3 thoughts on “A Bastard From A Bastard: His Home Country is Kenya!”

  1. “Woman escaping from country to make sure she and baby can live,” “couple facing prison because of kissing,” “overseas residents flocking to awful totalitarian country to be seriously inconvenienced, possibly die for some cause …” what do all these stories remind us of? That’s right: The worst excesses of Communist China (And North Korea.)

    Nobody in their right mind can any longer call islam a “religion.”

    Religion, for normal human beings on earth, means something spritual, perhaps believing in an entity larger than humanity, something for which to strive … an ideal greater than us.

    The more I read about islam, however, the more I’m reminded of China during Mao’s cultural revolution. And before and after.

    To wit:
    The non-questioning worship of an insane mass murderer. Tick
    Men and women largely separated. Tick (During the worst excesses of Mao, in the slave labour camp which was China at the time, married couples were separated and only allowed one day a month to be together to create more “stainless cogs in the machine of socialism”)
    Women blamed for all evil. Tick
    A pathological interest in controlling other people’s sex lives. Tick
    An intense need to make everything enjoyable forbidden, such as music, art, nice clothes, parties. Tick
    A deep need to make all foreigners (in the case of Mao, all non-Chinese, in the case of muslims … everybody who’s not muslim) enemies. Tick
    Public displays of affection, punishable by death. Tick
    Even thinking about mildly criticising or laughing at the regime, punishable by death. Tick
    Escaping the regime, punishable by death. Tick
    Homosexuality, punishable by death. Tick

    My fingers are wearing out but suffice to say, this “religion” of “peace” is nothing but an ideology no better or worse than any fascist, communist, catholic etc. ideology in history … except this time the very people it wants to eradicate, are applauding its progression!

    Everybody knows islam wants to obliterate everything that’s good about western culture, so why are they so ready to brand everyone daring to speak out against it as a fascist? Do they really think that if they defend the long-bearded tent-wearers, it means they will be beheaded last?

    The apologists and appease-mongers would do well to read their history books. Time and time again, it is the people propping up any revolution who are killed first by the very people they sucked up to.

    Why should it be any different this time? Especially seeing the people they are trying to suck up to, live in the middle ages in the first place?

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