Child Brides & Other Women's Business


Girl, eight, sold to Afghan police officer as his bride… 

“Bride prices” are up to $20,000 and the big payers are those rich in opium, gangsters, middlemen and warlords.

  • After the case of a three-year-old girl who was being prepared for marriage in October 2007, Afghan officials promised to crack down on the practice. (I’m sure their promise is good as gold)

Aisha & the Pedophile Profit of Islam

Pali child bride on the way to her ‘wedding’…..

The misspelling of ‘Profit’ is intended. Muhammad, inventor of Islam, was no prophet like the prophets in the Jewish  Bible. Muhammad started out as a highway robber. In the process he became the greatest profiteer of Islam.

Mark Steyn takes a closer look at The case of the part-time pedophile

Well, that’s what Perry Mason would have called it. But 21st century Europe is a long way from Erle Stanley Gardner. On Tuesday, in a story headlined “Austrian Court Upholds Islam’s Blasphemy Rules“, Nina Shea reported:

Whose Law Rules in Austria? (GoV)

Today, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a young Viennese mother, was convicted under section 283 of the Austrian penal code of vilifying religious teachings for her negative commentary on Islam in a lecture before a political-party gathering in Vienna; she was fined 480 Euros. Sabaditsch-Wolff, a diplomat’s daughter, had lived and worked for several years in various Middle Eastern Muslim countries, and at the lecture in question spoke critically of the treatment of women and the practice of jihad in Iran, Libya, and other places that she had lived in.

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Mohammed believed in women's rights, says poster campaign. Oh, really?

Douglas Murray

This week sees the launch of a hilarious new campaign called “Inspired by Muhammad” (as we are now all expected to spell Mohammed). It claims to want to “improve the public understanding of Islam and Muslims”. It is being strongly pedalled by taxpayer-funded Muslim organisations. Which makes it another nice example of the British people being preached to and proselytised in an Islamic way, presumably at our own expense.

Vlad Tepes takes it a step further:

“Inspired by Muhammad”

There is a website called, ‘Inspired by Mohamed’ which is an attempt to sell Islam to British people as if it was some wayward form of Tibetan Buddhism.

This has annoyed the hell out of a lot of people not the least of whom is one of Vlad’s readers, ‘Proud Kaffir’ whos lucid and cutting comments you will find on many of our posts as well as his most excellent drawing of Mohamed he contributed to Vlad’s ‘Everybody Draw Mohamed day’ video.

PK makes his point as well. I bet a lot of you can come up with some more ideas for this series. I say we keep it going. Post your suggestions for Proud Kaffir in the comments. I have a few of my own such as, ‘Murder the husband and son of a family right in front of the wife and mother of them, then rape the surviving woman and tell everyone its OK, you “married” her. Then use the fact that you slaughtered all these people cause they where Jews who wouldnt follow you as messiah and raped and enslaved the good looking women as proof that “Islam doesn’t hate the Jews. Mohamed had a Jewish wife!”

(Trouble is that Mohammedans really say (and do) believe that.) Read it all/Vlad Tepes

But what did Mohammed mean by women’s rights?

The site is well worth a visit. Its “Who was Muhammad?” section is particularly delicious. There are sections on Mohammed “the orphan”, Mohammed “the shepherd” and Mohammed “the husband”. There are, sadly, no sections on Mohammed “the war criminal” or Mohammed “the close friend of a little girl”.

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Mark Steyn: was she asking for it?

Kathy Shaidle: I guess I gotta write about this &%$#ing thing

Tarek Fatah Smears Wafa Sultan update:

Now, “Islam Expert” Licia Corbella of The Calgary Herald has weighed in, as follows:

Recently, Tarek Fatah wrote a column that condemned former Muslim, Wafa Sultan, who gave a speech recently at a Toronto synagogue. During the speech, Sultan, Syrian-American and author of A God Who Hates, said the Prophet Muhammad raped Aisha, one of his wives when she was nine and he was 54. Evidence makes it clear that this is not true.

Really? What evidence? All the earliest accounts state that Aisha was six or seven when she was married to Mohammed, and nine when the marriage was consummated. The exception is the biography of the Prophet written by Ibn Ishaq (died circa 761) and edited by Ibn Hisham (died 833), which states that Aisha was ten when the marriage was consummated. Other than that, the age is not a matter of serious dispute. More from Mark Steyn

Fitzgerald: The Michael Coren Show: “Those Sikh Terrorists Who Allowed The Tamil Tigers” (Part II of III)

We are now ready to continue with our discussion of The Michael Coren show, Part 2. Please take the time, once again, to watch both segments.

