Wanna bet that Shrillary will ask Huma for advice?

Genocide Watch, a highly respected U.S.-based nonprofit organization led by arguably the world’s foremost expert on genocide, has been sounding the alarm on the genocidal onslaught facing South Africa for a decade.

Last month Mrs Clitman went to south Africa.  She made a  dancing fool of herself, after  pledging billions of dollars and praising the criminal  Zuma government.

When Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton declared that white South African farmers were facing a genocidal onslaught and that communist forces were taking over the nation,  nobody took notice.

Two decades ago  the apartheid era came to an end and Western governments helped bring the communist-backed African National Congress to power. What great idea that was!

“Afrikaner lives do not count for the Obama administration,”-- Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group.

Hillary Clinton Under Pressure to Tackle Indonesia over Rising Religious Violence

Attacks against both Christians and minority Shiite Muslims by militant Islamic groups are on the rise in the archipelago nation …  The Telegraph–By David Eimer in Bangkok via mullah  02 Sep 2012

Kenya: Obama Buddies Riot

Preacher accuses colleagues of spreading hate; Muslim leaders said those who torched churches or killed in the name of Islam were not true Muslims

Sheikh Juma Ngao, a Muslim cleric, has accused his colleagues of fanning violence that rocked Mombasa since Monday.  Ngao said some clerics were preaching hate against Christians.

“Using the killing of the preachers to burn churches, destroy property and kill innocent people is criminal.”

South Africa’s black president sings killing songs as thousands massacred

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The eyes of the world were on South Africa two decades ago as the apartheid era came to an end and Western governments helped bring the communist-backed African National Congress to power.

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Boko Haram vows to fight until Nigeria establishes sharia law

I guess we’ll never know what motivates them. As always: nothing to do with Islam:

Exclusive: Spokesman for Islamist group  Islamic terrorists says it will not stop deadly attacks until country is ruled according to dictates of Allah

The Islamist group Boko Haram, which has killed almost 1,000 people in Nigeria, will continue its campaign of violence until the country is ruled by sharia law, a senior member has told the Guardian.

“We will consider negotiation only when we have brought the government to their knees,” the spokesman, Abu Qaqa, said in the group’s first major interview with a western newspaper. “Once we see that things are being done according to the dictates of Allah, and our members are released [from prison], we will only put aside our arms – but we will not lay them down. You don’t put down your arms in Islam, you only put them aside.”

Somalia’s al-Shabab militants ban Red Cross aid work

Al-Shabab had already halted the work of several aid agencies working in the famine-hit region, including some from the UN. It accused them of exaggerating the scale of the problems for political reasons, and trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. (BBC)

What’s cooking in Senegal?

Spin from Al Jizz:

The president’s decision to run for a third term has been met by anger in one of Africa’s most mature democracies.
It was one of the most peaceful nations on Africa’s west coast. But is that beginning to change?

Ninety-four percent of the country’s population is estimated to be Muslim……

Kenya police arrest imam over weapons cache

Kenyan police say they have arrested an imam after they found a cache of weapons in his house.

The chief of police for the coastal region says the suspect is a sympathizer of Somalia’s al-Shabab militia. Deputy Commissioner Aggrey Adoli says the haul included a pistol, a rifle, detonators and hand grenades. Aboud Rogo was named in a U.N. report last year as having links to al-Shabab, and is on bail for possession of weapons.

He wuz framed!

But Rogo’s wife Khania Saidi Sagar says police framed her husband. She says the house was searched in front of Rogo’s mother and children and nothing was found.

Kenya Jihad

Kenyan clergy reject constitution draft, say it introduces Sharia law by stealth – and exempts Muslims from adhering to bill of rights on equality

Thanks to Islamization Watch

This what the whole stink surrounding Kenya’s elections was all about — the opposition leader – Raila Odinga – was found have made a secret deal with Muslim leaders to introduce Shari’a law if elected – while he was not quite elected – to settle the violent dispute that ensued – he was brought in as deputy PM or President – the mention of Islam in the proposed constitution can only be seen as a fulfilment of the promise for Shari’a law made to his electorate.

If in this new proposal – the Muslims are seeking to be excluded from right and freedoms as set out by the bill of rights for the rest of Kenya’s country men ~ it shows you already that Muslim women who use the Islamic [Kadhi] courts are going to get a bum deal. Those who want to leave Islam may also be punished under the court.

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Report: Somalia’s al-Shabaab declares jihad on Kenya
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Huh? Not dead?

Jihad leader Mehsud ain’t dead, he’s just hiding, says Taliban

Jihadists never die, they just smell funny…

And he may be, too. After all, the most famous Undead Jihadist, Osama bin Laden, was widely rumored in 2003 and 2004 to be enjoying his virgins, only to turn up again just before the election to cast his vote for John Kerry. Only time will tell.

An update on this story. “Baitullah Mehsud alive, in hiding: Pakistan Taliban,” from the Economic Times, August 8


Top’s not off either…

Tim Blair – Sunday, August 09,

Earlier reports of terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top’s eradication may be wrong, although some remain convinced:

“The man shot dead in ?Temanggung is Noordin,” a senior anti-terror officer involved in the operations told the New Sunday Times.

“We are now waiting for DNA tests, expected within a week, for a?100 per cent positive confirmation of Noordin’s identity.”


Another top anti-terror officer said the dead person is not Noordin but Boim Ibrahim, a suspect in the July 17 twin bombings of the JW Marriott and Ritz- Carlton Hotel.

Doubts over the identity of the dead idiot now awaiting an autopsy in Jakarta arose following publication of post-shootout photographs:

Pictures that began circulating several hours after the raids suggested the corpse flown to the national police hospital in Jakarta yesterday afternoon did not resemble police photographs previously published of Top.

Comparisons are rendered slightly difficult by the fact that Top (or Boim, the non-Top) is currently missing the top of his head. He’s topless. Terrorism analyst Sidney Jones:

“Apparently, he’s not dead,” said Ms Jones. “The legend continues.”

Kenya: "Islamists" attack church in northern town in effort to seize land for mosque


* For a good Muslim like Yusuf its of course totally unislamic to do something like this during Ramadan, right? But if we dig a little deeper we can find ample evidence that the jihad never stops:

Here is an exceptionally detailed Islamic Tolerance Alert, and also a case study in the limitations on the usefulness of the term “Islamist.” The mainstream media uses it in some settings to describe proponents of Islam as a political platform (for example, in Turkey) who are not at the moment employing or endorsing open warfare; just as often, it is used to describe those who are, as a somewhat “softer” alternative to “jihadist.” In either case, while the imprecision may not always be intentional on the part of the journalist, the reader must note with caution where the term may be used to sidestep the connection of “Islamist” activities with actual Islamic texts and teachings.

In this case, the Pact of Umar looms large, due the far-reaching precedent it set in prohibiting the building of new churches or repairing of old ones. And as always, there is the instruction from the Qur’an itself (9:29) that unbelievers “feel themselves subdued.”

* Islamists destroy Somali church,  will build a mosque on the site of the colonial-era church. (Must be one of those ‘land for peace’ initiatives/ed)

“Kenya: Islamists attack church in northern town,” from Compass Direct News, thanks to JW

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