-Coulter resolutions.

Our duty as Australians is clear. We must expel a Canadian diplomat.

Coulter On Canadians

Ann Coulter: “You guys used to be so cool. You were smokers. You had epic hockey fights. We had half our comedians from Canada. Now you’re all a bunch of girls named Francois.  The Globe & Mail comment section is full of spitting moonbats

Update from Mark Steyn:

MARK STEYN ON Francois Houle and Ann Coulter: “Alliances between the state’s ideological commissars and street mobs are a familiar feature of certain kinds of societies, and I suppose Canada will soon get used to its membership of this unlovely club. . . . What a wretched embarrassment to a once free society.”

Scummy little sockpuppet Fatima reading her prepared question: Blazing Cat Fur offers evidence that she’s a rabid Israel/Jew-hater: It’s Called Palestine Not Israel! As you can see she is reading her question from a Blackberry, so who put her up to it?

The dinosaur media are vast lumbering eunuchs too cowed by political correctness to do even elementary research. Fatima Al Dhaher, the poor wee thing traumatized by Ann Coulter’s camel joke, turns out to be a Jew-hater who wants to eliminate the State of Israel. But that’s too complicated for the media to fit into their Sesame Street narratives.

A little Coulter Compilation

6 thoughts on “Canada: A Nation In Fear”

  1. Why are people so down on her when its only her opinion. She is so right about Canada that there is only Controlled Free Speech that the government wants to hear from us.

  2. Canada, in abject fear of muslim terrorists, pander to their whims and oppose an articulated speaker like Ann Coulter on the grounds of fear. If these pansy livered pussies are unable to contain their fear, they should hand over the running of the country back to the original owners, the Red Indians and get the hell out.

  3. Can anyone tell me, once and for all, why governments world-wide are letting this go on?

  4. I am fairly certain that by writing to Coulter, and gathering to protest her at Uottawa, Canadians were exercising their right to freedom of speech.

    I am willing to reconsider my opinion, but feel that the words of few have been projected onto many. Hopefully I can receive some genuine feedback on the following questions, as all I can find online currently is regarding the recent event.

    I doubt all Americans believe in and hope to achieve everything Ann Coulter has promoted – have there been no protests? If so, what is the difference? If not, are American’s too scared to exercise their right to free speech?
    How should a large group of people deal with a situation or a set of ideologies they oppose, if not protest it?
    Is Ann Coulter dealing with the protest appropriately? Calling Houle an asshole on her blog does not seem the best way to counter the situation.

    1. Ceara,

      Free Speech means Free Speech. Either we have free speech or a totalitarian nightmare. It does not matter whether Ann Coulter represents a minority, a majority or just herself: she has a right to free speech, she has a right to be heard and you have a right not to go if you don’t like it.

      Hate is a human emotion, not an action. Ann Coulter cannot be accused of hateful words. Words can be noisy, but they can only hurt feelings.

      “How should a large group of people deal with a situation or a set of ideologies they oppose, if not protest it?”

      They did protest it, didn’t they? They incited hatred against her, they threatened physical violence, her safety couldn’t be guaranteed and her speech was cancelled. Exactly what you wanted, right?

      Free Speech means I can call you an asshole, especially when you behave like an asshole. You don’t have a right not to be offended, but Ann Coulter has every right in the world to be offended by the ass-Houle’s of this world who believe in a G-d given right to preemptively denounce someone’s right to free speech.

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