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is above. And my discussion of Part 1 is here. (Jihad Watch, of course)

Muslims: Let’s just be honest. Please.

The Muslim speaker is claiming that there was only one source for Muhammad’s marrigae to the six year old Aisha. This is similar to the claim that Jihad had nothing to do with holy war ~ and that it was all about inner peace ~ that has since been put to rest.

Here is little Aisha in her own words:

‘A’ishah said : I used to play with dolls. Sometimes the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) entered upon me when the girls were with me. When he came in, they went out, and when he went out, they came in.” Sunan Abu Dawud vol.3 no.4913 p.1373

The hathiths point to Muhammad going after another child of the age of 2, but died before he could get his hands on the child….


Lots of inner struggle here. Make sure you have barf bag ready…

Tarek Fatah: “She (Aisha) could have been between 19 and 21…”

Steve Gilchrist is as ignorant as a dumpster…. In defence of Wafa Sultan,” by Joanne Hill in the National Post, but better with great comments from Jihad Watch

Ali Sina’s Coup de Grace:

“Give them the freedom to choose: that’s all I’m asking for. Give them the freedom to search, to ask, to be exposed to different sides, different values, different lifestyles.”

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Muslim Child Brides in Britain

by Hege Storhaug/Frontpagemag

Emulating Muhammad:

Muhammad, profit of Islam, married Aiisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9. In the meantime, he enjoyed the “pleasure of the thighs…” and since Muhammad was “the perfect man”, al insan al kamil, he is to be emulated by every believing Muhammedan on the globe until the world is Islamic and all religion for Allah…

It is heartbreaking, even as it is unsurprising.  In Britain, the authorities are now reporting the forced marriage of girls as young as nine years old on British soil.  We are not talking about one case, but several, which take place under official protection. We are not speaking, then, about parents or “husbands” who are being charged with a criminal offense.  The situation, in other words, is completely unacceptable and makes clear that we have a crying need for a new approach to these matters.  Government must put its foot down – and powerfully so – so that there will be no doubt as to the way in which such grotesque crimes will be addressed.

Other News:

Is Scott Ritter a pedophile?

Sex sting in Poconos nets former chief U.N. weapons inspector

I always suspected that cocksucker. Now some things start to make sense. Could blackmail have been a reason for Ritter’s 180-degree turn on Iraq?

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Rumors of Aisha's Adultery and Allah's Silence

Well, what’s good for the goose is sauce for the gander. After all, did Muhammad not commit adultery and broke his own laws when he screwed Zainab bint Jash, the wife of his adopted son, Zayd?


Sirat Al-Halabi,
Muhammad can have a woman no matter what, even against her will; and if Muhammad desired a married woman, her husband would have had to divorce her. According to Ibn Sa’ad, who wrote another authoritative biographical account of Muhammad,“The prophet did not die till all women were permitted him”

If Muslims don’t like it, they should go and burn these books.”
Sunan Bayhaqi and Al Halabi.

Why Allah maintained silence for a month when rumor about Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha’s adultery was brewing, and why He eventually broke His silence to defend Aisha…

Islam Watch:

Hadithul-ifk, meaning ‘the untruthful talk’, is the name given to the rumours that circulated in the city of Medina upon the return of the Muslims’ Army after defeating the tribe of Bani Al Mustalk. The Muslims’ army won an easy victory over the Jewish tribe and returned fully laden with slaves and other war booties. However, a last minute hitch turned what should have been a big day into one of the most embarrassing days in Muhammad’s life. What could be more embarrassing to a man than returning home and discovering that his wife was out with another man? You can imagine how Muhammad felt when he watched, along with the other residents of Medina, his favourite wife entering the city with a stranger!

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Its all about obliterating the evidence…


Mohammedan Intolerance on the Temple Mount

Obama Leads International Effort to Divide Jerusalem

End the Arab occupation of Israel


“Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”

Abu Hussein Obama told AIPAC members in June that Jerusalem should remain the capital of Israel and must remain undivided: But, that was just a campaign speech. He needed the Jewish vote.

