Australia: compo for unwanted welfare seekers

They risk their lives (and the lives of others) to get here, then sue over injuries received after they’ve arrived:

Tim Blair calls it CASH FOR OUCHIES

Dozens of asylum-seekers have received a total of $5.4 million in compensation payouts from taxpayers for injuries they suffered while in detention.

New ME & Afghan Arrivals

They risk their lives (and the lives of others) to get here, then sue over injuries received after they’ve arrived:

Dozens of asylum-seekers have received a total of $5.4 million in compensation payouts from taxpayers for injuries they suffered while in detention.

Official figures obtained by News Ltd reveal that more than 50 immigration detainees have pocketedan average of $100,000 each over the past two years.

News Ltd says the federal government has refused to detail the reasons for the multi-million-dollar payouts to detainees, saying only they were related to wrongful detention or injuries suffered in detention.

It must be part of the government’s ingenious plan to repel would-be asylum seekers and end the trade in people smuggling. Which is just going brilliantly:

In September, Australia’s detention population included 4527 people who had arrived illegally by boat.

This compares to just four people in November, 2007. Under Labor, the number of those held in detention centres has increased by – wait for it – 113,075 per cent. So much for Rudd’s pre-election boast that he would turn them back.

While the federal government is handing out millions to accident-prone boaties, another Australian government isclosing down a productive farm. Do hit that last link. Greens are involved.    (9NEWS/thanks to Rossco)

How do we make KRudd pay for this?

Define “stopped”

Stopped from going where?

THE navy has stopped the fourth and fifth suspected asylum-seeker boats to enter Australian waters in the past week.

Before KRudd weakened our laws, we’d get three boats in an average year. Now we can get five in a single week. Andrew Bolt

Asylum seekers headed for Darwin hotels

ABC News

Twenty-three asylum seekers are set to be transferred from Christmas Island to Darwin this afternoon.

The six Afghans and 12 Sri Lankans are in family groups and will be put up in hotels or public housing – not in detention.

Why is this guy in Australia?

Why did Riz Wakil not stay in Pakistan? Was he not safe in Indonesia? Why is his promoting a “kinder” policy that has already seen a reported 130 Afghanis drown? Why did he insist on coming to Australia, which is not an Islamic country, why could he not stay in Indonesia, which is religiously obliged to accommodate Muslim refugees?

The good news: KRudd’s Obamoment is over:  he will be Gillarded by a SHEMALE clone of himself…. and he will be gainfully employed as a gas detector in the mining industry……

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My KRuddness! Now He Tells Women What to Wear…

KRudd launches fashion attack on journalist

Latika Bourke is a political reporter.

KRudd is under fire after criticising a reporter’s dress sense at a press conference yesterday. (bizarre comments )  NineMSN

Foul mouthed KRudd wants to fine YOU for swearing:

Oh sh*t: Swearers face instant $100 fines: Queensland police will be able to issue $100 fines for swearing in public under controversial new legislation

Hypocrisy of the left: Why no tears now for dead asylum seekers?

WHERE are they now, those hypocrites who once noisily wept over John Howard’s “cruelty” to boat people?

Why aren’t they shedding tears over the 170 boat people since believed killed under these more “compassionate” policies they voted for?  Andrew Bolt: no tears  for dead welfare seekers?’

Another KRuddish “success” on boat people

It’s worked so well that Labor sets a record:

THE federal government’s freeze on the processing of Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum seekers has slowed the influx of boat people, evidence suggests, with arrivals down by almost a quartersince the decision was made.


AN Australian navy patrol boat has intercepted a boat carrying suspected asylum seekers off Australia’s northwest… Mr O’Connor said initial indications suggested there were 33 passengers and three crew on board.

Criticising KRudd “distasteful”

Former Labor speechwriter Dennis Glover suddenly gets sensitive about criticism of a Prime Minister:

Rudd-bashing is the fashion. It’s becoming rather easy. And also, perhaps, a little cruel and distasteful.


