Open your wallets: Obambi calls "entrepreneurship summit" with Muslims

Which means that the U.S. gives Muslim countries more money, which they fritter away on dawah or jihad or perks for the high command, and everything continues as before.

For Hussein, everything is about Muslims. He is a Muslim.  Other peoples money. He became the Islamic infil-traitor in chief to ruin America financially and militarily.

What a demented creature!

“Obama calls ‘entrepreneurship summit’ with Muslims,” from AFP, March 5 (thanks to JW):

The White House on Friday announced a “summit on entrepreneurship” to build economic ties with the Islamic world, part of President Barack Obama’s outreach to Muslims.The White House said it has invited participants from more than 40 countries over five continents for the April 26-27 conference in Washington.

“The summit will highlight the role entrepreneurship can play in addressing common challenges while building partnerships that will lead to greater opportunity abroad and at home,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said..

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

Nearly a dozen Muslim states have received, just since 1973 alone, more than a baker’s dozen — that is thirteen — trillion dollars, all without lifting a finger, or exhibiting any “entrepreneurship” whatsoever. They have not shared that wealth with the other Muslim states, preferring that those states receive their support from Infidels, who have complied, with ever-dizzying amounts of aid, or of sums spent to make some godforsaken place “prosperous” — two trillion dollars is the amount spent or committed to Iraq alone, though Iraq may have the second, or possibly the first, largest oil reserves in the world, and ought to have been able to have borrowed against that future stream of oil revenues. And ths aid continues, without let-up, for the donor starts to think he dare not diminish, much less discontinue such aid, for fear of how the Muslim recipients might react. And the Muslim recipients pocket the aid as their due, offer no gratitude to the Infidel donor, and become outraged whenever there is a hint of that aid being diminished. In other words, both the Infidel giver and the Muslim receiver assume the natural psychological attitudes of Muslim and Dhimmi in a Muslim-ruled polity, the attitudes of the non-Muslim who gives his tribute, his Jizyah, and the Muslim who takes that tribute, as by right, and insists on more, and more.

When the Obama Administation singles out Muslim states for this kind of solicitousness, it also invites the raising of certain questions.

For example, what’s a poor non-Muslim country to think? Should it think: Tiens, perhaps we should start turning Turk, that is becoming Muslim, in order to attract American aid and comfort of every kind? And who can say they would be wrong?

But the impoverished non-Muslim peoples, those mainly in sub-Saharan Africa but also in Asia and Latin America, should not have to think for one second that Muslims will be favored, and this kind of program does exactly that.

The other question that such a program nataurally raises is that of understanding the relation of culture to economic development. How can the Administration continue to ignore the fact that without oil, almost the entire Muslim world would look, economically, like Yemen? The handful of countries that are not in that category include two – Turkey and Tunisia — that have a secular class that has been responsible for whatever economic development has hitherto taken place (now, here and there, in Turkey there are some religious Turks who are having some modest economnic success in limited fields), and two others — Malaysia and Kazakhstan — where there are large numbers of non-Muslims, and in the case of Kazakhstan, the Soviet anti-religion campaign took, so that many of those who call themselves “Muslims” do not exhibit any of the attitudes of Muslims elsewhere, and are non-believers, at best “cultural Muslims.”

Three things explain the failure even of the fabulously rich statelets of the Gulf to develop modern economies and to rely entirely on foreign wage-slaves.

One is the Islamic hatred of bid’a, Innovation.

The second is the inshallah-fatalism that is everywhere in societies suffused with Islam, and that acts as a break on hard work — why bother, if Allah disposes according to his whim.

The third is the culture of the tribal raid, and the absence of any work ethic, so that local Arabs are sorely aggrieved if they have to show up, in Saudi Arabia or the sheiklets, for more than two hours a day. Anything else is horrifying to the

5 thoughts on “Open your wallets: Obambi calls "entrepreneurship summit" with Muslims”

  1. I thought it was against the constitution of America, for the US government to base policy or initiatives on the basis of religion.

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  3. America has built up the arab nations to be the curse that they have become in the world today. Anything or anyone associated with muslims, is like being joined and part of the devil. The religion called mohammedism is a dangerous evil cult. Although they do not openly admit it, they serve the devil and now, the devils new representative, or, as is commonly said, the anti-christ, sits comfortably and firmly entrenched in the white house. Now, can you understand why he is inviting them to the white house? Yes, you guessed it, to get them to know who he really is, their leader and soon to be, world leader.

  4. Makes me kind of glad that I live in this frigid wasteland called Canada.
    I sit here and enjoy my Molson Canadian lager and worry about my brothers and sisters to the south but there really is nothing we Canadians can do to help. We can’t vote their administration out of office. It’s up to the people of the US to stop the national socialist from changing America into a rag-head-republic. He said he wanted change for America and the American people fell for it. Well, now they’ve really got change alright. But I don’t think they’re going to like what they see in his secret political and social agenda.
    I only pray that these morons in the Whitehouse don’t get the idea of invading Canada once they’ve become a sharia dictatorship.

    Funny! I was thinking, which is highly unusual of me,
    …if Obama is truly a Muslim then why does he drink alcohol and eat pork? Or does he???
    Has anybody questioned or explored his diet and drinking habits?
    Does halal meat flow into the Whitehouse?
    Naw! He eats cheese burgers and fries…he’s normal in that respect. He like pizza and beer, right?
    You can’t say he’s a muslim if he does all those things?
    Anybody know him back when he was in University?
    ‘Just wondering.
    He could be “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, I suppose.

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