Now the Muslim POTUS Obama is leading the charge to divide Jerusalem.
One Jerusalem reported: video and transcript thanks to Gateway Pundit thanks to Gramfan

mvc-620xBuried beneath the “Al Aksa” Mosque and the Dome of the Rock lie the ruins of an earlier Mosque, beneath them a Byzantine Church, under which lie the ruins of the second and first Jewish Holy Temples. This spot being the holiest in the world to Jews, and  Christianity and Islam draws its legitimacy from Judaism, the thirty six acre compound has sparked countless wars over the centuries. From the Islamic Conquest through the Crusades, all the way down to the “Al Aksa Intifada” of 2000 and the anti-Jewish riots throughout the Arab world last week, the question over who has authentic roots on this tiny 36 acres of land sends entire civilizations to war in every century. Planet Israel


Last week, our synagogue in Beit Shemesh made its annual High Holy Day week visit to the Temple Mount. We began the tradition six years ago when the site was reopened to non-Muslims. During the first three years following the start of the September 2000 war launched against Israel by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Hizbullah, the government decided to reward Arab terror by barring all non-Muslims from even setting foot on the Temple Mount.

muslims_praying_templemountNote that the worshippers of Muhammad are banging their heads on the floor towards Mecca, which confirms that the so-called ‘Al Qutz’ mosque has no significance to them…

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Anjem Choudary Calls for Sharia in Britain

He also denounces the socialists and invites the anti-fascists to convert to Islam:

thanks to Gates of Vienna

UK Asylum: No compassion for apostates from Islam. Only serious Islamic terrorists  need apply…

Other Links:

Yemen: 12-year-old girl, pregnant by 24-year-old husband, dies in childbirth

That makes Muhammad’s wife Aisha one of those “brides of death” herself. And he set the disastrous precedent — as a “beautiful pattern of conduct,” per Qur’an 33:21 — that leads to cases like this. That is the ultimate reason that child marriage has persisted so stubbornly across the Islamic world.  Not that this has anything to do with Islam. Or does it….?

Miranda rights for Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan:

Terrorists in Afghanistan Allowed to Challenge Detention: First time in history the enemy can call witnesses, submit their “evidence”

Atlas Shrugs

Stupid and dangerous — I must be talking about more Obama foreign policy.

I don’t know what this is, but I know what this isn’t — a winning strategy. Losers groveling to the enemy.
This is a set-up — we have to get our boys and girls outta there. What soldier in his right mind would take anyone prisoner under these insane conditions? This is after they have read the savages their rights on the battlefield.

Where the commander-in-chief sides with the enemy, bring our kids home!

Question Number 6 for Solkhar!

Not that we have much hope for Solkhar to answer the question:  he is yet to answer the first five. But if Solkhar is truly a moderate, modern, civilized Muslim he would certainly agree with Geert Wilders: Wilders  just called the Islamic prophet Muhammad a pig for marrying Aisha when she was six and consumated the marriage when she was nine.

Question for Solkhar: is the 80-year-old Muslim within his rights or is he a pig like Muhammad for ‘marrying’ a 10-year-old girl?

Wilders: 80-year-old Muslim who married 10-year-old “is behaving like a pig, just like the barbarous Prophet Mohammed, who married the six year old girl Aisha”

Child bride

Now this will be interesting. Right now Wilders is playing offense: “The PVV leader wants Verhagen to summon the Saudi Arabian ambassador to express his repugnance.” But expect the cascade of protests and condemnations — from both Muslims and dhimmis — to begin soon. Still, however, this puts those who will condemn Wilders in a peculiar position. If they take issue with his characterization of Muhammad, they will either be excusing the Muslim prophet’s marriage to a six-year-old and declining to condemn those Muslims who imitate their prophet by taking child brides,or, if they say that Muhammad didn’t actually marry a child, they’re in the position of denying evidence that is in the sources Muslims consider most reliable. Yet as this incident with the 80-year-old and his 10-year-old bride demonstrates (“my marriage is not against Shariah,” said the codger), many Muslims take that evidence quite seriously.

“Wilders Compares Prophet Mohammed to Pig,” from NIS News, August 28 (thanks to JW):

THE HAGUE, 28/08/09 – Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has seized on a news report from Saudi Arabia for peppery written questions to the cabinet. In these, he compares the Islamic prophet Mohammed to a pig.

Wilders has requested clarification from Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen on a marriage in Saudi Arabia between an 80 year old man and a 10 year old child. The child had run away from her elderly husband, but was brought back to him by her father, the English-language website Arab News reports based on a Saudi newspaper.

Wilders asks the minister if he shares the view that “this man is behaving like a pig, just like the barbarous Prophet Mohammed, who married the six year old girl Aisha.” The PVV leader wants Verhagen to summon the Saudi Arabian ambassador to express his repugnance.