Yet Howard-bashing, on the other hand, was not only tasteful but just what the doctor ordered….Permalink

Australians: These Fake Refugees Will Murder You & Your Children!

Rudd gives us more boats, detainees and detention

Update: KRudd’s attempt to buy political time on asylum seekers as the federal election draws nearer will not deter 10,000 Afghans and some Sri Lankans in Malaysia and Indonesia from trying to boat to Australia.

2nd update: The 39th boat of 2010 arrives. Ten on board.

The Australian reports:

“Kevin Rudd shuts refugee door”

No. He doesn’t. He just delays processing for 3 months. Cozmik Debris. In reality KRudd was advised by strategists weeks ago that he had to act. Border control, they told him, posed an election risk in key marginal seats.

KEVIN Rudd has frozen asylum applications from Afghans and Sri Lankans after receiving advice that people-smugglers were preparing to launch a new wave of vessels for northern Australia.

“Sources” confirmed yesterday that the decision, announced yesterday, came partly in response to new intelligence that people-smugglers were forming “new ventures” overseas expected to boost the boat traffic.

While the government presented the move as a well-considered response to improving security circumstances in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, the opposition said it was proof the government’s previous approach had encouraged people-smugglers.

Meanwhile, at the Lodge: the gift that keeps on giving…..

Sri Lanka’s acting high commissioner to Australia, Sashikala Premawardhane, said conditions in Sri Lanka were normal. “There is absolutely no reason for any to seek asylum in Australia or anywhere else.”

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KRuddwatch: Welfare Seekers Are Fleeing Peace

Andrew Bolt

Rudd panics: now says boat people may be fleeing peace

More KRudd: Free Speech For ME But Not For Thee:

Facebook protects Rudd, defames Abbott

Craven opportunist

So why did Kevin Rudd suddenly get tough on boat people? Was it because his weaker laws had caused too many boats to land? Had lured 53 boat people to their deaths? Had cost taxpayers countless millions? Had poisoned relations with Indonesia? Had helped queue-jumpers to push ahead of real refugees?

None of the above. Laurie Oakes explains, without a word of criticism:

The Prime Minister was advised by strategists weeks ago that he had to act. Border control, they told him, posed an election risk in key marginal seats.

Rudd gives us more boats, detainees and detention

The vast majority of asylum seekers arriving in Australian waters by boat are Afghans and some Sri Lankans

I guess KRudd needs to establish a new rubber stamp bureaucracy to deal with this.  The bleeding hearts over at the ABC are already whining over this “inhumanity”

Another boat, and nearly more deaths, forces the Rudd Government to announce that these poor refugees are probably not fleeing danger, after all:

All new asylum seeker claims from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are being suspended, as news emerges that 70 people were rescued from a sinking asylum boat off Christmas Island early this morning.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans says the Government has decided to implement the processing suspension due to “changing conditions” in both countries…

This means any new asylum seekers now arriving in Australian waters from those two countries will not have their refugee applications processed until the suspension is lifted.

The suspension comes as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reviews the international protection guidelines for both countries.

But, but, but… weren’t they fleeing genocide” Wasn’t this flood of boats caused by ”new conflicts” and overseas ”push factors”?

It seems to me from this that Immigration Minister Chris Evans is now admitting the Government lied all along in denying its policies had lured so many thousands here in boats:

The changes we’re announcing today send a strong message to people smugglers that they cannot guarantee a visa outcome for their clients.

So it really was the guaranteed visa outcome that people smugglers were advertising that drew so many boats here? Then why didn’t Rudd just say so a few dozen boats ago?

Liars and incompetents.

Mr KRudd, please explain: What does “intercepted” mean?

Mohammedan welfare seekers keep invading Australia

Andrew bolt:

How Kevin Rudd’s navy “intercepts” boat people:

A media release issued by Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor yesterday announced: “HMAS Broome. . . operating under the control of Border Protection Command, today intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel in the vicinity of Christmas Island.”

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