Mark Steyn: was she asking for it?

Kathy Shaidle: I guess I gotta write about this &%$#ing thing

Tarek Fatah Smears Wafa Sultan update:

Now, “Islam Expert” Licia Corbella of The Calgary Herald has weighed in, as follows:

Recently, Tarek Fatah wrote a column that condemned former Muslim, Wafa Sultan, who gave a speech recently at a Toronto synagogue. During the speech, Sultan, Syrian-American and author of A God Who Hates, said the Prophet Muhammad raped Aisha, one of his wives when she was nine and he was 54. Evidence makes it clear that this is not true.

Really? What evidence? All the earliest accounts state that Aisha was six or seven when she was married to Mohammed, and nine when the marriage was consummated. The exception is the biography of the Prophet written by Ibn Ishaq (died circa 761) and edited by Ibn Hisham (died 833), which states that Aisha was ten when the marriage was consummated. Other than that, the age is not a matter of serious dispute. More from Mark Steyn

Fitzgerald: The Michael Coren Show: “Those Sikh Terrorists Who Allowed The Tamil Tigers” (Part II of III)

We are now ready to continue with our discussion of The Michael Coren show, Part 2. Please take the time, once again, to watch both segments.

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is above. And my discussion of Part 1 is here. (Jihad Watch, of course)

Muslims: Let’s just be honest. Please.

The Muslim speaker is claiming that there was only one source for Muhammad’s marrigae to the six year old Aisha. This is similar to the claim that Jihad had nothing to do with holy war ~ and that it was all about inner peace ~ that has since been put to rest.

Here is little Aisha in her own words:

‘A’ishah said : I used to play with dolls. Sometimes the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) entered upon me when the girls were with me. When he came in, they went out, and when he went out, they came in.” Sunan Abu Dawud vol.3 no.4913 p.1373

The hathiths point to Muhammad going after another child of the age of 2, but died before he could get his hands on the child….

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  1. Child brides are everywhere..even in NZ..there was recent expose on TV ..12, 13, 14 year least one expected to marry the animal who raped her after school…This must be happening in Aussie.
    Why are they getting away with it?

  2. What’s more interesting is Aisha’s reaction upon being told that she was to become Mahound’s wife at age 6. She became sick and her hair all fell out.

    Now what could cause that to happen?

  3. Theresaj,
    It is happening, but the media is complicit in keeping quiet. Mr. Murdoch’s arab lovers probably instructed him to keep things quite.

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