"Our Man in Kabul"- Karzai "Very Angry" At Taliban Chief's Arrest

Muslim brothers…

I agree with Karzai: he should have never been arrested. I think he should have been shot.

Karzai “was very angry” when he heard that the Pakistanis had picked up Baradar with an assist from U.S. intelligence, the adviser said. Besides the ongoing talks, he said Baradar had “given a green light” to participating in a three-day peace jirga that Karzai is hosting next month. AP

Talib Chief Roasted in Drone Attack

ACLU shrieks: ACLU Sues US Over Use of Drones in War Zones/The ACLU wants use of drones banned in war zones./Gateway Pundit

The US killed a key al Qaeda operative involved in the network’s external operations during an airstrike last week in the Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan.

Sadam Hussein Al Hussami, who is also known as Ghazwan al Yemeni, was killed during the March 10 airstrike in the town of Miramshah, according to a statement released on a jihadist forum.

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Burqa wearing suicide bombers roasted

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Burka-clad bomb attackers shot dead in Lashkar Gah