Masters of Projection

Toronto Muslim, student at York University, calls for genocide on website called “Filthy Jewish Terrorists”

He also says, “if there were any planned attacks against Canadian/American soldiers by ‘Muslim militants’ in Canadian soil, I’d support it.”

Clear and present danger. “Toronto man investigated again for hate writings,” by Stewart Bell for the National Post, March 3:

TORONTO — Just months after Ontario decided not to charge a Toronto man with hate crimes, partly because he was undergoing rehabilitation, he is again being investigated over his online writings on a website called Filthy Jewish Terrorists. More from JW>>

Other News from the RoP

Women Objecting to Polygamy ‘Insulting Prophet Muhammad’

“Polygamy in Islam doesn’t degrade women,” the spiritually inclined Dhani told Detik Hot. “Any Muslim woman who objects to it is insulting Prophet Muhammad

Islamic preacher who called Jews ‘filth’ to speak at London university

TROP via Vlad Tepes

Guest speaker: Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick will lecture students at King’s College

A London university has been condemned for inviting an Islamic preacher with anti-Semitic and homophobic views to give a lecture to students.
Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick is due to speak at King’s College’s Strand campus at six tonight.
Peter Tatchell, of pressure group Outrage, accused university bosses of cowardice and “complicity with fundamentalism” by giving the preacher a public platform.
Sheikh Quick has denounced the “filth” of Jews and once gave a televised lecture in which he said the Islamic position on homosexuality is “death”. He added: “Muslims are going to have to take a stand [against homosexuals] and it’s not enough to call names.” More Islamic preacher who called Jews ‘filth’ ...

Learning to say non: Niqab-wearing woman removed from French class in Quebec

Somewhere along the line, after allowing her to give presentations with her back to the class, they decided enough was enough. “Que. government forced woman from classroom for refusing to remove face covering,” from the Canadian Press, via JW

“When people come to Canada we’re not coming to the Islamic Republic of Canada,” said Raheel Raza, a Muslim women’s-rights activist who has argued for a public ban on religious face coverings.

“We are coming here because we want that freedom, we want the separation of church and state.”

But one Muslim group disagreed.

The Canadian Muslim Forum, which claimed the woman was intimidated by other members of her class, said the move amounts to a misreading of the situation.

“In Quebec people have the right to wear what they want,” said spokeswoman Kathy Malas. (Translation: men have the right to beat and kill women if they don’t wrap themselves in shrouds and impose themselves on unsuspecting kafirs/ed)

“It’s not a question of reasonable accommodation at all. She was complaining about how she was being treated by other males in the class.”

2 thoughts on “Masters of Projection”

  1. As an English Canadian, I’ve at times had a low opinion of the province of Quebec for many and varied reasons. All the rest of Canada has had beefs with Quebec.

    But in this case I totally agree with Quebec’s stand. Another victory for freedom happened in the tiny town of Herouxville, whose municipal council passed in 2007 an official code of “life standards” designed to advise new Quebecers of the province’s cultural norms. The code basically stated, we do not practise polygamy, separation by caste, sex discrimination or segregation or honour killing. Although a secular society, Quebec observes traditional Christian holidays and has buildings and streets named after great Christian figures. Boys and girls play together in our parks and public facilities, and your doctor or lawyer or MP might be a woman. Get used to it.

    I’m proud that Quebec is a part of Canada.

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